The Aeon Team Away

Periodically at Aeoncademy, artistic directors, Mathew and Teffany have, for many years, facilitated intensive weekends of team-building, programming, and philosophising down at a little house in Broulee.
Beautiful South Coast
And so it was that late on Friday evening we made our way down the winding road and over the Clyde to reach our weekend.

Before we go in to what we got up to, we should mention a little by way of context.

Aeoncademy, founded by Mathew and Teffany, has continued to grow and expand in terms of size and in terms of our team, and over the last twelve (or so) months, with Aeoncademy’s growing footprint, we’ve brought a number of extra amazing individuals into the team, or advanced them in leaps and bounds by way of responsibility. Monica with her years of teaching experience continues to be a mentor and resource for our new trainees, along with Anna and Andrew, who have been with Aeoncademy for years.
Following in the footsteps of the Vala Director, Mathew Long
Over the course of these weekends, following the same kind of creative modalities delivered in Aeoncademy, Teff and Math facilitate the engagement between the Team and the Aeoncademy philosophy.

These intensive weekends have, for a long time, developed the way we work as a team, harnessing the experiences we have as a team to solidify the connections between our trainees, facilitators, executive team and directors, building the bonds of our Aeon family.
Bookkeeper and finance officer Garry, gets Teffany to carry the books!
These weekends – as fun, light, and enjoyable as they are, are periods of significant development for all of us here as a part of Aeoncademy. We learn more about each other, grow closer as a team and practice new and old skills, helping teach and grow our creative capabilities.
Monica Capturing a trio of Vala types
From Sand-Sculpture to Sketching, from Campfire Stories to Role Playing Games, over the our Team Away, Aeoncademy has drawn closer together and strengthened who we are and what we do.

So – with that in mind – let me introduce our newest members of the team; beginning with Enki.
We’ve all known Enki for a very, very long time as the son of our Creative Directors, but over the last term Enki has stepped into an exciting role as a Trainee Facilitator – taking on responsibility for Vala classes and administering the Aeoncademy Office – and is almost ready to be set free on these responsibilities solo.

Ella is another of our trainees, who’s stepping up fast to the plate and crossing over into Facilitation. Ella, who also attended Aeoncademy from when she was very young, has been moving into running the facilitation of our Sparks program, as well as taking on a role in the office.

We also got to have Steph and Annika along for our intensive weekend to help facilitate their ongoing growth as a part of Aeon.
Annika and Steph
Both Steph and Annika came on at around the same time, midway through last year, and have seemed to take to the Aeon way like a stingray to water.

Annika has accepted, and graduated a traineeship over the fourth term last year, and is now Facilitating on the floor and in the office.

Now that we’re back, we’re unfolding our program for Term 2.