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Art workshops celebrating the versatility and beauty of clay. Carved, sculpted, hand built, coiled, slab built, pinch pots and more with surface decoration in slip, glaze, sgraffito, inlay and underglaze.

Avian Animalia

Avian Animalia
Egyptian Falcon God Horus

A celebration of our magnificent feathered friends this ceramics workshop explores the many forms birdlife can take – from small, sweet songbirds to fast, fierce and fabulous falcons. Inspired by the beauty of birds students will learn techniques to build their forms and express their grace.

Avian Animalia
‘Bird in Space’ 1928 Constantin Brancusi

We will look at examples of bird sculptures across cultures and time and be inspired by the beautifully detailed work of ornithological illustrators. Participants will then choose an ave to focus on and begin sculpting it in white,  earthenware clay.

Avian Animalia
John James Audubon – Carolina Parrot

Starting with little models to work out scale, shape and possible textures for surface treatment the class will then learn larger, hand building construction techniques to build their chosen bird/s. These figures will be glazed minimally to highlight major features and then be fired in a kiln.

Spring Alcoves

Alcove, niche or shrine. These concepts are the inspiration for a handbuilding ceramic workshop that incorporates modelling, installation and structure building. Shrines are found in many of the world’s religions- Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Shinto as well as secular settings like War Memorials, places of natural beauty and even Pooh Corner on the Clyde!

Spring Alcoves
Iranian Silk Rug

Investigate different motifs, shapes and symbols and produce a little shrine of your own. Get ready for the change in seasons by focussing on natural features like plants, stones, water and animals.

Spring Alcoves
Madonna and Child Medieval Europe

Learn and hone clay building techniques using coils, slabs and carving, then decorate your structure using stamp work, fine coil relief and figure sculpting. Finish your alcove with painted underglazes and some gold glaze highlights.


Towers of Power

Rome wasn’t built in an hour, come spend the day on towers of power! Monumental structures from around the world have wowed us with their grandeur. They’ve been the inspiration for famous stories such King Arthur and Camelot, Harry and Hogwarts, the minarets of Persia in Arabian Nights and Elf Towers of Dawn.

Have a taste of architecture, design and sculpture in this ceramic workshop. Practise and develop hand building skills like coiling, slab building, carving and modelling. There will also be time to glaze the towers if desired.

Soup Kitchen Ceramics

Warm yourself from toes to nose with Soup Kitchen Ceramics this Winter. Discover and practise clay techniques like free hand coiling and paddling. We will also use  moulds to create repeated, regular bowl shapes.

There will also be time to make a matching spoon to complete your domestic ware. Let your imagination run wild and see what kind of designs you can come up with…

All bowls and spoons will be glazed and fired to allow them to be fully functional in the kitchen and dining room.

Get A Head

Get a head in your modelling game! Have a great day sculpting a head out of clay. Learn about facial proportions and how to construct features like eyes, ears and noses. Discover textures and explore form to make hair, cloth or other additions

We will use a range of ceramic tools, including some household objects like garlic crushers, combs and wooden spoons to coil, paddle and sculpt our heads into shape. These busts will be highlighted with oxides and coloured clays and fired in a kiln.

Mandalas of Clay

Come create mandalas of clay! Traditionally mandalas are circular diagrams that symbolise the universe in the Hindu and Buddhist traditions. In the art world they are more commonly recognised as symmetrical, geometric, round patterns that inspire meditation and mindfulness in the making or viewing.  They are also really fun to make! These mandalas will be made in clay and fired allowing them to also live outside in a garden setting.

Starting with the design of our Mandala on paper we’ll progress to customising our own textured stamps and then construct our circular slab base of a rich terracotta clay. We’ll build up a 3-dimensional pattern from fine coils, carving and stamp work.

Arctic Animalia

Arctic Animalia invites you to journey to the coldest Northern parts of the world and explore the animal life that lives there.  Be amazed by the huge and fierce polar bear. Be overwhelmed by the unbearable cuteness of baby harp seals and arctic foxes. Be astonished at the immensity and grace of nawhals and orcas!

Arctic Animalia
extreme arctic cuteness

Participants will choose an arctic animal to focus on and then sculpt it in white,  earthenware clay . We will look at the work of Inuit artists and be inspired by the clean lines and beautifully simplified forms of their sculpted animals. Starting with little models to work out scale, shape and possible textures for surface treatment the class will then learn larger, handbuilding construction techniques to build their chosen animal/s. These figures will be glazed minimally to highlight major features and then be fired in a kiln.

Arctic Animalia
Pauta Saila (Canadian, 1916-2009) carved stone Inuit sculpture ‘Dancing Bear’

Cool Candelabra

Drawing inspiration from Aeon’s very own wonderful boutique ceramic ware work of Fetish Designs, Creative Catalyst’s Cool Candelabra is an illuminating clay project.

Cool Candelabra
Fetish design candlesticks

After designing our own original candelabra we will construct our form using a variety of slab, coil and pinch building techniques then use stamping and sculpting to embellish our creations.

The final artwork will be coloured and glazed ready to be crowned with candles.

Storm in a Teacup


Get your hands into some clay and learn, or even polish your ceramic hand-building skills.

With the set theme ‘storm in a teacup’ as a starting point we will delve into the creative possibilities of extended pinch pots with coiled additions, sculptural elements and fine underglaze line work.

Taking inspiration from the old idiom, and building from there, this workshop will prove to be a fabulous opportunity to make a cup your own.

Add some feet to your teacup? A wing? Or perhaps a painted figure?

Storm in a Teacup

The finished pieces may be functional or pure fantasy!

Autumn Tiles

Explore beneath the oak trees and gather leaves, acorns, twigs and more to imprint on clay tiles.

Autumn Tiles

This class will explore the creative and technical challenges involved in creating nature-inspired clay tiles, and investigate design, tool-making, function & form, and the interplay  of texture, stamping, carving, relief, painting, glazing and more.

Drawing on inspiration from William Morris to the work of Gaudi and examples in our own home city, we’ll work together to hand build in clay our very own Autumn Tiles.