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The Young Mutant Chronicles

The Young Mutant Chronicles

Dive into the weird and wonderful Sea of Babiro, far away from Elfs and Towers, in our new Dawnsaga Fantasy campaign: Young Mutant Chronicles. Plucked from obscurity by genetics and fortune, learn to navigate the colourful larger-than-life world of being a heroic young mutant in the Sea of Babiro.

Young Mutant Chronicles

Experience a whole new fantastical way of life among the bustling city-states of Babiro with psychic news and television, bizarre food and drink, strange sea creatures, weird sorcerous science, all-powerful merchant nobles, and competition for the popularity and status that will earn you the best view over the gently-bubbling Sea of Babiro


  1. Issue #0: The Triangulation Effect
  2. Issue #1: The Magnificent Why’s Ones
  3. Issue #3: The Verdigris Lantern of Faith
  4. Issue #4: Vs. the Babiron Avengers!
  5. Issue #5: The Ok-Li Plague

Issue #0: The Triangulation Effect

Exploring the vibrant Wet Market on the foreshore of bustling Denium, a group of Yu-Tu (youths) begin to come to grips with their developing Mu-Tati (mutant) powers. As they mix and mingle with the life of the market and with others experiencing strange phenomena of their own, they begin to realise that they are being watched.


Their status as developing Yu-Tu Mu-Tati has not gone unnoticed, either by the Merc-Sec police or by the criminal Kazu-Kwai syndicate. And all this while dealing with the encroaching threat of entrapment by …The Triangulation Effect.

Issue #1: The Magnificent Why’s Ones

Rescued from imprisonment and experimentation by the mysterious Professor Why, a group of Yu-Tu (young) Mu-Tati (mutants) are trained in the use of their developing powers. Lessons in martial arts, tactics and teamwork, and public relations skills follow as Professor Why begins to shape them into Denium’s latest greatest superhero team.

Whys Ones Issue 1 - The Magnificent Whys Ones


But unbeknownst to them, all the while the process of their transformation is being broadcast on psychic media to rapt audiences as the bustling metropolis’ hottest new reality psi-vi show: “The Magnificent Why’s Ones!

Issue # 2: Why’s Ones Hit The Streets

With their training over and public opinion running high, our group of Yu-Tu (young) Mu-Tati (mutant) trainee superheroes experience their first patrols through bustling Denium in the final episode of “The Magnificent Why’s Ones”.

Pandemic Panic

Heroism and danger abound as they deal with thieving underlings of the criminal Kazu-Kwai syndicate, assist in an emergency evacuation, and answer the heartfelt plea of a father concerned about the safety and whereabouts of his runaway son. Look forward to all this and more on the season finale as Why’s Ones Hit the Streets.

Issue #3: The Verdigris Lantern of Faith

Answering a father’s call for aid, our group of Yu-Tu (young) Mu-Tati (mutants) superheroes enter the secretive world of Denium’s rogue philosophers in search of his missing son. With nothing but rumour and whispers to guide them they plunge ever-deeper into this community of irrational and misguided idealists before they finally rescue the wayward child.

Young Mutant Chronicles

But by then a father and son are the least of their worries, as they uncover a deranged plot that threatens the city and the dangerous and antisocial philosophy-cult behind it: the Verdigris Lantern of Faith.

Issue #4 – Versus the Babiron Avengers!

Responding to museum’s call for help after a daring heist by the criminal Kazu-Kwai syndicate, our group of Yu-Tu (young) Mu-Tati (mutant) superheroes discover they have been beaten to the job. Another new superhero team have already taken the job, but there’s no way that Professor Why will allow them to pass up the glory (and rich reward) from retrieving the stolen artefacts.


But if they are to win this superpowered contest and solve the crime first then our group must step up their game and be at their best in this competition of Why’s Ones vs the Babiron Avengers!

Issue #5 – The Ok-Li Plague.

A new disease arrives on the streets of Denium, veining the eyes of sufferers in garish colours, and starts to spread among the lower classes and the dirt-eaters on the outskirts.

Pandemic Panic

As disease becomes plague and starts spreading up into the high-rises, the Houses of Commerce panickedly pass a bill authorising the creation of a multi-house Merc-Sec team: the Plague Marines.

Issue #6 – Pandemic Panic.

Riots fill the streets of Denium and the Plague Marines are cracking down hard on the poor districts to restore control whilst Why’s One follow-up clues to the source of the plague (an isolated island lab called only “The Facility”) in desperate search for a cure.

Pandemic PanicThe Why’s Ones are set for a real challenge as they set out to stop the spread of Pandemic Panic!

Issue #7 – The Beast in the Underbelly.

It’s citizens still recovering from the onslaught of the Ok-Li Plague, Denium’s streets are no longer safe to walk since a range of rare and dangerous creatures were released from an illegal underground zoo at the height of pandemic panic.

The Beast in the Underbelly

Striving to put rest to rumours that certain in their own ranks were responsible, Why’s Ones get down and dirty to contain or remove the threats; but the question still remains… who or what exactly is.. The Beast in the Underbelly?!

Issue #8 – The Miasma Misadventure.

The light distorting, mist-like, atmospheric feature of the Sea of Babiro -the Miasma (Miaz-Ma)- is thought of as the life-giving breath of the ‘Mother of All’ (the Sea itself). Citizens of the City-States that bedeck Her Shores vie for position on the waterfront to enjoy the Miaz-Ma to the fullest. It’s a fine and lovely, ‘miazmical’, day when the Miaz-Ma is at its height.

Imagine their despair when a plume of smog from the back-lots, appearing animated by a sentient consciousness, sets about corrupting the Miaz-Ma of all Denium!!!

“Why’s Ones Assemble!”… The Miasma Misadventure awaits.