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Aeoncademy’s Specialist Creative Programs – Nurturing the Creative Spark

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Avian Animalia

Our city is lucky to be home to many different species of birds, from raucous cockatoos, to colourful parrots and tiny, gem like wrens, birds can be seen everywhere and will be our inspiration for this ceramic workshop.

Superb Fairy-Wren

We will also look at birds from around the world and marvel at their diversity and beauty. Birds are used as symbols of freedom, peace and splendour on flags, shields, buildings and clothes. Work with your handbuilding skills and celebrate everything Avian  in this sculpture workshop.

Adélie Penguin

Fairy Tale Dioramas/Sculptures

Time to tell a story in a box- a staged recreation of a favourite fairy tale or a classic traditional story. Turn a cardboard box into Rapunzel’s high tower or a hoard of gold guarded by a sleeping dragon… If you love to make, build, paint and construct this workshop is for you – learn how to use a range of sculpting tools and materials to create your 3 dimensional story. 

Rapunzel illustration by Emma Harrison

Starting with an overview of our rich cultural heritage as glimpsed through a wild and fabulous collection of fables this Visual Art workshop encourages imagination, invention and problem solving, develops fine motor and design skills and gives students a full day to bring their story to life.

The Faerie Queene by Walter Crane

Crew of Odysseus – Between Scylla and Charybdis

This module sees the crew of Odysseus departing from Circe’s island with their ship resupplied and given good advice for their journey,  they now carry out a ritual taught to them by the sorceress to ‘sail’ to the land of the dead and question the shades there. From there their course leads them onwards towards Ithaka and home along a treacherous route: skirting the island of the Sirens, navigating the Clashing Rocks, and then risking the deadly Strait of Messina and sailing Between Scylla and Charybdis.

Circe Invidiosa

Return to the Mountain – Halls of the Pictsie King

The alliance of the seven bloodlines of the former Dwarf Kingdom  have come far already in their quest to ‘return to The Mountain’, crossing the Great Mountains and locating elusive fragments of a map which shows an approach to Mount Durvin and a secret way into its lost Halls.

This dramatic adventure joins the Dwarfs as they are trying their best to follow the wise counsel granted by their wizardly guide before he left them and continue in pursuit of a thief bearing a stolen scrap of their precious map. Taken in, seemingly hospitably, to the Halls of the Pixie King they fast find themselves falling under the glamour of the bedazzling court, while all the time deadly danger is no further away than the cast of a fairy dart.

Return to the Mountain


Knights Templar – Rise of Saladin

Step back in time to the year of 1187 and join the Crusades for this Vala adventure…

Long years have passed since the Knights Templar eclipsed their rivals the Hospitallers and achieved ascendency in Tripoli. Henri the Elder is now in the twilight of his years and has asked his fellow Templars to accompany him on a last pilgrimage to the Holy City of Jerusalem accompanied by friends old and new. But their arrival in Jerusalem goes awry and they bear witness to the stirring of a new power that will shake the Christian world – the Rise of Saladin!

Spring Garden Printmaking

Goodbye Winter, hello Spring! Regarded by many as the best season of all in Canberra, the days grow warmer and lighter, flowers start to burst out of the ground, Magpies gather wool and fur for their nests and get ready to defend their territory to the death!

printing station

Celebrate the beginning of the new season with printmaking inspired by the changes in our natural surroundings. Escape into the garden, breathe the open air and use leaves, fruit and flowers to print from directly. Layer your composition with colour and form to make a spring impression on a large sheet of paper. Play with scratchboard and vegetables to create borders and patterns.

Nature Sculpture

Colour Explosion Painting

Bring your world to life with the power of colour in this dynamic Painting Workshop. With the power to change our moods, to make us feel relaxed or energised; colour is used in the natural world to warn predators of poisoning danger if eaten and to attract mates.

Australian Corroboree Frog

Plants use colour to bring insect pollinators to their service while people have long understood the great symbolic power of colour in society and culture. Explore the world of colour and see how artists, such as Matisse and the Fauves, have used colour in their works. 

Music by Matisse

Then spend the day creating your own colour explosion on canvas!

World Masks – Ceramics

Take a look at Masks from all over the World. Sketch and design your mask and then make a small model- is it Friend or Foe? Has it got horns, teeth, scars, scales or fur? This ceramic workshop utilises sculptural and functional ceramic techniques like coiling, slab building, carving and stamping.

Masks have been inspiring artists forever and many have exaggerated features which can make them quite scary to look at. Huge eyes, mouths and teeth. What features and techniques do you want to use to create your own amazing mask?

Masks of the World
Sri Lankan Demon Mask


Yay it’s nearly the Spring Open Day!

Open Day invitation
Aeoncademy Spring Open Day


Amazingly it’s nearly the Spring Open Day.

All are welcome to our fabulous Open Days. Come and try your hand at clay work, painting, boffer weapon action, planting seeds in our kitchen garden or admire the exhibition of kids art work from the first 5 weeks of term and see how they’ve mastered their projects.

Try a delicious biscuit made in the Cornucopia cooking program and have a cup of soup for a gold coin donation.

Meet our dedicated staff and line up for a 20 % discount on any of the specialised programs we offer during the Spring Vacation. From hand coiled Ceramic Birdbaths to the Samurai & Ninja’s Final Stand in Dramatic Adventures.

We will also be introducing our new Creative Play vacation option, a foundation program which incorporates nature play and Play Pod for $107.50 a day.