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World Cooking classes – exploring the world’s cultures through cuisine.

Garden Bee creates a buzzzzzz

Moving the earth
The earth movers
How to Garden Bee
Garden Bee

On Friday 11th May a few daring souls braved the cold to attend our garden bee. Fortified with pumpkin soup and focaccia loaded with fresh herbs from our herb garden students, aeoncademy staff, students and volunteers helped to move garden beds, shift soil, rake leaves, plant bulbs, seedlings and even weed! As a result the front has been transformed into a new design ready to explode into action in Spring.

Unstoppable worker
A boy and his Wheelbarrow
homemade and delicious
Soup Glorious Soup
all about gardening
A Keen Gardener
they love to cook
Focaccia Makers


Over the coming months further gardening will continue the transformation of this space along with the garden beds into an interactive cornucopia of edible and sensory plants. We look forward to the nature play opportunities as well as nourishment this place is going to provide for our students and programs overall.

And never-fear, you can always make the next garden Bee 🙂


Sparks World Cooking

Rice Paper Rolls


Noodles, julienned vegetables and fresh herbs will keep sparks busy slicing, dicing and snipping before rolling rice paper rolls to dunk into some accompanying soy or sweet chilli sauce. A convenient picnic food we may just have to enjoy these outside if it’s warm.


Frozen Berry Fruit Bowls


Eating is a visual sensation just as much as a taste one. Today we will combine, fruit, seeds and other tasty toppings to make a bowl to delight both eyes and tastebuds. Chewy, slimy, crunchy, soft, and slippery textures will be explored through the use of a variety of tasty offerings.



A tactile sensation! Squidge, smear, and squeeze a slimy snot between your fingers. Enjoy the sensation of wet, slippery slime on the eve of halloween. Sparks will don their lab coats today to create oozing gooey slime. Lets just hope our budding scientists don’t go a little mad with the fun of it all and let things get out of hand or allow the slime to have a mind of its own…


Braided Heart Bread


Dough is a very forgiving medium and quite tasty too. Today Sparks will mould dough into their very own frankensteinian creation; beating hearts, rattling skeletons, sugar skulls or decaying bouquets. Using a bread dough will enable the Sparks to use techniques that are not always possible with clay. Twist, fold and braid away.

Sesame Kaak


Leading up to the Open Day, Sparks will be creating these little sesame biscuits to share at the Open Day. Hospitality is a very important and enduring tradition in many cultures and often includes the offering of food as a component.


Hearth Pizza


Today we will create our own pizza favourites before transporting them across to the pizza oven at Hearth, an upcoming local art exhibition. While the pizzas cook in the woodfired oven the Sparks can meander through the exhibit and perhaps forage in the garden for some last minute additions.


Plantain and Cheese Turnovers


A traditional snack from Honduras this will be a tasty way to try plantain, for something a little different. Along with cheese gooey and oozy from being heated up these are likely to go down well.




As summer heats up this creamy treat offers some relief from the heat. Eaten by the Mughal emperors in the 16th century Sparks will be able to sample this delicious treat with the aid of some modern refrigeration.


Custard & fruit Danish, and Croissants with puff pastry


The Danish pastry has a complicated history of shared recipes across borders in Europe. This will be a chance for Sparks to watch custard being made from scratch, cracking eggs and stirring in milk and sugar. A sweet delectable treat.


Meringue, cream and fruit

Australian & NZ

Cooking is a process that sometimes involves using scraps, offcuts or leftovers. Today we will reconstruct egg whites leftover from the previous week to create a delectable treat in the form of meringue, cream and fruit. This recipe is going to require a little arm power however as sparks get beating and mixing.


Steamed Samoan Spice Cake


Christmas is just around the corner and the spices we will be using in this cake invokes memories of fruit cake and pudding shared around a laden table with friends and family. Using spices provides a great opportunity to show Sparks the original form in which spices come and link them to a growing thing.




At many a multicultural festival I have been refreshed with a drink of otai. The Sparks will enjoy mushing, squeezing and smashing watermelon together with coconut, lime and pineapple to recreate this drink on a warm afternoon in the sun.

World Cooking

Interview with a Spark-

child proudly displays a pizza made in the shape of a face
Make your own friend out of pizza and then EAT THEM
many delicious hand made dumplings
A mass of dumplings


What do you enjoy doing in the Sparks? Everything

What if you had to choose one activity? Cooking. I liked cooking fudge last week. The caramel fudge was the best.

What would you like to learn to cook? Lamingtons

Cooking is one of the activities the Sparks regularly engage in. Throughout this term the Sparks have made edible jewellery, doughnuts, tortillas, meatballs, bruschetta, fudge, apple and cheese stuffed breads during different World Cooking lessons.

It would be fantastic if Sparks and their families could provide some suggestions of things we could cook during world cooking. Talking about things you enjoy to eat at home or foods that are special to your family may generate some great ideas for our cooking classes in the coming term- Anna.