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Winter Wonderland

Birds of a feather… Roamin’ Romans… This is Aeoncademy’s coolest holiday program yet!

We’ve had a wonderful Winter Program so far.  From Avian Animalia to Painting Faces, to Cauldrons of Flame and Frost – Fire and Ice. From the icy Hadrian’s Wall to the Laistrygonian kitchens, to the foreboding Mount Raven, we’ve been having a wonderful time in Creative Catalyst and Vala!

The Sparks haven’t been missing out either, joining in on all the art and drama, as well as building their very own Tipi, telling stories, performing plays, and so much more!

Wish you were here? Still a child? (Sorry Grown-Ups). We’d love to have you along. Get mum or dad to give us a call (on 6142 3268) to lock in your spot today!

Mum, Dad, want to be the coolest grown-up ever? Don’t delay, call today to book into the holiday program!

Monday we are closed!

Monday the 27th of April we are closed for the Anzac Day carry over holiday. After school classes commence on Tuesday 28th, remember all bookings from last term carry on into this term so please let us know asap any changes to your schedule.  New enrolments welcome. See you soon!


Painting away the rainy day

Next week is predicted to be dreary and grey. What could be nicer then spending the day making art in a lovely, light space? Here we see the Sparks setting up easels to play with colour mixing and painting. They also love to come up with names for all the amazing mixtures they discover. From Lemon Yellow to Wild Dog Brown!

The younger children paint colourful pictures on inpromtu easels in the nicely lit art room
painting in the art room