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Thor and the Ice Giants

On the lifesblood of fated men
It’s thirst is slaked
The Powers’ homes paint crimson
With the heat and heart of battle
Black become the beams of sun
In the summers that follow

And the weather all now hearts harrow
Do you still seek to know? And What?
Now when the lifesblood flow,
And in chains Loki stirs deep below
These omens Ragnarok begot

From Völuspá, in the Poetic Edda, c.1270 CE.

Ragnarok, the end of Asgard, the fall of the Aesir and the cataclysmic war of the Ice Giants, was prophesied to Odin One-Eye many years ago. Heimdall, the all-seeing, has seen the coming of a change in the nine realms and, in his infinite wisdom, Thor has taken up Mjolnir to face the impending doom.

Christmas Workshop

Thor shall call up a team of warriors from Asgard, the home of the gods, including the Valkyrie, the Einherjar, even some fellow gods to search for a way to avoid the impending apocalypse! Along the way, Thor and his warriors will traverse the nine realms, and face gigantic and monstrous foes in Jotunheim, search for help from the elfin folk of Alfheim, and armament from the dwarfs in Svartalfheim.

Look behind the comics with an adventure of epic proportions, drawn from as many original texts as can be found! Students will learn all about Norse mythology, and Viking ways of life, touchstones for an enormous number of the stories we tell today.

Christmas Crafts Workshops

Christmas Ornaments

In the face of impending Christmas mayhem it’s time to take a deep, mindful breath and start crafting! At Aeoncademy kids get to replace stressful last minute Christmas gift shopping with relaxing and artful gift making. They can select to create beautiful Bees Wax Cloth Wraps,  perfect Pomanders and Painted Calico Bags through to magnificent Macramé Bead Hangings and stylish Stencilled Tea Towels. To satisfy those Christmas cravings students have edible gifts to make; from heavenly Herbal Vinegars and gourmet Bliss Balls to scrumptious Shortbreads in Saucers.

Watercolour Baubles

To celebrate the festive season  we will be making some heart warming, hand crafted decorations too, including Watercolour Baubles, Herbal Wreaths and Air-dry Clay  Ornaments. Finally to wrap up these Christmas Craft Workshops kid’s will make their own stamped, dip dyed, printed and painted wrapping papers and cards.

Design Canberra Festival

Happening now throughout November

According to Craft ACT this is Canberra’s fastest growing festival!

Throughout November 2017, over 150 events, exhibitions, talks, tours, activations, markets, collaborations, artist studios and open homes will be showcased as DESIGN Canberra, transforming the nation’s capital into a new platform for the best in design. The festival, now in its fourth year, is for all interests and ages and most events are free.’


There is definitely something here for everybody, whether you love architecture, design ware, gardens or fashion. There are Open Studios to investigate, Open Living rooms in architect designed homes featuring original craft work made in Canberra.

I’m very happy to be part of this festival showing my new work, some old work and how important the garden is to my aesthetic.

Not only am I showing art at Germinate, but my place is part of an artist’s garden tour running on the 25th November.

I invite you all to check it out at my home and studio on the weekend of the 25th/26th November.

Viking Ships

Viking longboats, Celtic coracles, Aboriginal ‘nawi’ canoes and Inuit kayaks are all inspiration for this workshop. Sail away from pots and turn your hands to the time honoured craft of sea faring vessels.

Viking Ships
Viking Longboat 800CE Oslo Museum

Embark on this sculptural, hand-building, Ceramics workshop using slabs, coils and carving techniques to build a unique watercraft that incorporates figurative, surface decoration and armoury elements.

Viking Ships

Add a figurehead, a mast, some oars or shields to your ship then bring it to life with coloured underglazes and sgraffito line work. Pieces will be fired with a final clear glaze layer.

Viking Ships

Liquid Landscapes

Capture the movement of texture and light across a landscape to create a luminous watercolour painting in this Creative Catalyst watercolour painting workshop.

Albert Namatjira

Drawing inspiration from an array of wonderful Australian landscape artists: Albert Namatjira, Hans Heysen, Penleigh Boyd and Arthur Streeton, we’ll learn how to manipulate colour transparency, intensity and temperature to make our scenes come to life.

The fluidity and smoothness of the watercolour medium is particularly suited to subjects like the sea, stream and sky. Students will spend the morning sketching and painting in ‘plein air’ to capture a little of Yarralumla’s lakeside setting, then head inside for an afternoon of painting a landscape of their own design at their easels.

Arthur Streeton

Examples of Australian landscape artist’s work will open students to wonder at the quality of light watercolour can create. A quick, small watercolour sketch using a monochrome palette where we will trial the wet on wet technique will prepare students for a trip outside to sketch and paint in ‘plein air’ down on the oval.

Marion Mahony Griffin's Canberra
Marion Mahony Griffin’s Canberra

We’ll discuss and learn about the history of early landscape painting in Australia that saw artists struggling to capture the ‘alien’ quality of the Australian light until the late 1800’s and the establishment of the Heidelberg school which deliberately embraced the raw and unique landscape before them.

MiniSparks Flourish with AudioPod

miniSparks continues to flourish with the introduction of AudioPod.

miniSparks was introduced last term in response to the growing number of Sparks. Creating a separate yet complementary group for our youngest members has meant that these children are able to continue exploring their creativity in visual, dramatic and culinary pursuits but they do so alongside a dedicated carer and amongst a smaller group. Storytelling, creative play, and enquiry continue as the foundations for the miniSparks explorative sessions. Our observations over the last term have indicated positive engagement across the board for our younger participants. As a result we are very excited to continue expanding miniSparks in relation to further growth across the week as it occurs.

This term we have introduced the Audio Pod which has proved a harmonious addition to Aeoncademy overall and the miniSparks in particular. The Audio Pod, a bridge to the realm of characters, stories and adventures, presents fantastic opportunities for developing and engaging  in both creative and dramatic play in addition to being available to those participants who would like to simply chill out after a full day at school.

If you have a suggestion for our AudioPod let us know. We are looking to expand upon our collection of stories and the adventures to be had!

oh the adventures to be had! the stories to tell!

Masks of the World

Take a look at Masks from all over the World. Sketch and design your mask and then make a small model- is it Friend or Foe? Horns, teeth, scars, scales or fur? This mixed media art workshop utilises paper sculpture, some paper mache, cutting, assembling.

Most masks have exaggerated features which can make them quite scary to look at. Huge eyes, mouths and teeth. What features do you want to create to bring your mask to life?

Masks of the World
Sri Lankan Demon Mask

Masks are a way to create impossible creatures with both animal and human characteristics, and different cultures believe these masks give the wearer special abilities like the ability to talk to spirits or animals. There are famous traditions from around the world like the Chinese Dragon Dance which has a special dragon head mask to usher in the New Year.

Chinese New Year Dragon

These large puppets need more than one person inside to perform all the dancing, eye rolling, ear waggling and mouth snapping.

Dreaming Mask from Papua New Guinea
Dreaming Mask from Papua New Guinea

Masks have been inspiring artists forever. The mask examples above have been part of tradition for hundreds (or thousands!) of years. We don’t usually get to make or wear masks except for dress-ups or a party. Instead of going to a shop in the mall in the 21st century and buying a lame, cheap plastic mask to be Batman or Catwoman reach back into the past and channel the original mask makers!

Dinner on a Plate

Don’t play with your food! Unless you make it yourself…What do you want to make for dinner? Spag bol? Brussel Sprouts and chips? Chicken curry and rice? Build and fire your own clay creations onto ceramic plates to make a delicious permanent dinner.

We are going to use texture, shape and colour to recreate our favourite foods out of clay. 


Celtic Labyrinth Drawing

Create a virtual world full of myth and mystery within a timeless Celtic knot or labyrinth drawing. Explore the intricacies of Celtic symbolism and incorporate some legendary creatures or sacred script into your own unique masterwork.

The classic Celtic labyrinth has one path that winds around to a central point then back outward. Dating back 4000 years it has been used as a meditative tool designed to help it’s travellers release burdens on the way to the centre and then accept what they most need on the way out .

Lizards by MC Escher

Students can draw inspiration from modern artists such as Escher as well as computer generated fractal images which also share intricate, continuous pattern work.  

Passion by 12GO

Catalyst students will weave their own path in ink, graphite or pastel incorporating many design elements along the way. Trace a journey through pattern, line and form following the ancient druids to a centre full of iconic imagery highlighted with some gilding.

The Summer Open Day is on the way!

It’s that time again – the Open Day is coming up on the 5th of November to help keep your Creative Spark burning – and to let you all know about our fantastic programs – including the Christmas Elves and the mammoth January program.


Our Open Days are always a festival of creative play, and this one doubly so.  For the first time we’re running an Open Day side by side with the Yarralumla Primary School Fete on a Sunday, with a host of amazing activities across both our festivities!

All day we’ll help you nurture your own Creative Spark, whether you’re a Preschooler or a Parent, or anything in between! We’ll have clay to play with, watercolours to paint with, a magnificent exhibition of students’ work, and drawing, crafternooning, making, face painting, and more!

Face Painting

At around lunchtime we’ll have a fabulous Vala Dramatic Adventure Demo – and you’re invited to join in! Follow the story of the Knights of the Round Table and how the Sword in the Stone first came to be. With a bit of luck, and some chivalrous behaviour in the Grand Tourney, you might just be able to take home Excalibur!

Dramatic Adventure

We’ll also announce the winner of the Vala Contributor’s Prize and release our fantastic Aeondawn Magazine – both in collectors edition Print and Online!

Christmas Elves last year

Booking in for Christmas Elves and the January program on the day will net you a massive 20% off, and we’ll have a host of Christmassy Gifts for you to pick up for your near and dear ones – with our new and improved supply of Vala Gear, hand-selected Aeon T-shirts, and a beautiful collection of Catalysts for creativity on offer.

So come and join in – and nurture your Creative Spark!