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Art workshops celebrating the versatility and beauty of clay. Carved, sculpted, hand built, coiled, slab built, pinch pots and more with surface decoration in slip, glaze, sgraffito, inlay and underglaze.


Spring is springing! To celebrate we will be inspired by all things nest like… did anyone see Fiona Hall’s amazing exhibition at the NGA, Wrong Way Time? We did and loved her recycled paper sculptures of real bird nests.

Fiona Hall, Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney, 2005
Fiona Hall, Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney, 2005
Laura’s nest

Using clay extrusions, free form sculpting and joining lets see what everyone can hatch in clay.


Mondays and Tuesdays in the art room

Shelsher’s ceramic figure

Creative Catalyst update…

As we continue with the term’s theme of  ‘The Body’ our Monday class has embarked on its second project  –  ‘The Inked Figure’.We are busy creating mixed media sculptures inspired by artists Amanda Shelsher (Ceramics) and Sabrina Gruss (mixed media Sculptor) ; building armatures of card & foil over which we will work with air dry clay and pencils/ink.
Gruss’ mixed media sculpture

Tuesday’ s second project ’The Mouth Cave’ is inspired by the work of Thomas Barbey (Surrealist Photographer). Students are building ceramic caves full of extraordinary worlds… flowers, wolves, words, waves, make up, monsters and more.

Creative Catalyst-Week 1 of the Spring Program


Adventure Island Dioramas, Wednesday 30th September

Construct an exciting land of adventure using a vast array of materials and tools.

A marble run through Boulder Valley
Boulder Valley Adventures

Our diorama workshops give you a chance to;  

cut foam with hacksaws, handle hot glue guns, twist wire and metal, cast plaster,  manipulate air drying clay, draw, paint (and more!) into…

bridges, pit traps, forgotten cities in overgrown jungles, crocodile infested pools, hidden caves, secret coves, wild beasts, dangerous cliffs and other fiendishly, unexpected features.

A close up of the Forbidden City's walls
The Forbidden City’s walls







Colour Explosion, Thursday 1st October

Uluru painted by teenager
Painting large scale

Play with acrylic paint and a great range of brushes, sponges and other tools to experiment with abstract painting. Learn some colour theory and get ready to make all the colours! We will be using easels outside for part of the day to really get hands on and active in our investigation into the impact of colour. We will look at past artists such as Rothko and Frankenthaler and also Bancroft who is a contemporary Australian artist who uses strong pattern as well as colour.

Bronwen Bancroft's engaging use of pattern and colour.
A painting by Bronwen Bancroft.




an ancient pot from America
Native American pottery vessel







Prehistoric pots,  Friday 2nd

The oldest pots in the world were built around 15 000 years ago.  Humans have been making pots, ornaments and instruments out of clay for a very long time.  This is your chance to  join in the tradition and coil a huge pot and decorate it with earth colored slips. We will look at images of pots from the ancient past and all over the world . Design your own decorations based on these frequently mysterious vessels.

Handprints and animal shapes are some of the most popular motifs. Spend the day making the best pot you can, after all, it might be discovered by someone 15 000 years from now!20150421_115454

 Kids making coil pots
Carry on coiling


Fairy Furniture

Prepare yourself for an adorable day of making miniature furnishings.  From a leaf bath for Goblins to a fairy throne of tree branches or a ring of mushroom stools.

Fly Agaric table top mushroom
A Fairy table? Better not disturb it.

YOU are the designer and maker of a unique collection of pieces for your chosen little people. Everything will be modelled in clay and painted with glaze colourants to create exactly the furnishings you wish to arrange in your garden or terrarium at home.

Fairy Furniture
A Dwarfish Treasure Chest

Independent Projects

Every holiday period we have older and advanced students participating in our program by developing independent projects. They come along  for the sheer joy of working on a big project intensively, over an extended length of time and with access to  the very well equipped  art studio  and the technical skills of the  Facilitators. Of course many children come during the term too but older students and teenagers often have a lot on their plate, a couple of days over the holidays can be just the right amount of time to relight a creative flame. We have helped with massive mosaics, original latex masks and costumes, stop motion productions and incredible dioramas. There probably isn’t a creative project we would baulk at. Try us!

A large ceramic totem pole made collaboratively with two brothers
An totem pole stands guard
A shimmering and scaly, horned dragon head sits in the lap of the artist
The Dragon Maker
A plastic seat becomes a throne.
A work in progress, be amazed as an ordinary garden seat is transformed into a magnificent throne.

Avian Animalia

a ceramic bird ocarina, black and red
A little bird whistle
a ceramic magpie held in a child's hand
A backyard bird in the hand
a ceramic eagle with outspread wings
The Proud owner of a splendid eagle

Avian Animalia is a ceramic workshop inspired by the beauty of birds, from the great flightless emu to the tiny gemlike humming bird. Learn techniques to build their forms and express their grace.