The Age of the Buccaneers

The Age of the BuccaneersAge of the Buccaneers

Discover for yourself the buried treasure which is the truth of the history of the famous Pirates of the Caribbean. Set sale under the flag of the Brethren of the Coast and participate in their greatest victories under the command of Captain Henry Morgan, King of the Buccaneers!


  1. Brethren of the Coast
  2. The Treasure of Porto Bello
  3. Classic Enemies
  4. Escape from Maracaibo

Brethren of the Coast

Captain Henry Morgan, the charismatic ‘Admiral’ of the piratical buccaneers, sails into the disreputable island of Tortuga with a plan and a promise that all those who sail with him will be rich men before it’s done. The best and boldest of the buccaneers leap to join him, duelling and quarrelling over positions and privileges, before setting out to sea to raid Spanish ships and the port of Puerto Principe. 

Brethren of the Coast

But between the vagaries of the stormy Caribbean weather, an unexpected run in with possible allies, and the undisciplined nature of the drunk and rowdy crew will there end up being any riches at all to be had for these Brethren of the Coast?

The Treasure of Porto Bello

After drunkenly allowing a prisoner to escape and forewarn the town of Puerto Principe, the buccaneer’s gained gained little when they took the city. Unable to pay their debts they cannot return to port, but Captain Morgan has a new scheme: sacking the wealthy city of Porto Bello. 

Age of the Buccaneers

Riches beyond imagining stand before the crew, but rumours of foul play during the fall of Puerto Principe breed strife among the ranks and whispers of the three heavily-armed fortresses that guard their target fill even the boldest heart with caution. They must come together and rise above fear and bickering if they hope to win their prize: the Treasure of Porto Bello.

Classic Enemies

Despite a recent peace treaty between England and Spain, buccaneering in the Caribbean continues apace. Spain refuses to acknowledge the treaty as binding beyond Europe, so despite Crown disapproval Captain Henry Morgan and his men plunder on with the support of Port Royal.

Assembling a fleet of buccaneers, Morgan is forced to grapple with the explosive consequences of a drunken celebration and the disastrous impact of gusty weather before he even reaches the lakeside town of Maracaibo to go raiding once more against the buccaneers’ Classic Enemies.

Escape from Maracaibo

Foiled in his ambitious attempt on famous Cartagena by bad weather and worse luck, Captain Henry Morgan and his crew have turned to Lake Maracaibo instead, raiding its waterside towns and acquiring plenty of plunder to fill their ships. But greed has distracted them from caution, and as they prepare to depart they discover that beyond the single path out of the lagoon wait a Spanish Vice-Admiral and three warships bristling with cannon.


They will need all their cunning, courage, and camaraderie if they are to pull off this daring Escape from Maracaibo.