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Vacation Programs – creative classes running throughout the holidays. Full days of fun, educational courses covering a wide range of original and exciting programs including visual art, drama and cooking.

Creative Catalyst – Winter Program

Soup Kitchen Ceramics- Monday 4th July.

Soup Kitchen Ceramics

A ceramics workshop especially for winter. Explore hand-building techniques like coiling, slab building & mould work. Produce some functional ware & glaze it raw with stencils and brush work.

Winter Drawing – Tuesday 5th July.

Winter Drawing

Enjoy the winter light as we go on an outside walk to collect branches, feathers, pinecones & more. Set up your own still life and have a go with charcoal, pastels, pencils, graphite & other more unusual drawing materials…

Hibernating Animalia- Wednesday 6th July.

Hibernating Animalia

From bears to long-necked turtles, many creatures hide during the coldest part of the year. Bring them to life in this ceramic modelling class. You will learn techniques that will help you make sculptural forms of various critters in their hiding places.

Staff of Power!- Thursday 7th July.

Staff of Power

Following in the tradition of famous magic users (Harry Potter, Hermione, Gandalf, Merlin, The White Witch etc) be the owner of an individual Staff of Power! We will go for a walk in the forest and find the right stick to start your staff. Back in the art workshop, you will design and then construct (from mixed materials) an original staff topper. Think dragon eyes, vine wrapped crystals, feathery owls, jewel encrusted toads. Take your staff home for your next fancy dress party!

Spanish Tiles- Friday 8th July.

Spanish Tiles

This workshop will be an opportunity to both create your own original ceramic tiles and/or glaze pre-fired terracotta tiles with intricate designs. Tiles have an ancient and widespread history which we will investigate before starting our designs.

Bones and Skulls- Monday 11th July.

Skulls & Bones

Bleached and bare, this is a sculpture workshop using clay. Be inspired by the curves and negative spaces of bones and produce an artwork in response. It might be the rib-like hull of a boat, a Viking chalice or something very abstract. All work will be fired in the kiln.

Miniature Magic- Tuesday 12th July.

Miniature Magic

From The Borrowers to Alice in Wonderland we have always been fascinated with smaller scale models of real life objects. Choose from a huge range of materials (eg: acorn caps, pebbles corks, air drying clay, wire, feathers…) to construct details of your tiny world, like cooking pots, furniture, pets, vehicles etc. This workshop combines well with Terrariums.

Wired- Wednesday 13th July.


A wire & metal sculpture workshop. Warm up with continuous line drawing and then try your hand at bending, twisting and shaping wire into form. A great way to create action figures like athletes, dancers and leaping horses suspended in motion.

Little Shrines- Thursday 14th July.

Little Shrines

Shrines are found in many of the world’s religions- Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Shinto as well as secular settings like War Memorials, places of natural beauty and even Pooh Corner on the Clyde!

Investigate different motifs, shapes and symbols and produce a little shrine of your own. Dedicate it to your own pet, favorite place or loved one.

Terrariums-Friday 15th July

Build a world in a glass! Design and construct a miniature garden scene using large glass goblets, earth, pebbles, found objects and plants. Make miniature people, animals or objects to live in your tiny world. This workshop combines well with Miniature Magic.


Warming up Winter at Aeoncademy

Our winter program is really heating up. Don’t delay — call today.

The Winter Program

The super Soup Kitchen Ceramics, a Creative Catalyst workshop is designed around hand-building bowls and spoons from clay — this super practical workshop will send participants home (after the open day) with usable ceramic crockery!


Meanwhile, The Genoan General promises to throw Vala participants into a world of intrigue and plot in and around Genoa, Padua and to Fair Verona where we lay our scene. Ancient grudges break to new mutiny in this complex historical political thriller.

Our Sparks are all getting excited about Miniature Magic‘s Art interaction, and especially for A Night at The British Museum’s Dramatic Make Believe, which promises to be a little spooky, a little kooky, and a lot of fun.

Teffany — our intrepid director and leader of the Catalyst crew — is returning from Barcelona to take some of her favourite workshops — and to introduce Spanish Tiles to our collection.  Spanish Tiles is all about complex, hand—painted and decorated tiles with intricate patterns inspired by Majolica and other glaze traditions. See what else she’s been up to here and here.

Mosaic in the moonlight
Mosaic in the moonlight

But there are so many classes — From Winter Drawing to Terrariums, from Legendary China to the First of the Bushrangers, and with everything in between. We’re super excited to run these holidays.

Now it would take another whole post each to do our workshops any justice in description — so give the office a call on 6142 3268 and we’ll talk you through them!


Imagination Ahead- Ahoy, me Hearties!

Let your imagination roam as we cross the known (and unknown) seas in search of all kinds of adventure and bounty. The sails at Aeoncademy have picked up a fair wind and we have launched forth on a grand program this Autumn Vacation.

A Doorway into the Imagination at Aeoncademy
A Doorway to the Imagination…
Pirate Glamour at Aeoncademy
Pirate Glamour


When you walk through our doors you can  expect fabulous costumes, props and face paints. Be prepared to read and be inspired by amazing books and a wide array of replica weapons and shields.  You will be introduced to an incredible range of art materials, specialised tools and time proven techniques, all ready to be explored, played with and and harnessed in our imaginative adventures.

On Monday doors and windows crafted from earthly substances in the Art Room provided insight into new and familiar worlds. While the Sage of Snow Treasure Peak sorely tested Valans as they wandered into Legendary China, a place where fledgling heroes who seek to harness their Chi must first have their hearts and motives tested.

Sand Play for setting the scene at Aeoncademy
Sand Play for setting the scene

Tuesday, the inaugural Valan flagship holds steady on its course to pillage and plunder the Spanish under the command of Captain Morgan while a gentle breeze has ruffled the feathers of various specimens being sculpted to life on the Island of Avian Animalia.

Whats more, the view from the crows nest tells of more adventures and explorations that approach on the horizon.

Wednesday and Thursday have seen desolate haunted islands, gorgeous Elfland dioramas, hundreds of art badges and wearable art, exploits in outer space, hula hooping  and  tomorrow is only Friday!

Never too old for dress ups!
Never too old for dress ups!

Lads and lassies, Aeoncademy prepares to weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen so be quick and daring and jump ship now while ye have the chance.

To avoid being marooned this Autumn Vacation give us a call on 6142 3268.

Spark Story at Aeoncademy
Spark Story

Autumn Days of Play are here

Autumn Days of Play are here
A Glorious Autumn tree

Autumn days of play are well and truly here, Yarralumla is always lovely this time of year with its well established oak and plane trees dropping their crunchy, brown leaves all over the ground. Acorns lie plentifully waiting to be gathered and turned into art objects or currency for a game but hopefully not weapons! We intend to make the most of this season of delights.


Autumn Days of Play are here, a magical ceramic door leads inside a tree
Magic Door

Many of our Creative Catalyst visual arts workshops like Autumn Weaving with wool and fibre and Leaf Collage + Acorn Sculpture are intended to take advantage of these days. A walk into the forested edges of Yarralumla Primary School will be part of many days activities, gathering materials for the craft and art projects.


Autumn Days of Play are here, a sleepy ceramic head
Autumn Dreaming
Autumn Days of Play are here, a stencil of an Autumn Tree
Stencil of an Autumn Tree

Ochre our Catering Coordinator is deciding the menu for the two weeks of holiday programs. From pastas and salads, to baked biscuits and hot chocolates we will always have fresh and healthy options which respond to the weather conditions  of the day!

Autumn vacation program



ValaClub will also be venturing outside to recreate scenes for Merrie Men (and women) of the Greenwood. Look out for classic leaf pile ambushes, pit traps and worse! Many of the dramatic live action scenes will take place in an outdoor setting, enjoying the opportunity to observe the change of seasons.




We are looking forward to the Autumn holidays and catching up with many of you then. Call our office if you havent made a booking yet,  61423268

Autumn Days of Play are here, pebbles and Spirals
Pebbles and Spiral






Eggstremely Eggcited for Easter

Egg Abundance
Egg Abundance

Nobody panic! Easter only one day away and then less than two weeks until the Autumn Vacation!

Aeoncademy will be closed over Easter- no Friday class on  the 25th or Monday the 28th March. We hope you all have a relaxing break and eat lots of chocolate.

We have enjoyed our egg hunts, egg decorating and bun making activities this week mmmmmm warm Hot Cross Buns!

Aussie Easter
The Easter Bilby

Andrew Yallop has taken himself on holidays for three weeks and we are hoping he will return before the Vacation Program leaps into action on the 11th March. Don’t worry if you missed the Open Day and have fired ceramic work to pick up, we are holding it outside the art room until you get a chance. You can pop in any time after 3pm Monday-Friday until 6, just come and say hi at our office so we know you are here.

Icing an Easter Bun
Icing the Bun


If you are between the ages of 4 and 16 and wish to get into an awesome art project, or get involved with some live action problem solving and characterisation or experience the Sparks introduction to both art and drama, check out our Autumn program at the end of this post. From Wearable Art to The Fall of the Aztecs, we have you covered for some amazing activities

The Team!
What happens when Andrew goes on Holiday!





Art for Everyone
Clay Creatures


The Autumn School Holiday Program!

Our Autumn School Holiday Program has been released with great fanfare at our Aeoncademy Open Day last weekend! Fantastic new and re-visited adventures, art projects, and more are planned to bring in a rich harvest this program.


In our Creative Catalyst program, we’ve got such new and exciting treats as Tree of Life – exploring Pen and Ink drawing as we travel across the globe looking at the Tree as a symbol of life – from Yggdrasil to the Bodhi Tree, with many unexpected detours along the way, and Vala is bringing back some classic favourites like Aztec Omens – facing signs of doom, whispers and panic begin among the people of the indomitable Aztec Empire, and the priests and nobles of Tenochtitlan must appease the Angry Gods.

With our Sparks we’re introducing Drama Pod! Drama Pod gives our Sparks some new options and agency, helping them choose how to interact with the world in their dramatic storytelling activities. In short, we’re broadening the worlds that we build for the Sparks. No longer are they just going to be playing (say) the Mic-Mac hunters in Norse America, instead taking on roles of villagers, wise-fellows, carpenters, builders, shaman, and so much more. Read more here in Anna’s excellent article.

Interested in the program? Want to find out a little more? Curious about who we are or what we do more broadly? Want the ultimate answer to Life, The Universe, and Everything? give Aeoncademy a call on 6142 3268 or click here to go to our Communications panel – and drop us a line!

Six more fabulous art workshops for the Summer

Creative Catalyst classes have roamed widely this summer holiday from hand made paper to ceramic gingerbread houses. We are halfway through our third week and still going strong.

We have an incredible supply of tools and materials covering disciplines such as ceramics, printmaking and painting. The art room is a unique space for developing artists and we encourage teenage students to use the studio and its wide  array of supplies to work independently and create their own projects under our guidance.

Younger participants are introduced to tools and techniques which enable them to realise their creative visions.

ceramic totoro
a Totoro from the past

The last six workshops of Summer are;

Birdbaths– Thursday 21st Jan  Ceramic bowls to cool down our lovely local birds and beautify the garden. Using moulds and coils, these vessels will be decorated and glazed.

wire and scrap parts make up a pair of wings
Steampunk wings for a cyborg assemblage

Action Art on 22ndJan is featuring tie dye and colour splashing in All Tied Up! Make sure you wear old clothes and expect to go home more colourfully than the morning.




Mobiles & Windcharms– 25th Jan.  Enjoy a day of Ceramic construction, using stamps and garden objects  make an original and musical hanging. Decorate your trees and eaves with these melodic and earthy offerings to the wind.

Wednesday 27th. Hand build a large original Ceramic Gargoyle to adorn the walls of your Gothic castle or at least your house in Curtin.

Thursday 28th Kites of the World. Take a whirlwind tour around the globe on the tail of a kite, from glass stringed battle kites to sky dragons, Construct your own kite.

Finish with a bang with  Action Art, mechanical artist, Friday 29th January. Make simple catapults to move paint through the air and onto your paper. Have a go at remote controlled mark making!

3 girls painting a diorama
Trio of painters preparing a background

It’s Summertime, and living is easy at Aeoncademy

Aeoncademy’s Summer Program has been cool as, filled with fantastic artistic creations, dramatic storylines, and plenty of opportunities for Creative Play! As we launch into the second half of our program, we’re taking a moment to look back at the weeks that were…

Check out some sweet snaps from the program so far!


If you’d like to stay tuned to our rolling photo updates, join us on Instagram with @aeoncademy, or check us out on Facebook.



Chilling Out for Summer Fun

From a week of rain & cold we’ve hit soaring temperatures. To keep our participants chilling out and out of the sun, we’ve launched a new outdoor play activity or two, and brought back our classic Slip & Slide.

Slip & Slide Waterpark Water Park Play Spray Cool SummerAnd our competition to find the Slip & Slide Champion for 2016.

To help our participants to beat the heat and dodge out of the sun, we’ve relaunched Tent City, and it’s coming together with more components than ever before! Using tents that children can pitch and pack themselves, and that are light enough to be easily moved around, our participants have been making campsites, sun-shelters, and we’ve even seen the creation of a Coober-pedy-esque tunnel system connecting the shady spots for the kids to spend some time chilling out in.

Tent City Playpod Hippie Boho Glamping

We’ve also rigged ourselves a new upcycled water-play park, which we’ve nicknamed ‘Waterpod’, with a whole bunch of cool water and cool science, with children learning how pressure affects how spraying water is produced, the combination of air pressure and gravity that comes into play with siphon tubes, recycled drums of various sizes with changing musical pitch and timbre, and other accoutrement, our participants are getting a little bit soaked, chilling out, and having a great time.

So if you’re coming along to Aeoncademy this Summer, pack your togs, cossie, or swimmers to beat the heat here at our Summer Program.

Arts Creative Upcycle Holiday Program Summer Fun

The Week the Elves saved Santa…

It’s Four Days ‘til Christmas and all through the house,

every creature is stirring (including the mouse!)

Time is a’ticking and the day’s nearly here,

We’ve been tinkering toys for almost a year.

But where, can you spy, that jolly old man

With his white-trim’d red suit – he’s got the plan

It’s Four Days ‘til Christmas and where has he gone?

Santa’s gone missing! This all could go wrong!

But look at this man in red suit and long cap

He’s not all that jolly. He’s not all that fat.

His name here is ‘Krampus’ and he doesn’t seem

To know what Christmas really does mean

That’s what our Christmas Elves discovered at the beginning of the fantastic week that was our Christmas Elves Workshop.


From Ojo De Dios (Traditional Mexican woven baubles — now called ‘God’s Eyes’) to Spice Hangings, Bliss Balls to Shortbread, Shrinking Art to Tiny Nativities, we all had a great time.


IMG_20151224_114613We also ran a special story, the Search for Father Christmas — also known as The Christmas Elf Caper, throughout the week. From Saving Dasher…


To putting Krampus to sleep with a mix of herbs the children learned about in the local area, the Elves had a riot of a time. For their bravery, diligence, and hard work, they were all rewarded in the end…


When they found Father Christmas!