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Hidden, an exhibition in a graveyard.

 Garden Party Launch

Saturday 26 August, 3.00pm

HIDDEN2017 Exhibition 

Detail of mouth

We’re very excited! Teffany has been working on a large mosaiced skull made of thousands of ceramic and glass tiles, found objects and little dioramas. It has finally been installed in the Rookwood Cemetery

All welcome at the official opening of HIDDEN and announcement of the $10,000 Rookwood Cemetery Sculpture Award winner. There will be music, refreshments and art activities for the kids.

Location: Village Green (Hawthorn)

Art Making Picnic

Sunday 17 September, 10.00am – 4.00pm

little skulls made with beads and glitter
Little memento skulls
 Drop in and create your own little sugar skull momento with HIDDEN artist Teffany Thiedeman.Facilitator: Teffany Thiedeman

Location: TBC

Ages: All welcome (under 7 require supervision)

Additional Info: Workshop is free-flow, come as you please. Activities will take approximately 30-60mins.

Sun Down Get Down

For all you groovy guys and gals, Aeoncademy is making a pop-up appearance at the Ainslie + Gorman House 2017 Program launch, Sun Down Get Down.

Come see us to hand make your very own art badge and bring a little bit more creativity into your life as Aeoncademy runs this fantastic Interactive Art experience directly opposite the Gallery.

Badg-o-rama at the Gormon House Green

They Say:

Sun Down Get Down at the Gormon House Green

Join us for a garden get down featuring Canberra’s finest purveyors of disco, funk and soul; and the launch of Ainslie + Gorman’s 2017 program. At Sun Down Get Down we invite you to have a conversation with a stranger, discover stories from the future, play with mischievous performers, and tear it up on the dance floor.

Learn More

Other Aeoncademy Appearances

Sculpture Garden Sunday 2017

What are you doing next Sunday? Did you know that the National Gallery of Australia is having a fabulous free event for families outside? It’s Sculpture Garden Sunday 2017!

There will be all kinds of art activities to participate in as well as roving performers, coffee and a sausage sizzle.

We are very excited because Aeoncademy will be there running Let them make cake! An art activity using moulds and pastry tools to create cakes, biscuits, tarts and all sorts of delicious treats in CLAY.

Yummmmmmmm clay cake.

Aeoncademy, and Teffany, have been involved in Sculpture Garden Sunday for years and years, from 2007’s Coral Fortress, to 2009’s Singing Sculpture to 2010’s Sprout, to 2011 Eggs by the Dozen, and 2013’s Fakery Bakery.

Teffany has had a long history of collaboration with the National Gallery’s families and children program –  from Sculpture Garden Sundays to sculptural additions for their NGA Play space. Speaking of which…

Did you know we did the golden fountain animals in NGA Play?

The NGA Play space is a space is for the young and young at heart to have a tactile and playful experience of the themed exhibitions held at the NGA. The turtles, lizards and frogs were inspired by the Latona Fountain, a part of which features in the Versailles: Treasures from the Palace exhibition.

You can check out more of our Community Arts – like the Animal Panels we’re putting together for the Canberra Show – over here.


Animal Panels for the Petting Zoo

Animalia – The exploration of animals and their habitats. Big, small, furry, scaled, camouflaged, horned,  domesticated, wild, from icy dominions, soaring heights, hidden depths and changing landscapes. Inspiration abounds. Is there an animal that inspires or embodies you?

Both Creative Catalyst (and the Sparks in their incursions into the Art room) will be exploring animals as the inspiration, subject and object of several projects this term. A variety of materials will enable us to express and manipulate animal forms in a several ways.

Our theme is reflected in the painted Animal Panels we are doing over the next two weeks of term to be exhibited at  the Canberra Show.

Animal Panels painted in collaboration with our students in our After-School Creative Catalyst Program will be displayed at the Canberra Show this year in the ActewAGL Farmyard Nursery or the petting zoo.  Featuring animal motifs and teaching fantastic techniques and tips for how colour, shape  and texture create an artwork go and check them out yourself!

Some of our giant paper mache beasts created over the summer program  will be visiting Tuggeranong Art Center.

Tuggeranong Art Centre are also  exploring animals during this year. They say:

Food, friend or foe; guardian, mascot or symbol, animals appear everywhere in our society. Ever present in the human psyche, animals connect us to the wild and anchor us in the domestic. Indulge in your pet passions, scrutinise the treatment of animals and receive some good old pet therapy as we explore the theme of animals across a program of dance, theatre, music, film and visual arts.

Give them a visit and see if you can find any of our beasties.

Fiery yak becomes Chocolate Moose


After we finish the Animal Panels  we’re going to branch out and explore sculptural forms in Little Dog Models in our Ceramic classes. Taking this as our starting point, Creative Catalyst will expand into Large Dog Sculptures for the following fortnight with all sorts of different canine creations coming together.

Following on from our Panels project, our Mixed Materials classes are going to be exploring different sorts of Kinetic Beasties, both in standing and mobile form.

So let your spirit animal roam free, find your totem, and explore the wilderness of Creative Catalyst’s Animalia Theme!

Hearth, a new Exhibition

This Friday Teffany is having an opening night for her exhibition, Hearth.

mosaiced sign of Hearth - Exhibition space & more
Welcome to Hearth

If your children attend Creative catalyst art classes you may have heard something about this event as the art classes have been going on daily inspiration tours to look at the work in progress and check out the changing site. And pat bunnies.

In many ways Aeoncademy was born out of Teffany’s art practice, she has been regularly exhibiting for two decades and believes her art feeds the classes and the classes feed her art!

We think this is a great opportunity to have a look at the latest art work that Teffany has been producing following her trips to Mexico and Spain. You will see a clear influence of the colourful tile work, mosaic and use of outside space.

Teffany is also using her home garden and studio as gallery. By opening up these usually private spaces to the public she is breaking down barriers between art and and the viewer. Don’t fall in the pond!

Hearth invite

Over the weekend you can also check out  Fetish Designs, her vibrant design range of teapots, cups and more- just in time for Christmas.

a pink flamingo candlestick with it's pretties behind it - Check it out at the exhibition
Fetish design candlesticks

The opening night is Friday the 25th November, at 67 Schlich St in Yarralumla. You can park over the road under the Gum trees.

This is a chance for adults to join in the fun! If you wish to support Hearth further consider taking out a  Hearth membership  which will grant you delicious wood fired pizza on the Opening Night, classes at Ceramic Salon and more… See the Program for details, or talk to Andrew.

A special (free) event for children will happen the next Saturday 26th, Clay Play in the Garden with sessions between 11-2pm. Please Contact Aeoncademy to book in.

This is a weather dependent event. Watch the space Hearth for last minute information on what’s happening.

Visiting Hearth

Our Artistic Director, Teffany Thiedeman, is in the midst of creating, firing and fine tuning the final pieces for her upcoming exhibition, Hearth. It opens on  the 25th of November and is also the name of her art studio. It is a living space that incorporates plants, an edible garden, beehives, chickens and rabbits and a clay wood fired pizza oven.

detail of a wall mosaic containing plants, ceramic pieces, tiles lost and found objects

Teffany describes her arts practice as channel making to enchantment and a celebration of imagination. Through her work at Aeoncademy and in the Canberra community she engages and inspires children to recognise and develop their spark of creativity. Teffany would like to include the children who currently attend Aeoncademy in the weeks before Hearth, enabling them to see her studio, kiln and arts practice in action and share in some of her inspirations, both living and objects from around the world. For one week only of excursions which will run during regular after school session times 4-5.30.

Aeoncademy first started from Teffany’s art studio,  amidst her garden and home right here in Yarralumla. This year Hearth is in part recognition of the place that has inspired Teffany and many of her students, some of whom are now practising artists in their own right. It also presents an unprecedented opportunity for her current  students to experience a working studio and experience art outside an institution.

Teff's Garden
Anna the Garden Gnome

If your child attends an after school session currently please fill in the letter attached. Please note only children who have written authorisation to attend provided will be able to participate. For any four-to-six year olds who would like to participate in this experience we are offering a free Clay Play event on the 26th November as a part of Teffany’s exhibition and you are welcome to book.

Hearth Excursion Note

Or alternatively if your child doesn’t attend after school consider attending one of the Clay Play sessions which will be running on Sat 26th Nov concurrently with her exhibition. Contact Aeoncademy for more information and to book for this free event.

For more exciting updates about Hearth or to discover more about Teffany’s art practice visit



Aeoncademy at the Yarralumla Montessori & Preschool Fair

Montessori Preschool Fair

At the upcoming Yarralumla Preschool and Montessori Spring Fair on Saturday the 5th of November Aeoncademy is excited to be returning with our badging stall.

Badging is a proven favourite with all age groups as an opportunity to create, construct and display artworks. To construct a badge participants may scavenge images from the resource materials provided or draw an original artwork before pressing it on the badging machine into a piece of wearable art.

Badge Art

For those individuals interested in finding a little more about Aeoncademy and the specialised programs it offers to the Yarralumla Preschool and Montessori this will be a great opportunity to drop by and have a chat with our Sparks Director, Anna, or just to hang out and make some sweet badges.

Welcome… to Hallowaeon!

Ghouls, goblins, and little ghosties, prick up your ears! For the scariest day of the year – HALLOWEEN – is fast approaching, and Aeoncademy will be holding a special celebration for the day. We’re calling it Hallowaeon!

Aeoncademy's awesome Halloween Party - October 31st - Bookings Essential

Bookings are an absolute must for the day and we’re offering a special discounted rate for bookings made for Hallowaeon! $25 for the session starting at 4pm, $13.25 for the Bridging session – but only for bookings made in advance for Hallowaeon. Call the office to book in today!

Things will kick off with a celebratory bridging feast with some spooooky elements that our catering crew are brewing up in the storeroom even as we speak.

Sugar Skulls and Spooky Confection

Then in an Aeoncademy first, we’ll be running an extra-special session that will last an EXTRA HALF-HOUR from 4pm until 6pm. And what a session it will be! Not only are we running extra special stories, art and cooking programmes from 4 through 5 for the children, but during the last hour of the program (from 5pm onward) we’ll even be throwing open our doors to parents who want to join in in the Hallowaeon Extravaganza!

What’re we doing on the day? Well…

Spooky Lanterns

In Creative Catalyst we will join in the ancient-most of Halloween traditions, painting their faces like scary monsters – zombies, vampires, werewolves – to protect themselves from prowling monsters on the way home. Here’s hoping they don’t get confused and come to think they themselves are the monsters painted on their skin…

Sparks will put on their lab-coats and prepare to learn from our resident mad genius Anna Wishart the slippery ways of Slime Science! Red or green, yellow or blue, ghostly ectoplasm or sticky blood, even non-newtonian goopy creations, our inventors-in-training will cook up all kinds of slimy concoctions. Let’s just hope that their creations don’t slither away from them….

Spooky Slimy Halloween Creations

Vala will explore the haunted back-alleys of Mexico City as they learn about the Aztec roots of Dia di Muertos, the Day of the Dead. If they aren’t careful, they may even glimpse the ancient deities Mictecacihuatl and Mictlantecuhtli roaming their former stomping-grounds and learn the true meaning of the word sacrifice…

Get a look at what your children do all term, maybe even engage in a little project of your own, and join your kids and our spooktacular staff for a sausage sizzle to celebrate the spookiest night of the year.

See you all at Hallowaeon!

Spring is set to spring — the Open Day is coming up!

Open Day Term 3

That’s right. This weekend is Aeoncademy’s famous Open Day!


Come for the community, for the exhibition of children’s art, for the demonstration of dramatic storytelling, for the handmade food (made by the Sparks!), or for the release of our fabulous Spring Holiday Program (or for the massive 20% Discount on bookings made for it on the day).

Not only is Aeoncademy’s Open Day happening, but right across the road, Teffany Thiedeman (our Thursday ceramical genius) will be revealing insights into her arts practice from her home studio just across the oval. Check out more here.

Community of ChildAeoncademy is a strong believer in the local community, and our Open Days are one of the ways we try and bring a bit more creativity into everyone’s lives. From Art & Craft advice from our supremely qualified facilitators, to chats about the things that impact our community.

Not only is the Open Day great for our community to interact with us, it also gives us a chance to check in with our families, to get to know each of you a bit better, and to help inform our philosophical approach to education through creativity!

Dramatic Adventure

We also love seeing you – too often our only chance to have a word is in the wild and hectic moments during drop-off or pick-up. The Open Day gives us a chance to sit down, have a cup of tea, and really get to know you all.

For our Adolescent Artists, there’s space available for you to come and Make Art here at Aeoncademy. We’re also very keen to see you! Do come by.

Open Studios across Canberra


26034356752_6fe850c638_zTHIS WEEKEND!

Meet the makers…


20160810_164714 (1)
Three Ceramicists in a Row!

Want to see a working artist’s studio? Interested in the art work the teachers make? Well you have an excellent opportunity to see at least three this weekend!

Australian Ceramics Community

On Wednesdays you can find not one but THREE ceramicists hanging around Aeoncademy.  Of course none of us are really hanging around we are doing our art thing and in one week you are all invited to come and see where that things springs from.

Right across the road from our Aeoncademy Open Day, Teffany Thiedeman our Thursday ceramical genius will be revealing insights into her arts practice from her home studio, Hearth

Isabelle Mackay-Sim  our fabulous Wednesday 2D class facilitator, will be showing her latest works in progress at the Canberra Potters Society in Watson.

Catherine Drinian a regular arts support worker on Wednesdays is based at  Straithnarn Arts . She will be showing off her fine thrown work.

Have a inspiring weekend!