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Hearth, a new Exhibition

This Friday Teffany is having an opening night for her exhibition, Hearth.

mosaiced sign of Hearth - Exhibition space & more
Welcome to Hearth

If your children attend Creative catalyst art classes you may have heard something about this event as the art classes have been going on daily inspiration tours to look at the work in progress and check out the changing site. And pat bunnies.

In many ways Aeoncademy was born out of Teffany’s art practice, she has been regularly exhibiting for two decades and believes her art feeds the classes and the classes feed her art!

We think this is a great opportunity to have a look at the latest art work that Teffany has been producing following her trips to Mexico and Spain. You will see a clear influence of the colourful tile work, mosaic and use of outside space.

Teffany is also using her home garden and studio as gallery. By opening up these usually private spaces to the public she is breaking down barriers between art and and the viewer. Don’t fall in the pond!

Hearth invite

Over the weekend you can also check out  Fetish Designs, her vibrant design range of teapots, cups and more- just in time for Christmas.

a pink flamingo candlestick with it's pretties behind it - Check it out at the exhibition
Fetish design candlesticks

The opening night is Friday the 25th November, at 67 Schlich St in Yarralumla. You can park over the road under the Gum trees.

This is a chance for adults to join in the fun! If you wish to support Hearth further consider taking out a  Hearth membership  which will grant you delicious wood fired pizza on the Opening Night, classes at Ceramic Salon and more… See the Program for details, or talk to Andrew.

A special (free) event for children will happen the next Saturday 26th, Clay Play in the Garden with sessions between 11-2pm. Please Contact Aeoncademy to book in.

This is a weather dependent event. Watch the space Hearth for last minute information on what’s happening.

Anna’s Weaving Adventure

One of the coolest things about our team is how wide their interests are; whether here at Aeoncademy or while taking time to explore the world around them. Recently, one of our core members of the team – Anna – took some leave to go travelling to the Northern Territory. While she took this time, she visited a number of important Aboriginal sites, learned a bunch about the different tribes of Arnhem Land, and got involved in some classes teaching her all about traditional Indigenous Australian crafts. This is the story all about her Weaving Adventure.
Anna in the NT

Recently while enjoying some leave in the Northern Territory I had the opportunity to participate in an Indigenous Australian-inspired weaving workshop as a representative of AeoncademyUnder the guidance of Claire Freer I was introduced to three weaving techniques (stitches) and encouraged to experiment with various materials and forms. Electrical wire, natural fibres, wool, found objects and wire found new life as sculptural and basket forms over the two-day weaving adventure.

The three weaving techniques we explored were the Twining stitch, Coiling technique and Blanket Stitch. Each stitch enabled the elements being woven to interconnect by particular design which facilitated the construction of different forms.

1. Twining Stitch

This stitch was the more complicated of the three but using wire made keeping track of all the weaving elements easy.

Coiling Technique - Images courtesy of Catherine Buckley
Coiling Technique – Images courtesy of Catherine Buckley

2. Coiling Technique

Coiling Technique - Images courtesy of Catherine Buckley
Coiling Technique – Images courtesy of Catherine Buckley

During my travels in Gunbalanya (Arnhem land) I observed this stitch being used in the construction of baskets by local women. The women were using roots, bulbs, seeds and leaves they had collected locally to dye the pandanus which was being woven to form baskets.
During the workshop we coiled a variety of local grasses and leaves together using wool as the stitching element. Strong hands and a sharp needle make all the difference to the longevity of the piece you weave using this stitch.  

3. Blanket Stitch

Blanket Stitch - Images courtesy of Catherine Buckley
Blanket Stitch – Images courtesy of Catherine Buckley

We used blanket stitch to join the casings of electrical wire together. I had fun trying to shape a small lizard animal.  

As the workshop progressed Claire kindly showed us how to twist natural fibres into string as well as encouraged us to see how objects in the natural environments around us can contribute to the form, functionality and/or appearance of a piece.

Weaving - Images courtesy of Catherine Buckley
Weaving – Images courtesy of Catherine Buckley

Returning to Aeoncademy with this knowledge under my belt I am looking forward to incorporating weaving elements and the creation of string into future interactions with the Sparks, so stick around for an awesome weaving adventure in the future.

As well as Aeoncademy’s workshops, If you have an interest in weaving take a look at Twined Together by Louise Hamby

Claire Freer has recently been the field officer to the Tjanpi weavers who contributed to Fiona Hall’s exhibition which was recently displayed here in Canberra at the National Gallery. She has also spent time in England conducting weaving workshops at schools for a number of years. Presently she is an artist in residence at the Tactile Arts Museum in Darwin, N.T., where the workshop was hosted.