The Fine Print

Aeoncademy is committed to Education through Creativity.

To this end, there are some requirements we have of Parents & Carers of children in our service, and of the children in our service themselves.

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Bookings & Selection

When we say ‘Bookings’, Aeoncademy is usually talking about our Holiday program. ‘Selection’ means a ‘Selection of a regular day during a block booking after school’. It’s a bit of a mouthful, so we’ve shortened it down.

Firstly, Parents and Guardians are liable for the fees charged for their children attending.

That means that if there is a concern relating to your Child Care Rebate (CCR) or Child Care Benefit (CCB), it’s up to you to sort it out with the relevant departments (The Department of Social Services is an excellent start), and Aeoncademy will require that parents settle their debts directly irrespective of any pending concern related to either CCR or CCB.

During the Vacation program, Aeoncademy requires either full payment, or payment of the Gap Fee for families who have Formal Enrolment records, who have elected to have payments made to the Service before we will recognise the booking. This is due to the non-repeating nature of vacation program bookings and the comparatively-high chance of a child not returning for later sessions. The service does not accept deposits for vacation program bookings.


For Vacations- The service requires notice of cancellation to be given two full business days before the session if any payment is to be refunded and will still charge a cancellation fee. Anything that happens after that is listed as a registered absence and full fee is charged (but the Rebate still applies).

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But that’s not fair!?

Aeoncademy, by the time we’re two business days before the program, has already spent the money on that child coming along. We’ve committed to having staff members in, we’ve bought the food that child is going to eat, the clay that child is going to sculpt with, the character card that the child will play throughout the day. At the point of two business days, it’s cost us the same as if your child came along.

After School Classes- During the after-school term the service requires arrangement for payment to be made (or adjusted as necessary) at the point of arrangement or alteration of selection. Once a selection has been organised it continues – we call these Regular, and Block bookings, find out more on our Prices page – including rolling over between terms, until the service is informed that the selection is to be altered or ended.

All our specialised classes ( Vala, Sparks, Creative Catalyst, Cornucopia) require a term booking which may only be cancelled in the first two weeks of the term.

The service does not allow cancellations of individual sessions within an after-school term selection, and does not offer refunds for any missed sessions including Public Holidays. Sorry, we still have to pay our staff.

Casual Bookings for After School Care

Casual bookings must be made the day before they are required in writing by email.  We can not take casual bookings on the actual day (except for emergency situations) as our office opens at 2pm. We are unable to take casual bookings for Minisparks and all casual classes are for Creative Play only. For specialised classes please book in for the term.

Extra Needs

Aeoncademy is committed to including all children and meeting the extra needs of children who come along with behavioural conditions or social difficulties that require consideration or special attention, where possible. We work hard to accommodate the needs of such children so that they may attend and have the same (or as similar as is possible) experience to their peers within the practical limitations imposed by the child’s personal requirements.  

If parents identify during enrolment that their child has extra needs then the centre will meet with the parents to identify the degree of extra needs the child may have, discuss strategies to manage them, and if relevant inform them of the kinds of assistance we can provide.

This process is carried out before any Selection is confirmed and the child is guaranteed a place at Aeoncademy.

Aeoncademy reserves the right, at any point up to and including in the middle of a Session, to cancel a Booking/Selection and refuse a child if extra needs are identified and the parents are not prepared to work with team members to ensure they can be met. We also retain the right to decide which specialised class a child is suitable to attend.

This is vital for ensuring the wellbeing of our staff, our students, and our surrounds, as well as the child themself.

Account Management

Families are responsible for keeping their Hubworks! account with Aeoncademy up to date with contact information, CCMS information (if applicable) and children’s medical and alert conditions.

Families are responsible for ensuring that their payments are enough to cover the attendance of their child, taking into account expected CCMS payments.

Families are responsible for the full fee, however Aeoncademy recognises that CCMS payments (such as Child Care Rebate and Benefit) are very likely to come through. Just be aware that if in your case it doesn’t, you’ll be on the hook.

Aeoncademy can’t deal with Centrelink on your behalf.

You may request an account review at any point, which will cost $20.00

You can read more about Account Management here

Late, or failure, to pick up children .

We recognise that we are acting in loco parentis to all attending children and that we have duty of care to ensure their safety. Therefore if a parent/carer is late, Aeoncademy requires two staff members to stay past 6.00pm to look after their child/ren.

Parents/carers must advise Aeoncademy if they are running late. If the centre has not been advised of a late collection and/or a child is not collected by 6.00pm, a late collection fee of $20 will be incurred and then a fee of $2 a minute will start to accrue. The following procedure will also apply: 1. Immediately after 6.00pm, a phone call is made to the child’s parent/carer. 2. If a parent/carer is not reached after a further 10 minutes, the emergency contacts specified on the child’s enrolment form are contacted. 3. If after: a) 30 minutes from closing (6.30pm) no contact has been made with either a parent/carer or emergency contact or b) if contact has been made with either a parent/carer or emergency contact, or if a parent has called to advise they are running late, but has not turned up after one hour the Child and Youth Protection Service will be contacted who will then come and collect the child. The responsibility of Aeoncademy’s staff ceases at this time and C&YPS will contact the parent/carer. Please don’t do this!


En Plein Air - Summertime Sunshine seems to be a theme

When it gets sunny out, we require children wear hats. If they weren’t provided with a hat at the beginning of the day, they will be provided one of our spare hats. If you don’t want your child to wear a spare hat, send them along with one of their own. Simple as that.


Aeoncademy strives to provide a nut free space but for safety’s sake anaphylactic children and their families are required to provide their own meals.

We also require that nuts not be brought into the centre. Not any. Not at all. Sorry.

Aeoncademy is a Nut Free Space. We have children in the service who have been diagnosed at risk of Anaphylaxis.

Aeoncademy is committed to healthy eating and so provides in-house cooked and prepared morning teas, lunches, and afternoon teas (only afternoon tea in the after school ‘Bridging’ session). These meals are provided by The Scrumpers Garden – and you can find out all about it here.

Aeoncademy provides these meals gratis.

Diseases and Illnesses

Now we get a little mucky.

Aeoncademy has a duty of care to ensure that all persons are provided with a high level of protection against infectious disease during the hours of the service’s operation.

Protection includes:

Notifying children, families, staff/carers, local community or the relevant health authorities of a diagnosed infectious illness or disease; and

Excluding staff and children with contagious diseases in line with the Department of Education and Training Policy Infectious Diseases – Outbreak Procedures and Exclusion Periods 2007.

In short, we’ll let you know if there’s a disease outbreak here at the service (duh), but you need to not send your child in if they have a serious communicable disease. It helps keep all of us healthy.

If a child is discovered to have been sent along with an exclusory disease, we will contact the parents to end the session as soon as possible, and the session will still be charged.

Electronic Devices

Aeoncademy asks that children not be sent along with recreational electronic devices, such as media players, electronic gaming units, Cameras and other handheld electronic devices. These represent both a distraction from the educational content of our programs, and an unnecessary risk of damage or loss in the service – it’s very easy to drop an iPod, and we don’t want to be responsible for that (we’re too busy with more exciting responsibilities).

That said, we’re not monsters. If a child has a mobile phone to contact their families in emergencies, that’s fine. We’ll happily take care of it in our secure office, and return it at the end of the day.

For the safety of all the children in the service, calls to children must come through the office, 6142 3268.