The Aeoncademy Open Day – Spring Edition!

August 19th – Put it in your calendar – the amazing Aeoncademy Open Day is happening then!

We’re here to pull our community together – and want to invite you along as well! For newcomers, there’s just no better way to understand what Aeoncademy is all about – and to nurture your Creative Spark!

Open Day Spring 2017

We will be launching our beautiful Spring Holiday Program on the day – with an amazing blend of classes all ready to provide Education through Creativity to children & young people! Not only are we launching the program, but you’ll net our special 20% discount on the holiday program if you book in on the day!

Please call in any time between 10am and 4pm!

Discover the amazing artwork in our exhibition of children’s ceramic work – with a gorgeous array of work from our workshops. Of course, looking at art is only half the fun – and you’re invited to learn how to make things in clay, paint and play with watercolours, and chat to our amazing team of artists and educators!

Open Day

For folk who came along to the Winter Program, you’ll be able to pick up fired ceramic work from the holidays and admire the art work from our after school classes this term.

Open Day

You’ll also be able to join in and learn all about our Dramatic Adventures in a magnificent interactive scene, happening around midday. We’ll also be releasing the 4th issue of Aeondawn Magazine and announcing the winner of the Vala Contributor’s Prize!

Open Day
The Open Day is the best place to catch up with friends and family while enjoying a little hands on activity, whether it’s catalysing your creativity with some casual clay work, watercolour painting or drawing, or stepping into the dramatic shoes of a Knight of the Round Table. We’ll have something for everyone, with our Kitchen Garden, face painting, and more, or just sitting back with a cup of tea, a delicious biscuit (made by our Friday view at Cornucopia!), a beautiful space to spend the time, and delicious food from Scrumpers Garden at lunch time to keep everyone going.

Where do I find the Open Day?