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Intro Week

Well, what a holiday program it’s been!

The springtime weather has been lovely (for the most part), the food from the kitchen has been delicious and nutritious, and the programs have been electric! We’ve been samurai and Vikings, dwarves and Romans; made spring prints and fairytale dioramas and ceramics masks from around the world; and build castles from cardboard and played with go-carts in our lovely garden space.

But there’s no time to rest for our busy Educators, because it’s time for Term 4!

The first week of term is always a bit special, and not just from hearing all about school holiday adventures and watching school friends reunite.

It’s special because we take a bit of a break from our normal program, and mix things up.

During the first week we break down the barriers between programs, giving all the kids a taste of everything that Aeon Academy has to offer.

We call these the Introductory Sessions and they happen week 1 of every term.

We watch Visual Arts kids learn about the Kitchen-Garden, Early Years and Creative Play kids enjoy a little Dramatic Adventure, Dramatic Adventures kids getting their hands messy playing with clay. It’s energetic, chaotic and messy  in the very best way, and a wonderful way to start off the term right.

And meanwhile, behind the scenes, we schedule things to give all our Educators time off the floor in our back office space.

There, they meet with the program directors to plan the term ahead, do training and professional development, prepare materials and supplies so we’re fully ready, and put in the work to keep the programs we deliver running at the very highest level of quality.

There’s less than a week to go ‘til Term 4, and we couldn’t be more excited!

We hope you’ll join us!

Brief Admin Update

Just a couple of reminders to our after-school parents as we wind up our amazing Spring Holiday Program and Term 4 approaches:

  • After-school bookings roll over into the new term, so if you want to change days, classes, etc then please get in touch with the office and let us know.
  • There have been some minor changes to our terms and conditions  – the main one is our clarified lateness policy, but there are also some changes to bookings and non-attendance.
  • We offer a direct debit option as a way to pay for after-school classes. If you are interested in setting that up, get in touch with the office and they’ll help you out.
  • Last term saw lots of small changes to program details, pricing schedules, and the like. If you missed those updates, you can catch yourself up over here.

Celebrating 15 years of Education through Creativity!

It’s Aeoncademy’s FIFTEENTH YEAR! We have seen many changes over the years: in our host school Yarralumla Primary, in outside school hours care, and in Canberra itself. And now, Aeoncademy itself is changing and becoming the not-for-profit social enterprise it has been moving towards all these years.

It’s time to celebrate!

From 10am to 4pm on Saturday 24th of November, we’re holding our biggest, most extravagant, most exciting Open Day yet to celebrate 15 years of Education Through Creativity. There’ll be a fabulous Vala Tournament to raise funds for Freyja Christiansen, visitors and new friends aplenty from the Design Canberra Festival; performances from local band and former workers and students Scroggin; art activities like badge making and our famous cardboard go-carts; and, of course, a delicious cake worthy of the occasion!


Aeoncademy has always been committed to nurturing the creative spark in people of all ages, exploring how the arts enrich our lives, and building community. As a member of our community you are invited to save the date, come on over, have a play, and see for yourself what we’re all about.

Program & Fee Adaptations for the Future

Program & Fee Adaptations for the Future

seasonal changes

This has been quite a year for us so far here at Aeoncademy. We are still coming to grips with the massive changes to the childcare system, which are making their mark felt on most families who use our service. They have been incredibly expensive for our small service to implement and have been brutal to our beloved specialised programs.


It has spurred on a number of developments in terms of our programming, as well as a restructuring and standardisation of all our fees and charges.


The government has communicated very poorly exactly what your childcare entitlements are and therefore how much you can expect to pay to use our specialised programs. 


This post is to clear up pricing at our end.


Creative Play Foundation Program


We have introduced a foundation childcare program called Creative Play. This runs after school from 3-6 and during vacation (starting this Spring Holidays) for a full day, and is open for all children ages 5 – 12. We are also extending the Vacation day until 6pm.


Our previous Sparks Program (ages 5-7) is being amalgamated into the new Creative Play while the new Sparks will be centered on children ages 3-4 and their particular needs.


All the programming associated with the old Sparks program – the cooking, gardening, art, and drama – will become available to everyone enrolled in Creative Play. These activities will be completely optional for children to participate in, or just to enjoy free play using our PlayPods of loose parts and nature play.


So, as of the next vacation program, whenever you enrol at Aeoncademy you will be enrolling in the foundation program- Creative Play. Then if your child is aged 7+ you may select a specialised program and pay a surcharge for this activity.


The YPS discount and any bulk booking discounts are being discontinued. There are never discounts on Creative Play as it is already the most affordable we can make it.


Sparks Early Years Program


We are recentering the Sparks program on children from ages 3 and 4, to focus on their particular developmental needs and to allow us to give them a separate space from the older children where they can begin their Aeoncademy journey.


In the past this group of the youngest children was called MiniSparks. Going forward they are the Sparks Early Years Program.


Specialised Programs

Vala defensive move
Vala in action

In order to help our amazing Creative Catalyst visual arts workshops and Vala Dramatic Adventures modules thrive, it is necessary to make a clearer distinction between them and our foundation program in both after school and vacation time.


So starting this Open Day, we are making changes to the 20% discount. It will now apply only to the surcharge for the Specialised Classes – as stated above, Creative Play is already as affordable as we can possibly make it.


We are also determined to keep our dedicated older students involved in Aeoncademy’s specialised programs even though the childcare rebate has been taken away from children aged 13+ or in high school. If you are one of these people please contact us and we will discuss the available options.




Commencing next Open Day here are the new fees and surcharges:


Creative Play Foundation Program


(Rate per hour $11.32)

per session/day

  • After School 3 – 6pm…………………………..$34
  • After School (with pickup) 2:30 – 6pm……….$40
  • After School (with pickup) 2:45 – 6pm……….$37
  • After School 4 – 5:30pm only………………… $17
  • Vacation 8:30am – 6pm………………………..$107.50


Specialised Class: Creative Catalyst, Vala, Cornucopia


(Rate After School per hour $9)

(Rate Vacation per hour $13.08/hr)

Specialised Class after school surcharge per day $13.50

Specialised Class vacation surcharge per day $98


Before School Care

Mindful movement and Breakfast 7.45-9am $15


Sparks (Early Years) Program (ages 3 up to 6 with consultation)


(Rate per hour $15.50)


per session/day

  • After School 3 – 6pm…………………………..$46.50
  • After School 2:30 – 6pm……………………….$54.25
  • After School 2:45 – 6pm……………………….$50.50
  • After School 4 – 5:30pm only…………………$23.25
  • Vacation 8:30am – 6pm………………………..$147.25


Please refer to the fine print on our website for all up to date terms and conditions.

If you have read this email and feel incredible anxiety that you will not be able to afford the care you need please talk to us in the office so we can can find a way to help you.


Yay it’s nearly the Spring Open Day!

Open Day invitation
Aeoncademy Spring Open Day


Amazingly it’s nearly the Spring Open Day.

All are welcome to our fabulous Open Days. Come and try your hand at clay work, painting, boffer weapon action, planting seeds in our kitchen garden or admire the exhibition of kids art work from the first 5 weeks of term and see how they’ve mastered their projects.

Try a delicious biscuit made in the Cornucopia cooking program and have a cup of soup for a gold coin donation.

Meet our dedicated staff and line up for a 20 % discount on any of the specialised programs we offer during the Spring Vacation. From hand coiled Ceramic Birdbaths to the Samurai & Ninja’s Final Stand in Dramatic Adventures.

We will also be introducing our new Creative Play vacation option, a foundation program which incorporates nature play and Play Pod for $107.50 a day.






Creative Play during Vacation Time!

Following the success of our after school implementation of Creative Play we have decided to trial it during Vacation time! Starting these Spring Holidays you can book into a day, or a week, of our new vacation program for the great price of $107.50 per day, this is before any application of the new childcare subsidy.


lovely cubby house made of sticks
Nature Play/ Creative Play

Doors open at 8.30am and pick up is by 6pm, these sessions will be perfect for children who require childcare in a welcoming and stimulating environment with plenty of free time to play in a self guided way. They will be supervised by our caring and enthusiastic staff.

As usual we will include morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea – home cooked, healthy and delicious – with ingredients sourced from farmers markets and organic suppliers where available.


gardening for the planet
Plant a tree

Creative Play will focus on our outdoor Play Pods full of loose parts, ready to be set in action for imaginative and group play. We  also have a growing garden space for nature play and active games. There will be opportunities for cooking and gardening and we will also open our excellent library and have drawing materials at hand for kids to use.

All children 5 years and over are able to enrol in the new program and there will be limited place just like our specialised programs so get in early.


Spring has Sprung!

We will be releasing the Spring Vacation program imminently with all our fabulous Creative Catalyst art and Vala live action adventure modules to choose from so you can feel free to mix and match days and programs.




Positive News following a meeting with the Education Directorate

Aeoncademy directors have just met very positively and constructively with the ACT Education Directorate Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and here is a report of the major understandings achieved, extracted from the actual minutes of the meeting:

The good news is we have been assured there will be no tender process to distract us from continuing our services to you.

It has now been made clear by the CFO that the tender process being pursued by the YPS Board is being superseded by a review process within a new framework still being developed by the Education Directorate. That new framework will support continuity of, and partnership in, quality outside school hour education and care. Furthermore, any consideration around financial incentives from outside school hour providers will be completely removed from the process.

We were informed that all outside school hour education and care providers in the ACT will go through this review process once it has been thoroughly developed.

Aeoncademy has been informed by the CFO, that, while the review process is being developed,  we will be re-issued a licence/lease for the period up to 31 December 2019. All outside school hour education and care providers in the ACT whose licences/leases have expired, or will expire before the end of 2019 will also be offered this extension of service.

In partnership with the Directorate, Aeoncademy will address all aspects of the review process as it is developed so we can be reviewed successfully and continue to provide quality outside school hour (OSH) education and care, meeting all requirements of the community, beyond 2019.

 Aeoncademy directors emphasised with the CFO the vital significance of continuity in the provision of quality OSH education and care spanning preschool to grade 6. We believe that the new framework being developed by the Education Directorate will support this essential requirement.

 End report.

Thank You to all of you who supported Aeoncademy through this trying time of confusion and uncertainty. We should also acknowledge the patience displayed by Rohan Evans, Principal of Yarralumla Primary School, as we tried to work through these developments. We look forward to resuming our positive partnership with the school management in quality education and care at YPS.

Aeoncademy Directors:

 Teffany Thiedeman 

Monica Castelo

Mathew Long


Term 3 After School Program 2018


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Chill out zone: bean bags, books/audio + drawing equip
merged groups VC- obstacle course VC- jedi/ skipping VC-obstacle course VC- jedi WC-herbed Crackers
taster activities CC-water colours, dioramas & plastacine CC- outdoor concrete pot painting CC- Ojo de Dios CC- glazing butterfly tiles. Gardening + stencilling smocks
make-do construction make-do construction make-do construction make-do construction make-do construction
CREATIVE CATALYST Nesting- a weaving odyssey 1 Masks Of The World (clay) 1 Patterns in Nature (varied) 1 bird houses (clay) 1
VALA (DAWNSAGA FANTASY) Return to the Mountain, Thief of Hope: Lurkers in the Murkwood (DAWN OF LEGEND) Golden Age of Greek Heroes, Crew of Odysseus: Isle of Circe (DAWN of HISTORY) Norse America: The Micmac Princess (DAWN of HISTORY) Roman Britain: Attack on the Wall
CORNUCOPIA Russian Apple Scrolls
SPARKS Vala Make Believe WC- Russian Apple Scrolls Be a Giant and make a River System! Vala Make Believe Hula Hoop weaving
Marble Painting Clay Mini masks Stories in the teepee Ball Games All the Building!
CREATIVE CATALYST Nesting- a weaving odyssey 2 Masks of the World (clay)2 Patterns in Nature (varied) 2 bird houses (clay)2
VALA (DAWNSAGA FANTASY) Return to the Mountain, Thief of Hope: Lurkers in the Murkwood (DAWN OF LEGEND) Golden Age of Greek Heroes, Crew of Odysseus: Isle of Circe (DAWN of HISTORY) Norse America: The Micmac Princess (DAWN of HISTORY) Roman Britain: Attack on the Wall
CORNUCOPIA Wash Potatoes for Wed! Scrumptious potato skins
SPARKS Nest weaving Vala Make Believe WC- Scrumptious Potato Skins Pinch pot bird houses Dress Ups
jumping games Paper mask Potato Stamps Dress ups/tea party music games
CREATIVE CATALYST Nesting- a weaving odyssey 3 Masks of the World (clay) 3 Patterns in Nature (varied) 3 bird houses 3 (clay)
VALA (DAWNSAGA FANTASY) Return to the Mountain, Thief of Hope: Lurkers in the Murkwood (DAWN OF LEGEND) Golden Age of Greek Heroes, Crew of Odysseus: Isle of Circe (DAWN of HISTORY) Norse America: The Micmac Princess (DAWN of HISTORY) Roman Britain: Attack on the Wall
SPARKS Vala Make Believe clay masks Vala Make Believe WC-Chinese dumplings Paper garden
Sew What Parachute Games Spiral doodle Dumplings Plant a seed
CREATIVE CATALYST open day/ self portrait 1 open day/ seed pictures 1 open day/ Short Story 1 Open Day/ Avian Animalia 1 open day
VALA (DAWNSAGA FANTASY) Return to the Mountain, Thief of Hope: Lurkers in the Murkwood (DAWN OF LEGEND) Golden Age of Greek Heroes, Crew of Odysseus: Isle of Circe (DAWN of HISTORY) Norse America: The Micmac Princess (DAWN of HISTORY) Roman Britain: Attack on the Wall
CORNUCOPIA Bread rolls
SPARKS self portrait Vala Make Believe Comic Book Vala Make Believe WC-Pumpkin soup & meat + veg soup
Collage paint mini masks Frame work self portraits Puppet Show
CREATIVE CATALYST self portrait 2 seed pictures 2 Short Story 2 Avian Animalia 2 make up gloop for Monday!
VALA (DAWNSAGA FANTASY) Return to the Mountain, Thief of Hope – DEFENDER: Flashback to Urs-skin’s Training (DAWN OF LEGEND) Golden Age of Greek Heroes – DEFENDER: Flashback to the Walls of Troy (DAWN of HISTORY) Norse America – DEFENDER: Flashback to Past Viking Raids (DAWN of HISTORY) Roman Britain – DEFENDER: Flashback to Legionary Training
CORNUCOPIA Father’s Day Chocolate Balls
SPARKS WC- Father’s Day Chocolate balls paint clay masks Vala Make Believe Bird Nest Ninja Training Camp
chocolate balls Board Games Ball games clay birds Stories in the teepee
CREATIVE CATALYST paper power 1 Colour Explosion 1 Spring Garden Printmaking 1 mouth caves 1
VALA (DAWNSAGA FANTASY) Return to the Mountain, Thief of Hope: Lurkers in the Murkwood (DAWN OF LEGEND) Golden Age of Greek Heroes, Crew of Odysseus: Isle of Circe (DAWN of HISTORY) Norse America: The Micmac Princess (DAWN of HISTORY) Roman Britain: Attack on the Wall
CORNUCOPIA Salvadorian Papusa
SPARKS Vala Make Believe WC- Salvadoria Papusa Printing from food Vala Make Believe Collage Monster
music games water colours All the Building! jumping games Cooking
CREATIVE CATALYST paper power 2 Colour Explosion 2 Spring Garden Printmaking 2 mouth caves 2
VALA (DAWNSAGA FANTASY) Return to the Mountain, Thief of Hope: Lurkers in the Murkwood (DAWN OF LEGEND) Golden Age of Greek Heroes, Crew of Odysseus: Isle of Circe (DAWN of HISTORY) Norse America: The Micmac Princess (DAWN of HISTORY) Roman Britain: Attack on the Wall
SPARKS Paper Mache animal masks Vala Make Believe WC- Scottish Shortbread painting bird houses & nests Vala Make Believe
Goblin Workshop colour mixing beading parachute games dress ups
CREATIVE CATALYST paper power 3 Colour Explosion 3 Spring Garden Printmaking 3 mouth caves 3
VALA (DAWNSAGA FANTASY) Return to the Mountain, Thief of Hope: Lurkers in the Murkwood (DAWN OF LEGEND) Golden Age of Greek Heroes, Crew of Odysseus: Isle of Circe (DAWN of HISTORY) Norse America: The Micmac Princess (DAWN of HISTORY) Roman Britain: Attack on the Wall
CORNUCOPIA take dough out of freezer for WC + CPA Lancaster potato cakes
SPARKS Vala Make Believe colour discovery Vala Make Believe WC-Lancaster potato cakes watercolours
Plant a seed ball games music games Sew what watercolours
CREATIVE CATALYST finish and take home projects finish and take home projects finish and take home projects finish and take home projects
VALA God Save the Queen God Save the Queen God Save the Queen God Save the Queen
CORNUCOPIA Pizza Express
SPARKS paint animal masks paint animal masks Vala Make Believe WC-Pizza Express
MINISPARKS free choice free choice free choice free choice

Vala Promotion! Bring a friend for half price.

Bring your friend for half price if you book before next Wednesday the 4th July.  Who said all EOFY sales are boring? This Vala Promotion is a rare event so enjoy don’t miss out!

If you already know the joys of character play, getting in costumes and playing with boffer weapons then it’s time to spread the word.

Book in with a friend and get 50% off the second place in Vala if you are aged 7 years +

byo friend
Fun for a friend!

Vala is a unique mode of character play where kids enjoy the live action, immersive experience, of becoming people or beings from historical, literary and  fantasy world settings.

Take Knights Templar – Lords of Outremer  (Friday 13th July) for example.

The Second Crusade is over and the Knights Templar won great glory for themselves through their contributions to that campaign. Again, however, their deeds were eclipsed by their rivals the Knights Hospitaller and the Templars are no closer to achieving those goals for which they have long hoped. But as shocking events leave Tripoli vulnerable to the Assassins and neighbouring enemies and the Hospitaliers seem unable to resolve the crisis, the Knights Templars may have a chance to prove their quality and earn the title Lords of Outremer!

In this module participants will have a chance to dress as Knights, fight battles, travel to strange places and prove their valour.

fight for a discount
I want the discount!

If literature and high fantasy interest you then check out

Return to the Mountain – Bears, Bogats, and Barghests (Wednesday 11th July)

Setting off from the haven of Caer Llawn with wise counsel from their wizardly guide and the aid of the great black-bearded Bearskin, an alliance of the seven bloodlines of the former Dwarf Kingdom pursue a thief bearing a stolen scrap of their precious map. The trail leads into hills crawling with goblins they have only recently escaped.  But worse still lays in store in the form of that dreaded bane of dwarfs… the beastly, bone-crunching ‘Barghest’.

Become a dwarf and enter a dangerous and fabulous world of monstrous beasts and unexplored landscapes.

storytelling under the map
Storytelling and world building

Or perhaps an exploration of Feudal Japan?

Shogun Japan – Samurai & Ninja Under Siege (Thursday 19th July)

Hungry for glory and driven to win the respect of his legendary father Oda Nobunaga, the minor warlord Oda Nobukatsu leads his army over the borders of Iga Province and into the territory of its democratic Republic. Now in well-earned positions of trust and leadership among the local clans, the small but tightly-knit strikeforce of samurai and ninja handpicked years ago by Hattori Hanzō must battle to turn back the invading army of the ambitious warlord as Iga Province finds itself Under Siege.

handmade map
Solving the puzzle

Whether you love playing characters, dressing up, designing environments or action games, there is something in Vala for everyone. Check out our Winter Program for all classes


immersive games
We love Vala!