After School Bookings – Everything you ever wanted to know & more.

Saadia – Office Manager

Direct Debit Arrangements

Aeoncademy has a number of payment methods including Direct Debit. If you would like to set up a weekly or fortnightly Direct Debit arrangement please provide the required details under iPAY on your child’s enrolment form and get in contact with our office. Direct Debits are scheduled on Fridays from week one and are carried across 12 weeks, this includes the term and the two weeks of holiday. If you want to schedule a Direct Debit after week one this can be arranged but it will alter the number of transactions that are scheduled.

Fees associated with all Direct Debit arrangements are as follows:

Bank Account: $0.75/transaction

Visa/ Mastercard: 0.9% of transaction value + $0.75

Amex: 3.85% of transaction value + $0.75

Failed Transaction: $2.75

Casual Bookings

Aeoncademy has started 2018 with large class sizes generally and Sparks at capacity on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in particular. This will impact our ability to take casual bookings depending on available spaces – we generally have some space in our Bridging session (3-4pm). Should you need to make a casual booking please give us as much advance notice as possible. If you need to make a last minute booking on the day please send through an email to our office manager, Saadia, gets in at 2pm and will contact you to finalise the booking.


The transfer of children from the school to Aeoncademy in the afternoon is one of our busiest times. If your child is not going to attend Aeoncademy for a scheduled session please let us know by email or phone on or before the day if possible. If you email the school regarding your child’s absence you can cc us in or if you pick up your child you can pop by the Aeoncademy office and let us know.

The service does not allow cancellations of individual sessions for term bookings and does not offer refunds for any missed sessions.

School Camp

Please send an email to the Aeoncademy office if your child will be going to the upcoming school camp and let us know whether you will be picking them up from school on the last day of camp or if they will attend Aeoncademy.