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Vala – Spring 2015 – Week One!

Spring15Holhapsrhs (2)

Aeoncademy’s Vala program uses imaginative character play to give children a feel for what the lives and experiences of real people in history might have been like. Instead of long lists of dates and names, Vala gives memorable and dramatic context to the historical events it covers and also explores themes of empathy and imagination through adventures drawing on fantasy and science fiction.

You’ve all seen the program – now you can take a deeper look into what we’re doing at Vala this Spring.

...I wonder if there are wolves about.
Elder of the Tribe of the Cave Bear takes a nap…


Just before the last Ice Age, tribes of early humans learned and thrived amidst fierce weather, dangerous surroundings, and fellow clans with very different beliefs and ways. High summer is upon the Tribe of the Cave Bear and so they pack up their winter camp and trek into the green pastures of the High Country alongside their fellow Tribes, the mysterious Old Ones, and herds of migrating animals. But when a group down at the river by their camp are attacked the Tribe must rise to meet this threat if they are to avoid losing forever their territory up on Summer Heights.

In Space, no-one can hear you giggle.
Launching into the unknown…

Take the prize pick of warriors, strategists, cunning rogues and beefy jocks from all of human history. Throw them two and a half million light years away from home (The Andromeda Galaxy), force them to fight in a sadistic gladiatorial deathmatch (Arena 9000), and you get a group of humans less than content with that situation. Having Macgyvered a solution to their captivity, Humanity has escaped, and are now on the run from dark drones, android assassins, and even a galactic entity of terrifying proportions in an intense space race for Andromedean Amnesty.

Awkward Turtle...
The Legendary Legionary form a ‘Turtle’ wall.

Now accustomed to their duties at Brocolitia and along Hadrian’s Wall, the legionaries are sent into the unfamiliar territory of the North on a diplomatic mission. Assigned as bodyguards to a superior officer they must safeguard him on his journey to the Selgovae, a tribe of allied Britons, to collect the annual tribute. But on their arrival among the Selgovae they discover that a Pictish envoy has already been welcomed and seeks nothing but to stir up trouble for Rome and must protect each other and succeed despite Pictish interference in this Mission to the Britons.

It's all Greek to them...
Odysseus’ crew prepares themselves.


After a string of misfortunes brought about by the sea god Poseidon, Odysseus’ once-mighty fleet has been reduced to but a single ship and its crew. Imagine their joy when, stopping at a lush island to resupply, they discover a banquet fit for the gods laid out for them by mysterious hands. Brash Odysseus’ decision to go ashore and enjoy the feast endangers him and his crew once more as they fall under the sway of a terrible enchantment and find themselves charmed or trapped in the shape of lowly and savage beasts on the Isle of Circe!