A Career in Creativity

Are you ready to Nurture the Creative Spark?

Do you want to work with a team that is world-class in its execution of exciting, engaging, educational programs for children and young people?

Are you an energetic, passionate person?

Career in Education

Does Art, Drama, World Culture and History inspire you?

Career Engagement

Do you love the inherent rewards of working with children?

Career Working with Children

Then we have some exciting news – Aeoncademy is currently looking for more people to work with us. There are some serious career development options here as we’re looking for some people to come on as Permanent Part-Time Facilitators. We need empowered and energetic people ready to deliver unique programs in our boutique service, and people who are ready to learn from some of the best education providers in the world.
A Career Nurturing the Creative SparkOur programs encompass visual arts, dramatic storytelling, world cooking, creative play, and more, but more importantly we use the medium of creative engagement to help foster education in multiple spheres – as providers of education through creativity!

Teffany Thiedeman - Career Artist & Educator

If that feels out of your depth, worry not – Aeoncademy has a fully trialled and tested career development program that helps people from all walks of life rapidly progress to being among the best in their field – check out Andrew’s Case Study to see a little more about how that all works!

Career Development

A Career Path in Creativity

Aeoncademy provides for our team:

  • A caring, team-oriented workplace
  • On-The-Job training and additional (free!) Professional Development opportunities in Visual Arts, Dramatic Storytelling, and more.
  • Exciting scope to rise through the ranks for dedicated, empowered, and career-minded people
  • Opportunity to engage with our provision of Education through Creativity, and help shape your career!

We at Aeoncademy all work together to achieve our mutual goal of Education through Creativity.

Read more here at Join Aeoncademy or send us your contact details here. You can also check out the people you’ll be working with here.

Too young to think of a career yet?

That’s alright! Aeoncademy has a bunch of programs for younger workers and people just about to enter the workforce. You can find out all about our programs for teenagers & young adults here.