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Aeoncademy’s Specialist Creative Programs – Nurturing the Creative Spark

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The Term Ahead! Vala’s Drama program in Term 3

We’ve been busy little bees for the first week, planning ahead for the term to come.

The Schedule!
The Schedule!

In Vala Dramatic Adventures we’re jumping from Britain under Roman occupation, to the arrival of Vikings in North America (It was better than expected, for everyone involved), to to the Knights of the crusades. We’re super keen to see where the story goes with each week, and how our participants get involved in shaping the story.

Roamin' Romans

This week in drama to start us off we’re getting involved in the life of a legionary in Roman Britain. Life on the frontier is hard work, full of training and discipline, and Carrawburgh’s Fort Brocolitia is just a stone’s throw away from several Pictish encampments – something the Roman Legion must be constantly vigilant of.

PoseidonNext week, we’re excited to step out of the cold wet of Northumberland and into the sunny Mediterranean with the Crew of Odysseus, following the tales of that legendary hero and his crew through all the mishaps that come of a two week journey turning into a decade long epic.

Fantasy Skyline

The story goes on into fantastical forays of the Elf Towers of Dawn, and back to the true stories of the Viking Voyages in Norse America. Before long, we’ll leap through the Prehistoric Paleolithic, the ever formal Feudal Japan, the calamitous Crusades, and then leap thousands of years into the future for Arena 9000’s return.

As we go forward, we’re welcoming new graduates from Sparks, prepped and ready from their drama interfaces last term,  are all set for the challenges ahead – and some old faces returning to the dramatic adventures of Vala.

The Visual Arts Program- Creative Catalyst

After School classes for Term 3 at Aeoncademy have begun. We have an exciting term planned ahead as the snapshot provided below of Term 3’s program indicates.

our winter program
A season’s worth of action

Mondays will explore shadow puppetry and move into the wonder world of printmaking, starting with the mono print.

zombie cat and the haunted castle
zombie cat and the haunted castle







Klimt Rolled Vase (Tuesdays)
Inspired by Klimt’s beautiful patterns we’ll decorate a vase (made by rolling a slab of clay and joining it to a base) with our own hand made clay stamps. These patterns will then be painted with underglaze colours and a clear glaze before firing. Once the pieces are fired we will paint the vase with gold paint (Klimt loved his gold paint) and wipe back to enhance the stampings.

Klimt's famous painting
Klimt’s famous painting 1909









Acrylic Paints (Wednesdays)

Julie Dowling is an indigenous artist from Western Australia, she is well known for her political paintings that often use a diverse range of materials like ochre and sequins.  We will be looking at her vivid and narrative work and making our own stories.










Project 2: Nature Plaque, inspired by Nature and Rachel Dein (Tuesdays )

Rachel Dein is a contemporary UK artist whose work captures the ethereal qualities of plants Using the amazing ability of clay to create detailed impressions we will collect plants and objects to create an intricate relief image in a slab of clay using a plaster old technique.









Ceramic Grafitti on Thursdays

This term we will be looking at ceramics in public places.  Bold and colourful or restrained and naturalistic, we will be trying many approaches!

Giant tiled ghosts by the French artist Space Invader
Giant tiled ghosts by the French artist Space Invader
ceramic graffitti
ceramic graffiti by Nespoon








Finally Fridays continue to be a fabulous mix of all the arts with a focus on a village installation to be unveiled at the open day and the construction of totem poles out of recycled materials.

Don’t forget to Drop Into Ceramic Salon

After our two week hiatus you must be ready to crack your knuckles and get back into clay, also were you aware that Canberra has just hosted a massive 3 days of the Australian Ceramics Triennale?

kneading and wedging clay into perfect shape
the meditative art of wedging and kneading

Why not come and discuss the philosophical and political place of contemporary ceramics with Isabelle over a glass of mulled wine. Or you can just play with the clay and make your own sculpture; this is a casual class with all materials and guidance provided for a mere $30 per drop in.

Last Ceramic Salon for the term!

A lovely, original  terracotta  herb planter
A reminder of summer, a little herb planter.

Rug up and emerge from your cocoon for an evening of creative regeneration! Under the firm but kindly tutelage of Isabelle Mackay-Sim, enfant terrible and supremely talented ceramic artist, set free your dormant inspiration and make life more beautiful.

Also delicious mulled wine is included to keep your fingers warm and nimble.

Independent Projects

Every holiday period we have older and advanced students participating in our program by developing independent projects. They come along  for the sheer joy of working on a big project intensively, over an extended length of time and with access to  the very well equipped  art studio  and the technical skills of the  Facilitators. Of course many children come during the term too but older students and teenagers often have a lot on their plate, a couple of days over the holidays can be just the right amount of time to relight a creative flame. We have helped with massive mosaics, original latex masks and costumes, stop motion productions and incredible dioramas. There probably isn’t a creative project we would baulk at. Try us!

A large ceramic totem pole made collaboratively with two brothers
An totem pole stands guard
A shimmering and scaly, horned dragon head sits in the lap of the artist
The Dragon Maker
A plastic seat becomes a throne.
A work in progress, be amazed as an ordinary garden seat is transformed into a magnificent throne.

Snarks Speaking… or Sparks Sneaking

The Sparks get involved in both our Creative Catalyst visual art  and our Vala Dramatic Adventure programs during the holidays, in an experience tailored to the 4-6 year old age bracket.

During the after school classes, we break this down into a weekly rotation – the Sparks get involved in the Dramatic Make Believe one week, and change around to join in the Clay Play or 2D art another, or to join in our World Cooking program.

We shuffle these days into a pattern that makes sure that even if your Spark comes along for just one day a week, they’ll still have a chance to try out everything we’ve got to offer.

Sparks! in Knight's Templar
The Sparks getting sneaky in their Knights Templar Drama Interface for the week.


Ever wanted to be a knight?

Journey into the heyday of coexistence and cultural contact in the sacred city of Jerusalem and discover the truth about this famous order of holy knights. Share their struggle to establish a place of respect and influence among the Crusader States of Outremer established after the First Crusade while also being forced to deal with a series of tragedies and triumphs that ended in the destruction of European authority in the Holy Land.

Knight's Templar

In the Crusades: Knights Templar set of adventures Vala explores the exchange of scientific and cultural ideas between Europe and Islam that occurred between the various stages of the Crusades and the complex political situation in the Holy Land, as well as teaching skills of logical thinking, strategy, and decision-making.

Knights Templar!
Clash of swords, the ring of steel.


Also, y’know. It’s fun Call today on 6142 3268 to learn more!

Penultimate Ceramic Salon

painted plaster hand
wait! don’t miss the final lessons of the term


Tomorrow will be the penultimate Ceramic Salon for this term! Drop in to one of our adult clay classes for some mid-week art-making and a cup of mulled wine. 7-9pm in the art room at Yarralumla Primary, no ceramic experience  required.
a large ceramic dragon is nearly completed
A ceramic dragon in progress.

Avian Animalia

a ceramic bird ocarina, black and red
A little bird whistle
a ceramic magpie held in a child's hand
A backyard bird in the hand
a ceramic eagle with outspread wings
The Proud owner of a splendid eagle

Avian Animalia is a ceramic workshop inspired by the beauty of birds, from the great flightless emu to the tiny gemlike humming bird. Learn techniques to build their forms and express their grace.