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We’re recruiting!

Do you love children and have high energy? Do you want to work in a creative and supportive work environment helping kids to learn through wholistic experiences of art, drama, cooking, gardening and play?

We are after a motivated and engaged facilitator for our Sparks Program



If you have a WWVP and at least a cert 3 in Early Childhood education and are after a permanent part time position then contact us!

Pixie’s Tea Party – Ceramics

Imagine a miniature tea set, painted in blue and white, perfect for tiny people to use.  You could set up a party on a small table under a giant tree and invite all the pixies, fairies, and goblins you know. At last, you’ll have the right tableware to hold a Pixies tea party!!

Miniature tea set

Explore the pleasures and skills involved in working clay on a micro scale. Here anything is possible – make a magical set of ceramic goblets, tea cups or jugs. Then add all the whimsical elements and flourishes befitting the Fae Folk. Finally finish your mini domestic ware with some surface decoration in colour and line work using ceramic underglazes.

Aeondawn Submissions Open!

What a wonderful Summer Program, and how hard to believe it wasn’t even a fortnight ago.

The four-week program was full of excitement for Vala participants and facilitators alike, with countless characters played and stories told.

And so, once again, the Vala team are delighted to announce that submissions are OPEN for Aeondawn.

Aeondawn is Vala’s magazine, where we collect the creative work of students and staff to remember and celebrate the dramatic adventures we all had together.

And not just students and staff!

If your head is buzzing with the stories that you heard from your child, or you’re a Spark with a strong memory of an exciting interface, we’d be delighted to read and admire your submissions as well.

All you need to do for a chance to get your work published in our magazine is send it to our email, whether it is a short story, essay, comic strip, piece of art, map, or something so imaginative we can’t even anticipate it.

Submissions close on Friday 23rd February, so get to work!

We can’t wait to see all your magnificent work!

The Spring Holiday Program!

Aeoncademy’s Spring Holiday Program has been released at our fabulous Open Day. The program starts on the 27th September after Family & Community Day and continues to the 7th October after a long weekend for Labour Day.

School Holiday Program

You can see all about how much it costs over here.  To join up for the first time, check out how to Join Aeoncademy.  To book in, get in touch with our office.

The SPring Program

What’s on

Aeoncademy is launching three brand new workshops with a host of its classic programs in this Spring Holiday Program. In Creative Catalyst, our Ceramic Classic Nesting is already proving popular, and our brand new detail-oriented drawing workshop Magnified Drawings has already drawn focus. In Vala, our fabulous Dawn of History stories are continuing alongside Dawn of Legend and Science Fiction Horizons tales but we’d really like to introduce our exciting new Dawnsaga Fantasy campaign: Young Mutant Tales — The Triangulation Effect. Being composed by a number of our emerging younger team, under the wise guidance of some of our most senior module authors.

More Information for the Spring Holiday Program

For more information (or to book) call our office on 6142 3268, or else click the links below to find the appropriate workshop.

Creative Catalyst

Shadow Puppets – 27/9Shadow Puppets

Welcome to the wonderful world of Theatre. Play with design and moving parts to build your own shadow puppets. A dog with a wagging tail? A wizard on a magic cloud?  A walking tree? Anything is possible in this creative workshop which will also allow participants time to work collaboratively to make stories for the shadow theatre.

Nesting – 28/9Nesting

Welcome Spring! Explore the incredible world of bird nests and then create your own version in clay. It will be fired in a kiln and then taken home to adorn your garden.

Totemic Talismans – 29/9

Choose an ability and then design an amulet to represent this power, for example wind summoning, or protection from dragons or maybe animal friendship (your choice). Use sculpey to construct forms and symbols and incorporate other found materials like glass, stone and wood into your work to create a truly one of a kind wearable art piece.

Magnified Drawings – 30/9

Truth is stranger than Fiction! We’ll take an ant’s eye view of the world using USB digital microscopes to explore the littlest details of objects and transform them into our own macro drawings. Look at the texture of insect wings, feathers and other found objects and explore different drawing materials to magnify your interpretations.

Masks of the World – 4/10

Take a look at Masks from Oceania, North America and Africa. Sketch and design your mask and then make a small model- is it Friend or Foe? Horns, teeth, scars, scales or fur? This ceramic workshop utilises coil work, texture, modelling and glaze work.

Cat Animalia – 5/10

From Ancient Egypt to Mexico and Scandinavia, the Cat has been revered as an animal of power and significance. Be inspired by images of ancient cat statues domestic and wild, fierce and loving and then handbuild your own special cat sculpture. This workshop uses clay and glazes and is fired in a kiln.

Whirligigs & Kinetic Sculpture – 6/10

Using recycled materials like bottles and bottle caps, construct spinning propellers to catch the wind. Look at different plastics and their moldability with the application of temperature and pressure. Create optical illusions with  3D spirals and other moving shapes.

Haunted House Dioramas – 7/10

Return to the classic, old fashioned Haunted House, complete with ghosts, black cats and spooky paintings. Using cardboard, paint, wire, airdrying clay and more; construct an interactive diorama with scary moving parts!

Vala Dramatic Adventures

Age of the Buccaneers – Classic Enemies – 27/9

Legendary China – The Dragons Return – 28/9

Dawn of a New Horizon – The Phobos Effect – 29/9

Merrie Men of The Greenwood – The Death of Guy of Gisburne – 30/9

Realms of the Renaissance – Florence Falls  – 4/10

Young Mutant Tales – The Triangulation Effect – 5/10

First of the Bushrangers – Bushrangers & Blackfellas – 6/10

Fall of the Aztecs – Moctezuma And Cortes – 7/10

Vala After School Term 2 2016

Monday to Thursday every week Vala is running its unique Dramatic Adventure, Storytelling, and Character Play workshops. Launching with Skulduggery and Politics in Realms of the Renaissance, and rocketing on to the Aztec Empire with the Fall of the Aztecs, Vala at Aeoncademy has set the scene for a dramatic introduction to the term.

Term 2 2016 A.S. Program

Vala is going to go on to explore a whole heap of different stories, from our Original Science Fiction story Fly Me To The Moon to the stories of Ancient (and Legendary) China in The Sage of Snow-treasure Peak.


We’re also very excited to have the Sparks getting involved through both direct interactions – like we saw with The Darts of the Totonac – and their own special dramatic adventures called Drama Pod to tell their own stories and collaborate in their own way, as we’ll see with Buccaneer Brats.


We’re also really looking forward to having some older students coming in and continuing in their Aeon journey, including our latest recipient of Veteran Certification, Hugo! We’re looking forward to working with Hugo more and more as he gets ready for the big time of Working in Aeoncademy.

Look forward to seeing you here!

Imagination Ahead- Ahoy, me Hearties!

Let your imagination roam as we cross the known (and unknown) seas in search of all kinds of adventure and bounty. The sails at Aeoncademy have picked up a fair wind and we have launched forth on a grand program this Autumn Vacation.

A Doorway into the Imagination at Aeoncademy
A Doorway to the Imagination…
Pirate Glamour at Aeoncademy
Pirate Glamour


When you walk through our doors you can  expect fabulous costumes, props and face paints. Be prepared to read and be inspired by amazing books and a wide array of replica weapons and shields.  You will be introduced to an incredible range of art materials, specialised tools and time proven techniques, all ready to be explored, played with and and harnessed in our imaginative adventures.

On Monday doors and windows crafted from earthly substances in the Art Room provided insight into new and familiar worlds. While the Sage of Snow Treasure Peak sorely tested Valans as they wandered into Legendary China, a place where fledgling heroes who seek to harness their Chi must first have their hearts and motives tested.

Sand Play for setting the scene at Aeoncademy
Sand Play for setting the scene

Tuesday, the inaugural Valan flagship holds steady on its course to pillage and plunder the Spanish under the command of Captain Morgan while a gentle breeze has ruffled the feathers of various specimens being sculpted to life on the Island of Avian Animalia.

Whats more, the view from the crows nest tells of more adventures and explorations that approach on the horizon.

Wednesday and Thursday have seen desolate haunted islands, gorgeous Elfland dioramas, hundreds of art badges and wearable art, exploits in outer space, hula hooping  and  tomorrow is only Friday!

Never too old for dress ups!
Never too old for dress ups!

Lads and lassies, Aeoncademy prepares to weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen so be quick and daring and jump ship now while ye have the chance.

To avoid being marooned this Autumn Vacation give us a call on 6142 3268.

Spark Story at Aeoncademy
Spark Story

Six more fabulous art workshops for the Summer

Creative Catalyst classes have roamed widely this summer holiday from hand made paper to ceramic gingerbread houses. We are halfway through our third week and still going strong.

We have an incredible supply of tools and materials covering disciplines such as ceramics, printmaking and painting. The art room is a unique space for developing artists and we encourage teenage students to use the studio and its wide  array of supplies to work independently and create their own projects under our guidance.

Younger participants are introduced to tools and techniques which enable them to realise their creative visions.

ceramic totoro
a Totoro from the past

The last six workshops of Summer are;

Birdbaths– Thursday 21st Jan  Ceramic bowls to cool down our lovely local birds and beautify the garden. Using moulds and coils, these vessels will be decorated and glazed.

wire and scrap parts make up a pair of wings
Steampunk wings for a cyborg assemblage

Action Art on 22ndJan is featuring tie dye and colour splashing in All Tied Up! Make sure you wear old clothes and expect to go home more colourfully than the morning.




Mobiles & Windcharms– 25th Jan.  Enjoy a day of Ceramic construction, using stamps and garden objects  make an original and musical hanging. Decorate your trees and eaves with these melodic and earthy offerings to the wind.

Wednesday 27th. Hand build a large original Ceramic Gargoyle to adorn the walls of your Gothic castle or at least your house in Curtin.

Thursday 28th Kites of the World. Take a whirlwind tour around the globe on the tail of a kite, from glass stringed battle kites to sky dragons, Construct your own kite.

Finish with a bang with  Action Art, mechanical artist, Friday 29th January. Make simple catapults to move paint through the air and onto your paper. Have a go at remote controlled mark making!

3 girls painting a diorama
Trio of painters preparing a background

Christmas is Coming

There’s an odd break cropping up this year between the end of the school term (the 18th of December) and Christmas Day.

We’re going to run a program over that period of time.


Stay Tuned for more details closer to the date.

Creative Catalyst-Week 1 of the Spring Program


Adventure Island Dioramas, Wednesday 30th September

Construct an exciting land of adventure using a vast array of materials and tools.

A marble run through Boulder Valley
Boulder Valley Adventures

Our diorama workshops give you a chance to;  

cut foam with hacksaws, handle hot glue guns, twist wire and metal, cast plaster,  manipulate air drying clay, draw, paint (and more!) into…

bridges, pit traps, forgotten cities in overgrown jungles, crocodile infested pools, hidden caves, secret coves, wild beasts, dangerous cliffs and other fiendishly, unexpected features.

A close up of the Forbidden City's walls
The Forbidden City’s walls







Colour Explosion, Thursday 1st October

Uluru painted by teenager
Painting large scale

Play with acrylic paint and a great range of brushes, sponges and other tools to experiment with abstract painting. Learn some colour theory and get ready to make all the colours! We will be using easels outside for part of the day to really get hands on and active in our investigation into the impact of colour. We will look at past artists such as Rothko and Frankenthaler and also Bancroft who is a contemporary Australian artist who uses strong pattern as well as colour.

Bronwen Bancroft's engaging use of pattern and colour.
A painting by Bronwen Bancroft.




an ancient pot from America
Native American pottery vessel







Prehistoric pots,  Friday 2nd

The oldest pots in the world were built around 15 000 years ago.  Humans have been making pots, ornaments and instruments out of clay for a very long time.  This is your chance to  join in the tradition and coil a huge pot and decorate it with earth colored slips. We will look at images of pots from the ancient past and all over the world . Design your own decorations based on these frequently mysterious vessels.

Handprints and animal shapes are some of the most popular motifs. Spend the day making the best pot you can, after all, it might be discovered by someone 15 000 years from now!20150421_115454

 Kids making coil pots
Carry on coiling


Vala’s Spring Program – Week Two

Aeoncademy’s Vala program uses imaginative character play to give children a feel for what the lives and experiences of real people in history might have been like. Instead of long lists of dates and names, Vala gives memorable and dramatic context to the historical events it covers and also explores themes of empathy and imagination through adventures drawing on fantasy and science fiction.

Spring15Holhapsrhs (2)

You’ve all seen the program – now you can take a deeper look into what we’re doing at Vala this Spring – Part Two.

Samurai And Ninja

Hungry for glory and driven to win the respect of his legendary father Oda Nobunaga, the minor warlord Oda Nobukatsu leads his army over the borders of Iga Province and into the territory of its democratic Republic. Now in well-earned positions of trust and leadership among the local clans, the small but tightly-knit strikeforce of samurai and ninja handpicked years ago by Hattori Hanzō must battle to turn back the invading army of the ambitious warlord as Iga province finds itself Under Siege.

Elf-Towers of Dawn

Follow a group of questing peregrines on a mighty journey between shining towers of elven make, in a fantastical, mythical, and extraodinary world. Join the Mighty Knights, Dwarves, Elves, the tribes of Cat Myrthen and Mathonowi as they approach the ethereal Dreaming Tower.


Norse America

Acquiring the Eirikson map of Vinland and hearing the tales of rich natural resources, a well-respected landholder and his community set off for this ‘New World’ to make a home for themselves in this fertile and abundant land and take advantage of the friendly ties that the last voyage forged with the Micmac who live there. On their arrival, however, they find themselves drawn more deeply into local politics than intended after some of their number fight off a band of territorial raiders and prevent the capture of a group of women including …the Micmac Princess!

Knights Templar

The Second Crusade is over and the Knights Templar won great glory for themselves and for God through their contributions to that campaign. Again, however, their deeds were eclipsed by their rivals the Knights Hospitalier and the Templars are no closer to achieving those goals for which they have long hoped. But as shocking events leave Tripoli vulnerable to the Assassin cult and neighbouring enemies and the Hospitaliers seem unable to resolve the crisis, the Knights Templars may have a chance to prove their quality and begin to earn the title Lords of Outremar!