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Ceramic Salon- Reloaded!

Ceramic Salon is back with 5 weeks of drop-in clay classes for adults! Now that the evenings are getting warm, come and make some arty christmas gifts and have a midweek mulled wine. Ceramic artist Isabelle Mackay-Sim will show you techniques to make beautiful handmade objects to give your friends and family.


Creative Classes for Grown- Ups, come play with clay!
Creative Classes for Grown- Ups, come play with clay!



Teffany Thiedeman’s home studio at

67 Schlich St, Yarralumla

email if you need to know more

$30 a drop in session
7-9pm Wednesday nights

starting November 11


Christmas is Coming

There’s an odd break cropping up this year between the end of the school term (the 18th of December) and Christmas Day.

We’re going to run a program over that period of time.


Stay Tuned for more details closer to the date.

Open Day coming soon!


What are you doing on the 14th of November? Aeoncademy is holding its quarterly open day, with crafternoons, clay play, dramatic demonstrations – interactive of course – painting, sausage sizzles, Sparks-made biscuits & so much more.

We’ll be releasing our Summer program for 2016, which will run from the 4th of January to the 29th, showing off details about our Christmas Elves workshop, and giving you all the chance to meet our team.



Creative Catalyst-Week 1 of the Spring Program


Adventure Island Dioramas, Wednesday 30th September

Construct an exciting land of adventure using a vast array of materials and tools.

A marble run through Boulder Valley
Boulder Valley Adventures

Our diorama workshops give you a chance to;  

cut foam with hacksaws, handle hot glue guns, twist wire and metal, cast plaster,  manipulate air drying clay, draw, paint (and more!) into…

bridges, pit traps, forgotten cities in overgrown jungles, crocodile infested pools, hidden caves, secret coves, wild beasts, dangerous cliffs and other fiendishly, unexpected features.

A close up of the Forbidden City's walls
The Forbidden City’s walls







Colour Explosion, Thursday 1st October

Uluru painted by teenager
Painting large scale

Play with acrylic paint and a great range of brushes, sponges and other tools to experiment with abstract painting. Learn some colour theory and get ready to make all the colours! We will be using easels outside for part of the day to really get hands on and active in our investigation into the impact of colour. We will look at past artists such as Rothko and Frankenthaler and also Bancroft who is a contemporary Australian artist who uses strong pattern as well as colour.

Bronwen Bancroft's engaging use of pattern and colour.
A painting by Bronwen Bancroft.




an ancient pot from America
Native American pottery vessel







Prehistoric pots,  Friday 2nd

The oldest pots in the world were built around 15 000 years ago.  Humans have been making pots, ornaments and instruments out of clay for a very long time.  This is your chance to  join in the tradition and coil a huge pot and decorate it with earth colored slips. We will look at images of pots from the ancient past and all over the world . Design your own decorations based on these frequently mysterious vessels.

Handprints and animal shapes are some of the most popular motifs. Spend the day making the best pot you can, after all, it might be discovered by someone 15 000 years from now!20150421_115454

 Kids making coil pots
Carry on coiling


Vala’s Spring Program – Week Two

Aeoncademy’s Vala program uses imaginative character play to give children a feel for what the lives and experiences of real people in history might have been like. Instead of long lists of dates and names, Vala gives memorable and dramatic context to the historical events it covers and also explores themes of empathy and imagination through adventures drawing on fantasy and science fiction.

Spring15Holhapsrhs (2)

You’ve all seen the program – now you can take a deeper look into what we’re doing at Vala this Spring – Part Two.

Samurai And Ninja

Hungry for glory and driven to win the respect of his legendary father Oda Nobunaga, the minor warlord Oda Nobukatsu leads his army over the borders of Iga Province and into the territory of its democratic Republic. Now in well-earned positions of trust and leadership among the local clans, the small but tightly-knit strikeforce of samurai and ninja handpicked years ago by Hattori Hanzō must battle to turn back the invading army of the ambitious warlord as Iga province finds itself Under Siege.

Elf-Towers of Dawn

Follow a group of questing peregrines on a mighty journey between shining towers of elven make, in a fantastical, mythical, and extraodinary world. Join the Mighty Knights, Dwarves, Elves, the tribes of Cat Myrthen and Mathonowi as they approach the ethereal Dreaming Tower.


Norse America

Acquiring the Eirikson map of Vinland and hearing the tales of rich natural resources, a well-respected landholder and his community set off for this ‘New World’ to make a home for themselves in this fertile and abundant land and take advantage of the friendly ties that the last voyage forged with the Micmac who live there. On their arrival, however, they find themselves drawn more deeply into local politics than intended after some of their number fight off a band of territorial raiders and prevent the capture of a group of women including …the Micmac Princess!

Knights Templar

The Second Crusade is over and the Knights Templar won great glory for themselves and for God through their contributions to that campaign. Again, however, their deeds were eclipsed by their rivals the Knights Hospitalier and the Templars are no closer to achieving those goals for which they have long hoped. But as shocking events leave Tripoli vulnerable to the Assassin cult and neighbouring enemies and the Hospitaliers seem unable to resolve the crisis, the Knights Templars may have a chance to prove their quality and begin to earn the title Lords of Outremar!

Fairy Furniture

Prepare yourself for an adorable day of making miniature furnishings.  From a leaf bath for Goblins to a fairy throne of tree branches or a ring of mushroom stools.

Fly Agaric table top mushroom
A Fairy table? Better not disturb it.

YOU are the designer and maker of a unique collection of pieces for your chosen little people. Everything will be modelled in clay and painted with glaze colourants to create exactly the furnishings you wish to arrange in your garden or terrarium at home.

Fairy Furniture
A Dwarfish Treasure Chest

Vala – Spring 2015 – Week One!

Spring15Holhapsrhs (2)

Aeoncademy’s Vala program uses imaginative character play to give children a feel for what the lives and experiences of real people in history might have been like. Instead of long lists of dates and names, Vala gives memorable and dramatic context to the historical events it covers and also explores themes of empathy and imagination through adventures drawing on fantasy and science fiction.

You’ve all seen the program – now you can take a deeper look into what we’re doing at Vala this Spring.

...I wonder if there are wolves about.
Elder of the Tribe of the Cave Bear takes a nap…


Just before the last Ice Age, tribes of early humans learned and thrived amidst fierce weather, dangerous surroundings, and fellow clans with very different beliefs and ways. High summer is upon the Tribe of the Cave Bear and so they pack up their winter camp and trek into the green pastures of the High Country alongside their fellow Tribes, the mysterious Old Ones, and herds of migrating animals. But when a group down at the river by their camp are attacked the Tribe must rise to meet this threat if they are to avoid losing forever their territory up on Summer Heights.

In Space, no-one can hear you giggle.
Launching into the unknown…

Take the prize pick of warriors, strategists, cunning rogues and beefy jocks from all of human history. Throw them two and a half million light years away from home (The Andromeda Galaxy), force them to fight in a sadistic gladiatorial deathmatch (Arena 9000), and you get a group of humans less than content with that situation. Having Macgyvered a solution to their captivity, Humanity has escaped, and are now on the run from dark drones, android assassins, and even a galactic entity of terrifying proportions in an intense space race for Andromedean Amnesty.

Awkward Turtle...
The Legendary Legionary form a ‘Turtle’ wall.

Now accustomed to their duties at Brocolitia and along Hadrian’s Wall, the legionaries are sent into the unfamiliar territory of the North on a diplomatic mission. Assigned as bodyguards to a superior officer they must safeguard him on his journey to the Selgovae, a tribe of allied Britons, to collect the annual tribute. But on their arrival among the Selgovae they discover that a Pictish envoy has already been welcomed and seeks nothing but to stir up trouble for Rome and must protect each other and succeed despite Pictish interference in this Mission to the Britons.

It's all Greek to them...
Odysseus’ crew prepares themselves.


After a string of misfortunes brought about by the sea god Poseidon, Odysseus’ once-mighty fleet has been reduced to but a single ship and its crew. Imagine their joy when, stopping at a lush island to resupply, they discover a banquet fit for the gods laid out for them by mysterious hands. Brash Odysseus’ decision to go ashore and enjoy the feast endangers him and his crew once more as they fall under the sway of a terrible enchantment and find themselves charmed or trapped in the shape of lowly and savage beasts on the Isle of Circe!

Holiday Program launched at Spring Open Day!

We’ve Launched Our Holiday Program!

Thanks to everyone for a fantastic open day last weekend! It’s always a pleasure catching up with the parents and kids we don’t get to see everyday.Open Day means Families at Play

Our open day is…

a time where we show off the work from our previous holiday program. Have some time to talk to the parents and grown-up participants we don’t get a chance to talk with, either in the holidays or during the term. Give families a chance to play with the art materials, dress ups and tools we use. Are visited by ex-students, teachers and curious bystanders and finally, release our exciting new holiday program – this one for Spring.Aeoncademy Open Day

Together, the students have put together a ceramic village, populated with paper people –  treehouses, temples, mosques, granaries, cloud-trees, museums, a soccer pitch and a market place creating a  wonderfully diverse and harmonious land .

Open Day Treehouse!We held our usual exhibition of children’s ceramic work – Avian Animalia, Cauldrons of Fire and Ice, and Earth Architecture sat alongside our after school class’ paintings, sculptures, masks, and towering totem poles. We also had a special shadow-puppet theatre set up for children (and adults) to experiment with.Heart Soup — Cauldron's of Fire and Ice

Our live action demonstration stepped into the world of the Vikings. The famed explorers and navigators who discovered North America in a bid to colonise more land. We explored the difference between various tribal groups in the ‘new land’.

What we do after-school

We’ve been exploring shadow-puppetry, different ceramic techniques for building vessels and making life like organic wall pieces from our own moulds.  For the next five weeks, Creative Catalyst’s after school program will be moving into intaglio printmaking,  building up layers in acrylic paint for Mixed Media Painting, Stencilled ceramics and the power of exaggeration and pattern in Ceramic Masks.Aeoncademy Open Day

In Vala we have seen the fort of Brocolitia under attack by the Britons, the Crew of Odysseus in hot water with the Laestrygonians, Vikings, Mi’kmaqs, and Mohawks, and the rumours of Hashashin in the marketplace of Tripoli.

Roamin' Romans
Roamin’ Romans






The Sparks have participated in both the Vala and Art programs while enjoying their very own world cooking classes, experimenting with making delicious food from all over the globe. They made all the Anzac biscuits for the Open Day too!

It this art or cooking?















We’ve launched the holiday program at this open day, so check out what we’re running this spring and, if you’ve got any questions or you’d like to book, get in touch on 6142 3268.

Aeoncademy Holiday Program

Open Day this Weekend!


This weekend is our Open Day!
Saturday the 22nd August is our Open Day, 10-4pm.

Don’t forget to call in and pick up any ceramic work you made in the last school holidays. Stay for a play, enjoy our mini village installation, participate in some live action, check out the release of our latest Spring holiday program and enjoy a 20% discount for bookings on the day.

vala demo

The big gas kiln is fired up.
Unpacking the Kiln