Term 4 After School Program!

With much aplomb our After School Program has launched for Term Four. We’ve got amazing creativity in droves, with some amazing new offerings in Vala, Creative Catalyst, and Cornucopia all.

After School Program In Creative Catalyst, we launch with Monster Masks, a fantastic paper-craft and papier mache project. We’re also super excited to return to Hearth for an excursion of artistic inspiration – which we’ll see later on this term

After School Program

In Vala’s Dramatic Adventure Program we were chuffed to see how our stories panned out last term – so we’re getting started with an introduction to character play in our first week back! For students who have long been attending, this promises to be a fantastic look back at what makes Vala so unique, and for newcomers, a world of characters and stories awaits in our After School program!

After School Program

In Cornucopia, we’re keeping cool with launch into a summer theme of snack foods, sorbets, and more. And by popular demand, we’re going to have a crack at making lasagne – from scratch!

After School Program

In Sparks Creative Play, we can see a bunch of our students graduating to our older classes, but have a host of exciting activities for our youngest crew to get involved with as our After School program unfolds.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Week One

Intro Sessions

Week Two Creative Catalyst Visual Arts Monster Masks 1 Underwater Diorama 1 Contour – Pencil drawing Viking Ships 1 Recycled Percussion Instruments
Vala Dramatic Adventures Ready Player Character Ready Player Character Ready Player Character Ready Player Character
Cornucopia Kitchen Garden Flat Bread, butter plain and cultured Coming Soon
Sparks Creative Play Visual Art – Ceramic Monster Masks Dramatic Make Believe – Mini Player Character The Kitchen Garden – Making Butter from Scratch Visual Art – Drawing Viking Ships
Week Three Creative Catalyst Visual Arts   Monster Masks 2 Underwater Diorama 2 Form – Pencil drawing Viking Ships 2 Vala Dramatic Adventures: The Mercurial Games!
Vala Dramatic Adventures Masters of Wind and Wave: Rant & Roar Padmasambhava comes to Tibet: The Elixir of Longevity Priests of the Ancient Nile:The Book of Going Forth by Day Young Mutant Chronicles: The Miasma Misadventure
Cornucopia Kitchen Garden Jam & Jelly, Seed butters Coming Soon
Sparks Creative Play Dramatic Adventures – Bandits on the Road Kitchen Garden – Scones with Jam Visual Art – Ceramic Boulders: Form Making Dramatic Adventures – The Overwhelming Smog-Thing
Week Four Creative Catalyst Visual Art Monster Masks 3 & Sugar Skull Designs Underwater Diorama 3 + Halloween Creepy Crafts Day of the Dead Drawings Viking Ships 3 Sugar Skull Biscuits – cooking for Open Day and setting up an exhibition
Vala Dramatic Adventures Masters of Wind and Wave:Rant & Roar Padmasambhava comes to Tibet: The Elixir of Longevity Priests of the Ancient Nile:The Book of Going Forth by Day Young Mutant Chronicles: The Miasma Misadventure
Cornucopia Kitchen Garden Salsa & Guacamole Coming Soon
Sparks Creative Play Kitchen Garden – Salsa & Guacamole Visual Art – Underwater Watercolours Dramatic Adventures – Desert Spirits Kitchen Garden – Pesto Pasta
Week Five Creative Catalyst Visual Art Misty Mountains 1 Watercolour painting Celtic Labyrinth – Continuous Line Drawing 1 BADGE MANIA Dinner on a Plate 1 Giant Bubbles
Vala Dramatic Adventures Masters of Wind and Wave:Rant & Roar Padmasambhava comes to Tibet: The Elixir of Longevity Priests of the Ancient Nile: The Book of Going Forth by Day Young Mutant Chronicles: The Miasma Misadventure
Cornucopia Kitchen Garden Hummus & Crackers Coming Soon
Sparks Creative Play Visual Art – Misty Mountains Pencil Drawings Dramatic Adventure: The Spirits of Longevity Kitchen Garden – Hummous & Crackers Visual Art – Dinner on a Plate
Week Six Creative Catalyst Visual Art Misty Mountains 2 Watercolour painting Celtic Labyrinth – Continuous Line Drawing 2 Wandering Watercolours – Wind Blown & Salt Sprinkled Dinner on A Plate 2 Parachute Games
Cornucopia Kitchen Garden The humble potato; Chips &/or wedges Coming Soon
Sparks Creative Play Dramatic Adventures – Defenders of the Bush Kitchen Garden – Potato Salad Visual Art – Colour Challenge Painting Dramatic Adventures – Time Bandit: Trouble on a Train
Week Seven Creative Catalyst Visual Art Solar Lanterns

Arboreal Animals 1

 Stained Glass Windows Beautiful Bells Vala Dramatic Adventures: The Martial Games
Vala Dramatic Adventures Freedom of the Bush:Governor of the Ranges Knights of the Round Table:The Broken Sword Savage Court of Mary Queen of Scots:The Rise & Fall of Lord Bothwell The Mystery of the Fabergé Eggs
Cornucopia Kitchen Garden Custard & Meringues Coming Soon
Sparks Creative Play Kitchen Garden – Custard & Meringues! Visual Art – Pencil Cluster Drawings: Continuous Line of possums, gliders and squirrels Dramatic Adventure – The Riders of The Borders Kitchen Garden – Eggy Bread
Week Eight Creative Catalyst Visual Art Hearth Excursion Hearth Excursion Hearth Excursion Hearth Excursion Seed Cards
Vala Dramatic Adventures Freedom of the Bush:Governor of the Ranges Knights of the Round Table:The Broken Sword Savage Court of Mary Queen of Scots: The Rise & Fall of Lord Bothwell Time Bandits: The Mystery of the Fabergé Eggs
Cornucopia Kitchen Garden Ice cream &/or Sorbet Coming Soon
Sparks Creative Play Visual Art – Paper Cut Out Lanterns Dramatic Adventure – Rise of the Squires Kitchen Garden – Frozen Fruit Sorbet Visual Art – Beautiful Bells
Week Nine Creative Catalyst Visual Art Painted Stone Mandalas

Arboreal Animals 2

Xmas Cut-Outs Bead Making Gingerbread Biscuits
Vala Dramatic Adventures Freedom of the Bush: Governor of the Ranges Knights of the Round Table: The Broken Sword Savage Court of Mary Queen of Scots: The Rise & Fall of Lord Bothwell Time Bandits: The Mystery of the Fabergé Eggs
Cornucopia Kitchen Garden Bolognese Sauce & lasagne sheets Coming Soon
Sparks Creative Play Dramatic Adventure – Troopers in the Town Kitchen Garden – Vegetarian Carbonara Visual Art – Tiny Christmas Dioramas Dramatic Adventures – The Fabergé Egg Heist!
Week Ten Creative Catalyst Visual Art Xmas Tree Building Cutouts and Nature Decorations Popcorn & Paper Chains Stamped Paper & Cards Xmas Party! Make-do and Cardboard constructions, and more!
Vala Dramatic Adventures Time-Space-Dimensional Randomiser/Choice Time-Space-Dimensional Randomiser/Choice Time-Space-Dimensional Randomiser/Choice Time-Space-Dimensional Randomiser/Choice
Cornucopia Kitchen Garden Lasagne from Scratch Coming Soon
Sparks Creative Play Kitchen Garden – Lasagne from Scratch Visual Art – Free Time Clay/Watercolours Dramatic Adventure – The Time Machine Kitchen Garden – Edible Snowballs

The Summer Open Day is on the way!

It’s that time again – the Open Day is coming up on the 5th of November to help keep your Creative Spark burning – and to let you all know about our fantastic programs – including the Christmas Elves and the mammoth January program.


Our Open Days are always a festival of creative play, and this one doubly so.  For the first time we’re running an Open Day side by side with the Yarralumla Primary School Fete on a Sunday, with a host of amazing activities across both our festivities!

All day we’ll help you nurture your own Creative Spark, whether you’re a Preschooler or a Parent, or anything in between! We’ll have clay to play with, watercolours to paint with, a magnificent exhibition of students’ work, and drawing, crafternooning, making, face painting, and more!

Face Painting

At around lunchtime we’ll have a fabulous Vala Dramatic Adventure Demo – and you’re invited to join in! Follow the story of the Knights of the Round Table and how the Sword in the Stone first came to be. With a bit of luck, and some chivalrous behaviour in the Grand Tourney, you might just be able to take home Excalibur!

Dramatic Adventure

We’ll also announce the winner of the Vala Contributor’s Prize and release our fantastic Aeondawn Magazine – both in collectors edition Print and Online!

Christmas Elves last year

Booking in for Christmas Elves and the January program on the day will net you a massive 20% off, and we’ll have a host of Christmassy Gifts for you to pick up for your near and dear ones – with our new and improved supply of Vala Gear, hand-selected Aeon T-shirts, and a beautiful collection of Catalysts for creativity on offer.

So come and join in – and nurture your Creative Spark!

Wanted! Part time Office Manager.

Are you a skilled Office Manager? We need your office skills!

Empty office needs someone
Is this for you?

Are you super organised? Do you know your way around a computer and Google Apps. Can you answer a phone with impunity, take bookings with alacrity and have mastery of the child care management system (or be prepared to learn it inside out before starting work)? We are after a super Office Manager to who wishes to work part time in a supportive and thriving work environment

Join the Aeoncademy Team!
Apply to info@aeoncademy.com

The Spring Vacation Program

Aeoncademy is excited to have launched our Spring Vacation Program! Running from the 26th of September to the 6th of October, our program is sprouting with new creative ideas!

In our Creative Catalyst program these holidays we’re getting stuck in to some sweet upcycling in Spring Junk Sculpture, some beautiful botanical oil painting in Botanical Oils, and some great garden genius in Gnomania, and Garden Printmaking.

Creative Catalyst

In Vala, some springtime opportunities for becoming great characters emerge in The Rise & Fall of Lord Bothwell, and the grand ministers of King Trisong Detsen must come together to discover The Elixir of Longevity.

The Elixir of Longevity

The Program

Aeoncademy’s ethos of Education through Creativity is the center of all our programming. Check out the Spring Vacation Program after the jump!

Creative Catalyst Tuesday
September 26th
Mega Collage
Drawing, Painting, & Collage
September 27th
Botanical Oils
Oil Painting
September 28th
Spring Alcoves
September 29th
Wearable Art
Mixed Materials
Vala Dramatic Adventures Tuesday
September 26th
The Court of Mary, Queen of Scots
The Rise & Fall of Lord Bothwell
September 27th
Masters of Wind & Wave
Rant and Roar
September 28th
Knights of the Round Table
The Broken Sword
September 29th
Priests of the Ancient Nile
The Book of Going Forth by Day
Creative Catalyst Tuesday
October 3rd
Spring Junk Sculpture
Upcycled Mixed Materials
October 4th
Avian Animalia
October 5th
October 6th
Garden Printmaking
Mixed Media & Painting
Vala Dramatic Adventures Tuesday
October 3rd
Time Bandits
Mystery of the Faberge Eggs
October 4th
Young Mutant Chronicles
The Miasma Misadventure
October 5th
Padmasambhava Comes to Tibet
The Elixir of Longevity
October 6th
Freedom of the Bush
Governor of the Ranges


Aeoncademy has a lot of things going on in our office!

Every day our team in the office are taking bookings, talking to parents, organising our roster, they’re making sure that our specialised programs are ready to run, every day, without fail.

The Office

Not only that, but they keep a track of all our Child Care Rebate and Benefit reporting, all of our discussions around facilities, and managing the First Aid for the whole centre every day!

So it’s no wonder they’re always so busy.

As Aeoncademy has grown in size, so has our task list. To help make sure that our team in the office are able to focus on the important work they have to do, we’re making a few changes to how we manage accounts.

Access to Accounts

Did you know you’ve always had access to your account with Aeoncademy? When we first accepted your enrolment, you were sent an email that included your account details with Hubworks – our Family Accounts software. You can log in using those details by going to https://ccvac.hubworks.com.au.

The Hubworks Login Screen. Click 'Login', then enter your details to access your account.
The Hubworks Login Screen. Click ‘Login’, then enter your details to access your account.

It is your responsibility to update your children’s records (especially health information like allergies and behavioural issues) and any changes to contact information.  

You can view both their schedule and your account. You can see your account, produce invoices and statements, and view what’s going on by clicking on the Heart icon and selecting “Accounts” or “Bookings” to see your child’s schedule. You can also update your contact details by clicking on the icon on the right, next to where it says “Hi You

Tutorial on using Hubworks

Remember, it’s important that you keep your details up to date with us. We’ll still send you an invoice in Week 3, too.

Your Hubworks account is also where all your Child Care Management System – The thing that pays the Rebate and Benefit – happens. You can make sure that you get the 50% rebate by keeping your account up to date, especially your and your child’s CRN.

Direct Debit

Aeoncademy has previously updated Direct Debit amounts at the beginning of each term, making sure all families are up to date with their payments across the term.

Going forward, we’re no longer going to update those Direct Debits on any schedule – it’s up to each family to ensure that their Direct Debit amount will cover their account across the term.

We’re going to keep helping out, too. Our team will calculate your direct debit when you book in, and you’ll receive a statement in week 3 as well, so you can keep an eye on how it’s all going.

Account Problems

Hubworks is very accurate, but we’re only human and sometimes mistakes are made. If you notice a mistake has been made in your account, please send the office the details and we’ll work to correct it.

You may request the office team to review your account if you have concerns but cannot pinpoint the specific issue (such as a missing payment). The cost for doing so is $20.00. If Aeoncademy is found to have made a mistake, this fee will be waived.

You can see all our fees here, and don’t forget to read The Fine Print

Call out for old ceramics!

smashed plate to be up-cycled for mosaic
don’t despair! bring them in and share!

Hello everyone- we are putting a call out for your old ceramics! Do you have a secret stash of chipped plates, broken cups or slightly tarnished patterned tiles. Are you sentimentally hanging on to garishly coloured 70’s saucers or your grandmothers old cracked soup tureen? Bring them into Aeoncademy and we will convert them into beautiful new mosaics and objet d’art in term  4.

reuse of old ceramics
Recycled cups in a succulent mosaic

Spring Menu

Morning teas

Knowing how hard it is to get kids to eat breakfast sometimes, morning teas during the holiday program aim to supplement anything they may have missed at breakfast. High energy wholefoods incorporating both carbohydrates and protein will generally be on offer. We will offer options such as natural yoghurt, fresh or stewed fruit, whole grain cereals, low sugar baked goods, toasties, eggs, unhomogenised full cream milk, organic milk alternatives and fresh juices.



For spring lunches we will be looking towards all the new season veggies and greens that are just starting to appear at the markets.

Soups and stews will be are starting to give way to pastas and rice, less warming and super filling. Fried rice, spaghetti Bolognaise and Lasagne are all favourites at Aeon.

Nachos are the all time favourite and it wouldn’t be a holiday program menu without them. Vegetarian nacho sauce, fresh seasonal veggie salad options, salsa, guacamole, cheese and sour cream all piled on to of plain gluten free corn chips.

After the success of burger day last holidays we will be doing this again instead of, or maybe as well as, sausage sizzle. House made beef mince or vegetarian burger patties, organic sauces, salads, homemade pickles, cheese, pasture raised chicken eggs and lots of salad.

Afternoon teas

Afternoon tea is usually a reasonably savoury affair, not a great time of the day to be loading children up with sugar. It will always include fresh seasonal fruit and vegetable and something a bit more filling. Some examples include:

Fruit and vegetable breads. Some of the favourites have been carrot and berries, pumpkin and sultana, beetroot and cacao, and of course the classic apple and rhubarb;

Plain corn chips, crackers and popcorn. These are served with fresh salsa, guacamole, hummus, eggplant, beetroot or sweet potato dip, cheese, or boiled eggs;

Wraps or sandwiches with salad, cheese, egg, or vegemite;


Housemade wedges;

Small treats like coconut honey fruit balls, honey seed clusters, puffed quinoa crackles, fruit muffins, pikelets or scones with butter and jam, biscuits, rice pudding, house made jelly or custard, fruit and juice icy poles.

House made savoury and sweet pastries such as sausage rolls or scrolls.

The Aeoncademy Open Day – Spring Edition!

August 19th – Put it in your calendar – the amazing Aeoncademy Open Day is happening then!

We’re here to pull our community together – and want to invite you along as well! For newcomers, there’s just no better way to understand what Aeoncademy is all about – and to nurture your Creative Spark!

Open Day Spring 2017

We will be launching our beautiful Spring Holiday Program on the day – with an amazing blend of classes all ready to provide Education through Creativity to children & young people! Not only are we launching the program, but you’ll net our special 20% discount on the holiday program if you book in on the day!

Please call in any time between 10am and 4pm!

Discover the amazing artwork in our exhibition of children’s ceramic work – with a gorgeous array of work from our workshops. Of course, looking at art is only half the fun – and you’re invited to learn how to make things in clay, paint and play with watercolours, and chat to our amazing team of artists and educators!

Open Day

For folk who came along to the Winter Program, you’ll be able to pick up fired ceramic work from the holidays and admire the art work from our after school classes this term.

Open Day

You’ll also be able to join in and learn all about our Dramatic Adventures in a magnificent interactive scene, happening around midday. We’ll also be releasing the 4th issue of Aeondawn Magazine and announcing the winner of the Vala Contributor’s Prize!

Open Day
The Open Day is the best place to catch up with friends and family while enjoying a little hands on activity, whether it’s catalysing your creativity with some casual clay work, watercolour painting or drawing, or stepping into the dramatic shoes of a Knight of the Round Table. We’ll have something for everyone, with our Kitchen Garden, face painting, and more, or just sitting back with a cup of tea, a delicious biscuit (made by our Friday view at Cornucopia!), a beautiful space to spend the time, and delicious food from Scrumpers Garden at lunch time to keep everyone going.

Where do I find the Open Day?

Term 3 Program

Welcome back to term! It’s always lovely to return to the After-school program, and term 3 is no exception!

In Creative Catalyst, we’re excited to have Dieter take the reins of a few classes (find out more here) as we launch into more amazing artistry with Printmaking – Into the Future and Alcoves, a fabulous ceramics project. Later on, we’ll be seeing the magic of Oils mixing with the beauty of botany in Botanical Oil Painting, and exploring the magnificence of charcoals in Big Grey Drawings.

Term 3 ProgramIn Vala’s Dramatic Adventure Program we’re really thrilled to launch into a new way of exploring our stories – with deeper three-week dives into some of our most popular stories – from the Young Mutant Chronicles, the Mountains of Tibet, and even the Bushveldt of South Africa – with a host of new features coming to bear in term 3 for good measure.

Term 3 Program

In Cornucopia, We’re all super excited to launch in with a scrumptious breakfast theme with Cereals and, the following week, Yoghurt Cultures. We’re all really excited to see what our soon-to-be wizards of the Kitchen Garden whip up!

Term 3 Program

In Sparks Creative Play, we’re discovering a new world of fantastic ways to creatively engage as we establish our own Audio centre, as well as exploring flavour and sensation with Cornucopia, and their crowd favourite engagements with Vala and Catalyst continue through term 3 as our Creative Program unrolls!

Continue reading Term 3 Program

Do you know Dieter?

Many of you will be familiar with Dieter Schmid’s friendly face. He has been associated with Aeoncademy on and off since 2002. Born and bred in Canberra, he even did a ceramic class way back in the olden days in Teffany’s home studio…

Arty Dieter with beard displays his art room sign
Dieter displays his artistic sensibilities

Dieter has a committed relationship with the arts holding a Bachelor of Fine Arts from RMIT and a Graduate Certificate of Digital Arts from the ANU. He  exhibited and collaborated on a series of projects around Melbourne, working predominately with multi-media installations with a particular focus on sound. Dieter has great drawing skills, he has worked on soundscapes for underground movies and is also a bit of a home handyman! Since returning to Canberra in 2014, he has come to be a significant and valuable member of the team — rapidly skilling up in our Vala Dramatic Adventures under the support of Mathew Long,  Andrew Yallop and Sparks Creative Play with Anna Wishart.

Recently he has been in Creative Catalyst, assisting Isabelle Mackay-Sim with the 2D drawing and painting class.

He will be regularly facilitating Tuesday and Wednesday Creative Catalyst art classes as the talented Isabelle Mackay-Sim returns to the ANU to do her Masters in Ceramics (we hope to still see Isabelle running occasional workshops and popping up at Aeoncademy in the future).

This term Monday and Wednesday will see a range of art workshops from printmaking to junk sculpture, watercolours and oil pastels to giant collages.

All our art workshops are programmed and designed by Teffany Thiedeman in association with Monica Castelo.  Both Teffany and Monica have 50 years+ of teaching experience between them and are around during the week to offer support and guidance to the facilitators of Creative Catalyst.

Dieter is committed to working with Aeoncademy to provide quality learning experiences for your children.