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Autumn of Youth: Creativity for Teenagers and Young Adults

Holiday Program


Who got involved in our massive Autumn Program. Our blockbuster program has had us moving from strength to strength with our classic blend of Visual Art, Dramatic Adventure, and Creative Play. We’ve told stories of Ancient Chinese warrior-monks, and of Far Future Smugglers, made art as small as button-badges, and as large as the wall of our Art room, and amongst all that our Sparks have learned massive swathes of new ways to interact with creativity!

As a result of the awesome attendance and engagement this program, Aeoncademy has been able to offer some of our fantastic senior students bigger and better opportunities to develop their skills in artistic and creative practice, as well as some excellent work experience offered to  people who have come up through our ranks of students to join the team.

Aeoncademy has always maintained a serious commitment to extension learning for young people as they come up through the ranks of Aeoncademy, with Vala’s Veteran’s & Training Programme, and Creative Catalyst’s Teenage Art Club, both designed to help train children as they grow into young adults, helping encourage larger and more complex artworks and storytelling techniques.

Coming up through the ranks

Work Experience!

Every child is born an artist, the trouble is staying an artist as you grow up. — Pablo Picasso

Aeoncademy provides increased mentoring and tuition to students as they start to grow up — as the pressures of adolescence start to encourage children to abandon creative play and practice, Aeoncademy steps in to provide a proven guiding network of peers and role models to help them keep their creative spark, well into their teenage years and onwards through to adulthood.

For those students who are dedicated, passionate, and serious about Nurturing the Creative Spark, as they grow older there even open up employment opportunities, helping start these young adults on a path of successful, enjoyable, and fulfilling creative careers.

Today, for example, of all our staff on the floor, eight in eleven have graduated from Aeoncademy, another was a member of our Work Experience program, and one was a founder of the organisation, leaving us with 90 percent of our staff being brought up through the service! We’re super keen to see where we go to next.

Autumn Days of Play are here

Autumn Days of Play are here
A Glorious Autumn tree

Autumn days of play are well and truly here, Yarralumla is always lovely this time of year with its well established oak and plane trees dropping their crunchy, brown leaves all over the ground. Acorns lie plentifully waiting to be gathered and turned into art objects or currency for a game but hopefully not weapons! We intend to make the most of this season of delights.


Autumn Days of Play are here, a magical ceramic door leads inside a tree
Magic Door

Many of our Creative Catalyst visual arts workshops like Autumn Weaving with wool and fibre and Leaf Collage + Acorn Sculpture are intended to take advantage of these days. A walk into the forested edges of Yarralumla Primary School will be part of many days activities, gathering materials for the craft and art projects.


Autumn Days of Play are here, a sleepy ceramic head
Autumn Dreaming
Autumn Days of Play are here, a stencil of an Autumn Tree
Stencil of an Autumn Tree

Ochre our Catering Coordinator is deciding the menu for the two weeks of holiday programs. From pastas and salads, to baked biscuits and hot chocolates we will always have fresh and healthy options which respond to the weather conditions  of the day!

Autumn vacation program



ValaClub will also be venturing outside to recreate scenes for Merrie Men (and women) of the Greenwood. Look out for classic leaf pile ambushes, pit traps and worse! Many of the dramatic live action scenes will take place in an outdoor setting, enjoying the opportunity to observe the change of seasons.




We are looking forward to the Autumn holidays and catching up with many of you then. Call our office if you havent made a booking yet,  61423268

Autumn Days of Play are here, pebbles and Spirals
Pebbles and Spiral






The Autumn School Holiday Program!

Our Autumn School Holiday Program has been released with great fanfare at our Aeoncademy Open Day last weekend! Fantastic new and re-visited adventures, art projects, and more are planned to bring in a rich harvest this program.


In our Creative Catalyst program, we’ve got such new and exciting treats as Tree of Life – exploring Pen and Ink drawing as we travel across the globe looking at the Tree as a symbol of life – from Yggdrasil to the Bodhi Tree, with many unexpected detours along the way, and Vala is bringing back some classic favourites like Aztec Omens – facing signs of doom, whispers and panic begin among the people of the indomitable Aztec Empire, and the priests and nobles of Tenochtitlan must appease the Angry Gods.

With our Sparks we’re introducing Drama Pod! Drama Pod gives our Sparks some new options and agency, helping them choose how to interact with the world in their dramatic storytelling activities. In short, we’re broadening the worlds that we build for the Sparks. No longer are they just going to be playing (say) the Mic-Mac hunters in Norse America, instead taking on roles of villagers, wise-fellows, carpenters, builders, shaman, and so much more. Read more here in Anna’s excellent article.

Interested in the program? Want to find out a little more? Curious about who we are or what we do more broadly? Want the ultimate answer to Life, The Universe, and Everything? give Aeoncademy a call on 6142 3268 or click here to go to our Communications panel – and drop us a line!

Open Day and the Autumn Program

a gorgeous and colourful notice for the Autumn open day
Saturday the 5th March is Open Day

Coming up very soon is our famous Open Day, a marvellous opportunity to play with clay, ask tricky questions, fight with replica swords and get an amazing 20% discount on the next holiday program!

We will be launching our Autumn Holiday Program on the day and it promises to be seasonally inspired and engaging.

Please call in any time between 10am and 4pm to pick up fired ceramic work from the Summer Program and admire the art work from our after school classes this term.

There is always a Vala Dramatic Adventure Interactive (come see to find out what this means!) and a sausage sizzle at lunch time to keep everyone going.

The space is  great for a catch up with friends and family while enjoying a little hands on activity whether it’s clay work, watercolour painting or drawing.  Or just a cup of tea, a delicious biscuit (cooked during our World Cooking class) and a nice sit down.

A close up of the Forbidden City's walls
The Forbidden City’s walls
wool gods eye
Weaving colour and wool








Our program for Term 1 after school classes will be on display for interested people.

Monday to Thursday children over 7 years can choose between a Vala class (drama) or Creative Catalyst (visual arts) class. Children from 4 years are automatically enrolled in the Sparks program, allowing them to experience drama, art, world cooking and more free time play. Friday all ages try a mix of our programs.

There will also be some merchandise available for purchase, our t-shirts and boffer weapons are always popular.

art for adults
Ceramic Salon in hiatus

Those who are missing the creative classes for adults, Ceramic Salon, are welcome to call in during the Open Day and play around with clay -we can make arrangements for firing any work you produce.

Same for Teenage Art Club- feed your creativity.

See you there!

Vala launches on Mondays After School


We’re done with our Holidays and back to brass tacks with our After School Program. Our programming work is all coming together, and our first big (massive) announcement out of that work is…

Vala is Launching on Mondays

This is not a drill. Our excellent Vala After-School program is taking shape from Mondays through to Thursdays, following in the footsteps of its big sister Creative Catalyst to fill out our After School Roster for everyone who cares to come along


The first thing, coming at the end of our free-form first-week back, that our new Monday Valans will face is the empty space beyond Hadrian’s Wall in Roman Britain: Beyond the Wall. Get set for wolves howling, Picts marauding, and the dead of winter in the frozen northern wastes. Coming hot on its heels: The Crew of Odysseus: Between Scylla & Charybdis.




It’s Summertime, and living is easy at Aeoncademy

Aeoncademy’s Summer Program has been cool as, filled with fantastic artistic creations, dramatic storylines, and plenty of opportunities for Creative Play! As we launch into the second half of our program, we’re taking a moment to look back at the weeks that were…

Check out some sweet snaps from the program so far!


If you’d like to stay tuned to our rolling photo updates, join us on Instagram with @aeoncademy, or check us out on Facebook.



Chilling Out for Summer Fun

From a week of rain & cold we’ve hit soaring temperatures. To keep our participants chilling out and out of the sun, we’ve launched a new outdoor play activity or two, and brought back our classic Slip & Slide.

Slip & Slide Waterpark Water Park Play Spray Cool SummerAnd our competition to find the Slip & Slide Champion for 2016.

To help our participants to beat the heat and dodge out of the sun, we’ve relaunched Tent City, and it’s coming together with more components than ever before! Using tents that children can pitch and pack themselves, and that are light enough to be easily moved around, our participants have been making campsites, sun-shelters, and we’ve even seen the creation of a Coober-pedy-esque tunnel system connecting the shady spots for the kids to spend some time chilling out in.

Tent City Playpod Hippie Boho Glamping

We’ve also rigged ourselves a new upcycled water-play park, which we’ve nicknamed ‘Waterpod’, with a whole bunch of cool water and cool science, with children learning how pressure affects how spraying water is produced, the combination of air pressure and gravity that comes into play with siphon tubes, recycled drums of various sizes with changing musical pitch and timbre, and other accoutrement, our participants are getting a little bit soaked, chilling out, and having a great time.

So if you’re coming along to Aeoncademy this Summer, pack your togs, cossie, or swimmers to beat the heat here at our Summer Program.

Arts Creative Upcycle Holiday Program Summer Fun

The Week the Elves saved Santa…

It’s Four Days ‘til Christmas and all through the house,

every creature is stirring (including the mouse!)

Time is a’ticking and the day’s nearly here,

We’ve been tinkering toys for almost a year.

But where, can you spy, that jolly old man

With his white-trim’d red suit – he’s got the plan

It’s Four Days ‘til Christmas and where has he gone?

Santa’s gone missing! This all could go wrong!

But look at this man in red suit and long cap

He’s not all that jolly. He’s not all that fat.

His name here is ‘Krampus’ and he doesn’t seem

To know what Christmas really does mean

That’s what our Christmas Elves discovered at the beginning of the fantastic week that was our Christmas Elves Workshop.


From Ojo De Dios (Traditional Mexican woven baubles — now called ‘God’s Eyes’) to Spice Hangings, Bliss Balls to Shortbread, Shrinking Art to Tiny Nativities, we all had a great time.


IMG_20151224_114613We also ran a special story, the Search for Father Christmas — also known as The Christmas Elf Caper, throughout the week. From Saving Dasher…


To putting Krampus to sleep with a mix of herbs the children learned about in the local area, the Elves had a riot of a time. For their bravery, diligence, and hard work, they were all rewarded in the end…


When they found Father Christmas!

A lunch in the life of a Catalyst/Vala/Spark participant

A Lunch in the life of a Catalyst/Vala/Spark participant is a changeable thing. After a heavy morning of character development, clay modelling and wolf howling, participants recharge over a delicious home cooked lunch of spaghetti bolognese seasoned with vigorous debate.  Robyn is our Caterer and predicts the weather in order to provide a suitable menu. Today she made a warm risotto. As the weather improves we can expect more scrumptious salads and cold fruits.

Robyn cooking up a storm
Robyn Rocks the Kitchen
lunch time is time to debate with your mouth full
Lunch time



the light illuminates these collages
glowing pictures












We have a relaxed lunch break with a decent amount of time to sit down with new friends and compare tastes. We make sure everyone still has time for a run around, games or reading quietly. If it gets hotter than 30° the slip n slide makes an appearance and we can all cool down. Icy frappes also emerge in the hot afternoons.


eaten by the wolves!
An untimely end.
aroooooooo the wolves of Hibernia lurk
The wolves of Hibernia
little washer upperer
Never to young to start washing up…
clay and drama
Mythic Animalia meets the Skeleton Boy.

It’s started! The Summer Program is in full swing.

Our Summer Program has begun!
painting outside
when the sun comes out
Although the weather outside is wet and dreary Aeoncademy participants are safely ensconced inside and participating in some great activities.
On Monday, Mythic Animalia was launched in the Art Room with discussions on the characteristics of Mythical Creatures producing some interesting future candidates (Pikachu??). In the Vala Room Odysseus and his crew were forced to face lost comrades and family members from the underworld as they continued on their journey home. Sparks enjoyed both activities and even managed to find the time to bake a delicious chocolate cake.

Today brings new and exciting activities, as does the rest of the holiday program. Have a look below at the choices on offer over January. There is a lot more fun to come!

Summer Vibes...
Our Summer Holiday Program for January 2016




If you would like to make a booking give us a call on 6142 3268.