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Aeoncademy’s Specialist Creative Programs – Nurturing the Creative Spark

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In response to a growing demand for our specialised creative programs Aeoncademy is opening up a new ‘MiniSparks‘ class to help better nurture the creative spark in our youngest students.
Aeoncademy is dedicated to providing high quality educational opportunities in a friendly environment. On our biggest days for our after school sessions; Monday and Tuesday, our fledgling ‘MiniSparks‘ will have greater opportunity to explore their creativity with a dedicated carer by their side who will lead this smaller class through a flexible student driven program spanning the visual, dramatic and culinary arts.
As children in the MiniSparks develop skills and experience they will move into the Sparks group. As usual Sparks at age 7 will be given the opportunity to graduate from the Sparks program altogether and take the next step on their Aeoncademy journey. Creative Catalyst, Vala and Cornucopia all eagerly await graduating Sparks!
We are excited to launch this class and observe the subsequent changes to the Sparks program which we believe will be highly positive and lead to greater engagement for our youngest Aeoncademy members.
As always if you’d like to chat, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Snacks and Soil

Cottage cheese, jerky, crackers and dips – The children of Cornucopia have, over the past few weeks, made this essential suite of snack foods and taken them home to share with their families.

We made labne from our own yoghurt which we mixed with herbs from the garden, and curdled some milk with lemon juice for a simple curd cheese.A really enjoyable time was had by all when the Sparks joined Cornucopia to share the jerky making (and eating) process. Together we made BBQ, tomato salsa, pepper and herbs and honey soy sesame flavours and guzzled them all down. However, the most popular activity so far was this week’s crackers and dips. Nobody realised that crackers were so easy and that eggplant could actually taste good. Hopefully there was some left for families when the packages of biscuits got home.

On the garden side of the program we have been looking at what makes up soils with Penny from Caroola Farm. Cornucopia participants bought jars of soil from their gardens and we also looked into the soil in our beds at Aeon. It was very cool to see how all the samples were different and how we could turn them into the perfect growing medium. And as for growing, you should see our crop of oyster mushrooms growing in the art room. They have shot out of their box at a phenomenal rate and we have already harvested the first crop.

In the last few weeks of term we will be making some really simple homemade meals to take home to our families. Real baked beans and some fresh egg pasta with a simple tomato sauce. Hopefully if we manage to do a bit extra we can off it to other hungry families to take home too.

Mega Collage (Palimpsest)

Palimpsest – ‘a manuscript or piece of writing material on which later writing has been superimposed. Something reused or altered but still bearing visible traces of its earlier form’

Palimpsest Richard Pousette-Dart 1944 Abstract Expressionism

This is a Mega Collage involving drawing, rubbing, transferring, cutting, painting and assembling. It investigates the differences between and possible combinations of abstract and representational art, using a mix of mediums and visual elements.

ANFITRITE by Henri Matisse gouache on paper cut and pasted 1947

Over a series of exercises colour, shape, balance and context will be explored. Cutting and reassembling images from glossy magazines can also be used to add to each student’s diverse collection of textures, details and surfaces which will be brought together to build large compositions, both individually and collectively, over a full day of creative and experimental art making.

A portrait by Picasso made with collage


From the Kitchen and Garden

Cornucopia (our Kitchen and Garden program) started the term looking at breakfast food that most of us would buy at the store but are very simple to make ourselves. On the menu was baked muesli, Greek yoghurt and stewed fruits. Last week we had a great time teaming up with the Sparks and making a large variety of dried fruit and yoghurt leathers, then planting out strawberries in the garden. One day perhaps we will make strawberry leathers from our own fruit.

Mushroom box!

Two weeks ago we had some great fun making breads, and comparing the difference between a traditional sourdough and dried yeast bread. Both turned out beautifully, and so super tasty eaten hot from the oven. The following week we made some soft cheese to go on our breads, and were visited from Penny at Caroola Farm who is going to teach us about the different soils we have in our gardens and how to test them.

Also coming out of the kitchen last week Scrumpers Garden had cooked up some tasty treats for open day. There was a chunky veggie soup, garlic bread and sourdough croutons. Golden Beetroot dip and crackers. The Buckwheat choc chip cookies and yoghurt cake proved very popular along with the Scrumpers Garden preserves for sale on the day.


Avian Animalia

Avian Animalia
Egyptian Falcon God Horus

A celebration of our magnificent feathered friends this ceramics workshop explores the many forms birdlife can take – from small, sweet songbirds to fast, fierce and fabulous falcons. Inspired by the beauty of birds students will learn techniques to build their forms and express their grace.

Avian Animalia
‘Bird in Space’ 1928 Constantin Brancusi

We will look at examples of bird sculptures across cultures and time and be inspired by the beautifully detailed work of ornithological illustrators. Participants will then choose an ave to focus on and begin sculpting it in white,  earthenware clay.

Avian Animalia
John James Audubon – Carolina Parrot

Starting with little models to work out scale, shape and possible textures for surface treatment the class will then learn larger, hand building construction techniques to build their chosen bird/s. These figures will be glazed minimally to highlight major features and then be fired in a kiln.

Hidden, an exhibition in a graveyard.

 Garden Party Launch

Saturday 26 August, 3.00pm

HIDDEN2017 Exhibition 

Detail of mouth

We’re very excited! Teffany has been working on a large mosaiced skull made of thousands of ceramic and glass tiles, found objects and little dioramas. It has finally been installed in the Rookwood Cemetery

All welcome at the official opening of HIDDEN and announcement of the $10,000 Rookwood Cemetery Sculpture Award winner. There will be music, refreshments and art activities for the kids.

Location: Village Green (Hawthorn)

Art Making Picnic

Sunday 17 September, 10.00am – 4.00pm

little skulls made with beads and glitter
Little memento skulls
 Drop in and create your own little sugar skull momento with HIDDEN artist Teffany Thiedeman.Facilitator: Teffany Thiedeman

Location: TBC

Ages: All welcome (under 7 require supervision)

Additional Info: Workshop is free-flow, come as you please. Activities will take approximately 30-60mins.

Spring Alcoves

Alcove, niche or shrine. These concepts are the inspiration for a handbuilding ceramic workshop that incorporates modelling, installation and structure building. Shrines are found in many of the world’s religions- Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Shinto as well as secular settings like War Memorials, places of natural beauty and even Pooh Corner on the Clyde!

Spring Alcoves
Iranian Silk Rug

Investigate different motifs, shapes and symbols and produce a little shrine of your own. Get ready for the change in seasons by focussing on natural features like plants, stones, water and animals.

Spring Alcoves
Madonna and Child Medieval Europe

Learn and hone clay building techniques using coils, slabs and carving, then decorate your structure using stamp work, fine coil relief and figure sculpting. Finish your alcove with painted underglazes and some gold glaze highlights.


Wearable Art

Have a go at badge making, belt buckle creation, macrame and more. No need to leave your art at home ever again!

Scarf/Bandana fabric painting

Art jewellery and costuming has been an essential part of all cultures, communicating both meaning and value. Since pre-history, the more intricate, ornate or specific the design and the rarer, richer or more prized the material, the greater a person’s status or role has been. From head dresses and crowns, to richly embroidered, beaded and painted cloaks. From elaborate tattoos, to priceless jewels, humans have always appreciated a bit of ‘Bling’.

Shrinky Brooch

Art you can wear is both decorative and expressive and can tell us something of the person doing the wearing! From a detailed art badge, hand crafted ‘shrinky’ brooch and macramed stone pendants, to a beautifully painted cotton bandana/scarf, this workshop offers many forms through which your art can shine.

Macrame Pendant

Drawing inspiration from the decorative traditions of jewellery making and fashion design, students will plan their wearable art pieces of choice, learning new skills such as macrame weaving and fabric painting, whilst refining others such as detailed drawing, to create a variety of decorative art pieces.

Shrinky Brooch



Xray Drawings


Double Exposure photograph, Liam York

From the creative origins of animation and photographic superimposition through to modern anatomical illustrations and state of the art design techniques this workshop explores the creative possibilities of working with layered transparent drawings to build an image full of both depth and variety.

Black & White Photography Superimpostion, Wanda Wulz 1932

Ever wished you could look inside someone’s head? Can we peel back the leaves, skin or cover to unmask the true form of a plant, creature or object? Building from the ‘bones’ of your basic prototype what features might you add to your living or inanimate creation?

‘Red Tree’ Ardan Ozmenoglu, prints on glass

Using a range of pencils, pen, ink and markers we will work onto separate overlapping sheets of tracing paper to build up our finished image. With texture, tone, line and colour we will bring to life our unique multi-layered design.

Drawn portraits on tracing paper layers.