The Autumn Holiday Program!

Aeoncademy is excited to have launched our Autumn Holiday Program for April! Running from the 10th to the 21st of April, and with a special bonus day happening on the 24th, our program is jam packed with awesome opportunities for some serious Creativity.

Autumn Holiday Program 2017Fresh out of the oven, Creative Catalyst is bringing us Fakery Bakery, a ceramic workshop so popular, it just headlined at the NGA’s Sculpture Garden Sunday.

Our Brand New Historical and Legendary program for Vala: Dramatic Adventures has launched! From the Halls of Camelot to the Mountains of Tibet, The Deserts of Egypt to the Wastes of Newfoundland, and even to the Castles of Scotland. We’re all really excited for this new series of adventures!

The Program

Aeoncadey’s ethos of Education through Creativity is the center of all our programming. Check it out below.

Week One
Creative Catalyst

Monday Storm in a Teacup
Tuesday Pet Portraits in Oils
Oil Painting
Wednesday Easter Express: An Eggstravaganza
Mixed Materials
Thursday Heraldic Flags
Textiles & Paint
Vala Dramatic Adventures


Monday Priests of the Ancient Nile
The Beast in the Sands
Tuesday Dawn of a New Horizon
The Warp Experiment
Wednesday Young Mutant Chronicles
The Ok-Li Plague
Thursday The Court of Mary, Queen of Scots

The Favourites of Queen Mary


Week TWO
Creative Catalyst
Animal Panels Project
Tuesday Cool Candelabra
Wednesday Autumn Tiles
Thursday Fakery Bakery
Friday Fairy Furniture & Troll Treasures
Found & Gathered Objects
Vala Dramatic Adventures Priest & Jaguar Tuesday Freedom of the Bush
The Camp
Wednesday They Came From The Stars
Invasion on Ice
Thursday Padmasambhava comes to Tibet
An Invitation to Padmasambhava
Friday Masters of Wind & Wave
The Hunt

And the Bonus Day – Monday April 24th

Creative Catalyst: Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Vala Dramatic Adventures: Time Bandits in Wonderland