Cornucopia begins with Breakfast

To kick off our great new kitchen and garden program this week we are, of course, going to start with the most important meal of the day: breakfast.

From throughout human history, we have been consuming grains and seeds to give us the energy we need to operate at our best, and from neolithic periods throughout Europe, to the fantastic spread of Mesopotamia, and beyond we’ve used cereals, honey and fermented foods for millennia.

A Cornucopia Breakfast

Exploring the origins of breakfast, in Cornucopia over the next fortnight we will be making baked muesli, traditional Greek yoghurt and winter stewed fruits.

In the interests of reducing packaging waste, if you are able, please send your child with 3 jars or containers for the second class to put their goodies in. These do not need to be new or matching, just clean and sealable to take home.

We’ve also started to take the time designing concepts for the evolving kitchen garden at Aeoncademy, a staple of the Cornucopia experience.

Cornucopia Garden