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Everyone should love their MAMA

On the way back from Tasmania to be ready for our Summer program we broke journey  at the new Murray Art Museum Albury- MAMA. Lured in by the promise of eX di Medici’s first solo show in three years, the massive hot pink snails on the lush grass were also irresistible. The snails are on loan from the City of Sydney. They were created by a collective of European artists (the Cracking Art Group) who make public installations of massive sculptural animals all in recycled plastic to highlight the need for environmental  awareness and encourage recycling.

Giant pink snail made of plastic
It’s ok to touch this snail!










The museum is a great space and very keen to attract a broad range of interests. A large interactive installation- The Cubic Structural Evolution Project by Olafur Eliasson is a lot more fun than it sounds!  In the foyer is a 10 metre long table with three tonnes of white lego scattered over a mirror surface.

The cubic structural evolution project by olafur eliasson
Close up of 3 tonnes of lego




white lego structures constantly change shape
The table of constantly evolving structures


Everyone is welcome to sit down and  become an architect of an ever changing city scape. You should check them out when you get the chance. They also make a nice iced coffee.














BBQ festivities

This weekend we will be providing playful opportunities for all ages at the first ever BBQ Festival  The Big Smoque in Civic Square (outside Canberra Museum and Gallery and the Legislative assembly).

paper mache foundation
The beginnings of a marvellous beast…


Many hands have already helped to shape the form of the paper mache beast which awaits  adornment in vines, flowers and fruit, horns, claws and more. All using  recycled materials this beast is not for Barbecuing!

Our other activity will be the making of the timeless hobby horse/hobby unicorn/ hobby dinosaur- whatever takes your fancy.

someone made this
Get on your Hobby Horse

So Giddy-up and get along.

Roller Derby Grand Final!


By day, Teffany Thiedeman is our mild-mannered Ceramical Genius, but by night she becomes…

Aunty Aggro CRDL Teffany Thiedeman
Which is her true face?

Auntie Aggro: Roller-Derby Extraordinaire. Like all good superheroes she keeps her identities secret and separate, and until a child’s drawing of some of her exploits, and a scheduling conflict with our Open Day brought things into the light, we had no idea.

Children's Artwork Roller Derby
The artwork in question… by talented student Liam A.

Their Grand Final is this Saturday, and takes place right after the Aeoncademy Open Day.


The CRDL Grand Finals are a sight to behold, with amazing sportswomanship, high-stakes-skating, and a championship on the line! It’s the Surly Griffins – Aunty Aggro’s Team – going head to head with the Red-Bellied Black Hearts for a showdown smash.

In the words of the Canberra Roller Derby League:

Great Scott! We’re heading back to 2014 for a re-play of the CRDL grand final. Once again the Surly Griffins are facing off against the Red Bellied Black Hearts while the Brindabelters will be taking to the track against the CRDL Black ‘N’ Blue Belles! Last year the Griffs took the fabled Darby Derby Cup, while the Belters narrowly avoided the wooden spoon in a heart-in-your-mouth epic final jam.

Who will win on Saturday? It’s up to you to find out. Gather up your hoverboard, let your Nikes lace themselves and don’t forget your tickets for Block to the Future!  

Open Day coming soon!


What are you doing on the 14th of November? Aeoncademy is holding its quarterly open day, with crafternoons, clay play, dramatic demonstrations – interactive of course – painting, sausage sizzles, Sparks-made biscuits & so much more.

We’ll be releasing our Summer program for 2016, which will run from the 4th of January to the 29th, showing off details about our Christmas Elves workshop, and giving you all the chance to meet our team.



Open Day this Weekend!


This weekend is our Open Day!
Saturday the 22nd August is our Open Day, 10-4pm.

Don’t forget to call in and pick up any ceramic work you made in the last school holidays. Stay for a play, enjoy our mini village installation, participate in some live action, check out the release of our latest Spring holiday program and enjoy a 20% discount for bookings on the day.

vala demo

The big gas kiln is fired up.
Unpacking the Kiln

Never mind Winter, the Open Day is Coming.

Next weekend, pop in anytime from 10 until 4
Next weekend, pop in anytime from 10 until 4

Next weekend pop in to see our wonderful exhibition of children’s art,  pick up fired work from the Autumn holidays and check out our new Winter program while scoring a 20% discount on any vacation booking! The art room has been refurbished, we have a new vision for the Sparks program to unveil and there will be Live Action Demonstrations after 1pm.  Home made soup will be simmering all day for a gold coin donation and there will be art activities galore. Call in for 5 minutes or 2 hours and have a chat with Teffany, Anna, Andrew and Monica. Or just do your own thing.