365 Days of Aeon, Goodbye 2016 and Welcome to The New Year

Important Dates:
Service Closure Period 24 Dec – 2 Jan
Closed for Public Holiday Jan 26th
Open Day Saturday, 4 March

Aeoncademy is wrapping up 2016 with its Christmas Elf Workshops, a fantastic mix of art and craft projects, a seasonal dramatic adventure and cooking activities. With the New Year approaching the team at Aeoncademy will be enjoying a brief break following Christmas before returning in January on Tuesday the 3rd. If you are interested in coming along on the first day back and are unable to make a booking due to our service closure period please come on the day- please make sure you have filled in an  Hubworks enrolment form (located on our website) and we will arrange the rest on the day. Otherwise there is still availability across our January programs so anyone wanting to make a booking should get in touch with our office.

2016 has been a jam packed year. A few of the highlights have included:
* The Creative Catalyst excursions to HEARTH, which were a fantastic opportunity for students to view an art studio in practice during the lead up to our Art Director Teffany Thiedeman’s latest exhibition.
* The introduction of new story modules in Vala, including the Young Mutant Chronicles which has been co-written by some of the latest members of the Aeon team who have come up through the ranks in the Vala room
* Our Open Days which provided the opportunity for members across our community to engage and celebrate Aeoncademy, including returning students, new and current families and the new principal of Yarralumla Primary School.
* The inaugural release of the AEON Dawn magazine which was a huge success and included contributions from Vala group members.
* Ruth of Scrumpers Garden taking on the catering role and providing delicious food across both our after-school and vacation programs.
* Collaboration between Yarralumla Primary School and Aeoncademy to construct a garden space that will enrich our programs and our plates.
* The continuation of Wash-up Pod. Children have a great time washing up their plates and cutlery and using these reusable objects provides a boost for the environment too.
* Hosting Mathew Long’s Yantra Yoga classes.
* The return of Ceramic Salon classes which enable those who are a little too long in the tooth to attend Aeoncademy to enjoy some clay play.
* Our HallowAeon event, which allowed the ghoul in everyone to come out and play.

For your enjoyment, this is a glimpse of what our year looked like in pictures.