An Experience of Work

Aeoncademy’s ongoing commitment to creative engagement for young people has led to us offering a massive amount of work experience to young people as they develop. Sometimes, they take these experiences from program to program and develop into integral parts of the Aeon team. Other times, we see students developing and joining in for a briefer period of time before they move on to other exciting opportunities. Either way, Aeoncademy’s engagement with youth helps strengthen their Education through Creativity.

In a previous program, a new attendee – Savannah – came along to experience the program for a week. This is her story.


I love art. Anything creative count me in. Which is why on a crisp Winter Monday morning, instead of sleeping I was headed on my way to attend a week of work experience at Aeoncademy.

It was nothing like I had expected, and went by as a crazy blur. A crazy blur that I am thankful that I was able to get the opportunity to be apart of.  As I had a whole week, the idea was for me to try a little bit of everything and anything, which is exactly what I did.


I started the week off with working with Sparks (the youngest group of the lot) and felt like I revisited my childhood spending the majority of the time running around and playing games with the children. I was also able to watch and lend a hand with their amazing creations from their expeditions to the art room.

Although not being quite a chef myself, I spent a little time in canteen which provided me insight into the time, preparation and effort that goes into feeding so many mouths.


Food time was a whole experience in itself. It provided a chance for everyone to mix and mingle as a  whole and share stories of the great adventures taken in Vala that day or current projects that was being made in Creative Catalyst, whilst chowing down on tasty fresh food.

Creative Catalyst which quickly became my favourite station was set in a beautiful art room. Surrounded by artworks on artworks and quirky clay creations the room itself was enough to spark one’s creativity. This paired with engaging teacher directed activities created an opportunity for students to let their creativity fly.


I spent a limited amount of time in the office but just enough to get a window into the complexities of what it takes to keep everything running smoothly.

Vala was the most unique experience yet. It was as if another world had been created through the intricate storylines, systems and characters the children took on with great enthusiasm.

Although being a crazy blur by the end of the week I realized just how much I had enjoyed my time at Aeoncademy. I had been able to be apart of a service that encourages all things creative, providing children an environment where their creativity is nurtured. This was only possible with the team who work there, who are all so passionate about what they do. My only disappointment after spending my week at Aeoncademy is that I had not known about it 10 years or so ago because I would have liked to be a student there myself.