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Vacation Programs – creative classes running throughout the holidays. Full days of fun, educational courses covering a wide range of original and exciting programs including visual art, drama and cooking.

Birds of a feather… Roamin’ Romans… This is Aeoncademy’s coolest holiday program yet!

We’ve had a wonderful Winter Program so far.  From Avian Animalia to Painting Faces, to Cauldrons of Flame and Frost – Fire and Ice. From the icy Hadrian’s Wall to the Laistrygonian kitchens, to the foreboding Mount Raven, we’ve been having a wonderful time in Creative Catalyst and Vala!

The Sparks haven’t been missing out either, joining in on all the art and drama, as well as building their very own Tipi, telling stories, performing plays, and so much more!

Wish you were here? Still a child? (Sorry Grown-Ups). We’d love to have you along. Get mum or dad to give us a call (on 6142 3268) to lock in your spot today!

Mum, Dad, want to be the coolest grown-up ever? Don’t delay, call today to book into the holiday program!

Work Experience by Mim

I started coming to Aeoncademy when I was seven years old, filling my holidays with creative art projects to take home to the family.

The program ignited the creative spark in me and has fuelled my passion for art which I have pursued throughout school.

When I turned fifteen I spent my holidays volunteering in Creative Catalyst, using it as chance to learn and further my art skills while getting to work with children in a fun environment.

Now almost finished year twelve I work as a casual employee during the vacation programs.These holidays however I have  come to Aeoncademy to undertake work experience and am sampling the different working aspects of the business from office work to catering.

Day 1

Avian Animalia

Avian Animalia
Avian Animalia

The kids in Creative Catalyst channelled their inner bird as they sculpted fowls and songbirds from clay. It can be challenging teaching ceramics to fledglings but very rewarding when you see their beautiful creations at the end of the day.

Rubbish Station
Recycling Station

One of my jobs of the day was to set up a recycling  station. Making sure the signs were clear what rubbish goes in which bin. I had to find examples of different types of rubbish to stick above the bins to make it easier to establish what type of waste something is.

The rest of the day was split between Creative Catalyst and helping Ochre (our chef) out in the kitchen which consisted of making popcorn for fifty children plus staff , which is a lot of popcorn!

All in all what a great day!


Tepee time
Tepee time


Ever wanted to be a knight?

Journey into the heyday of coexistence and cultural contact in the sacred city of Jerusalem and discover the truth about this famous order of holy knights. Share their struggle to establish a place of respect and influence among the Crusader States of Outremer established after the First Crusade while also being forced to deal with a series of tragedies and triumphs that ended in the destruction of European authority in the Holy Land.

Knight's Templar

In the Crusades: Knights Templar set of adventures Vala explores the exchange of scientific and cultural ideas between Europe and Islam that occurred between the various stages of the Crusades and the complex political situation in the Holy Land, as well as teaching skills of logical thinking, strategy, and decision-making.

Knights Templar!
Clash of swords, the ring of steel.


Also, y’know. It’s fun Call today on 6142 3268 to learn more!

How to keep warm in Winter

This winter our program is designed to keep you warm by lighting a creative flame inside! From historic reenactments to building a mini world, stay tuned for our in depth updates of each stand alone workshop…

This Winter keep warm making, doing, being, exploring, experimenting,
This Winter keep warm making, doing, being, exploring, experimenting,

Autumn Vacation Program 2018

Our vacation program runs all day (8.30-5.30) from 16th until the 27th April in the art wing of Yarralumla Primary School. We provide a healthy morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea and all materials needed for the day.

Our Sparks program is for ages 4-6 and combines elements from both drama and the visual arts plus plenty of time for creative play.

Our Creative Catalyst program  is for students from 7 years to 16 and opens the door to the wide world of visual arts.

Our Vala program provides live action, dramatic adventures for ages 7 years and up exploring the realms of history, myth and legend and more…

All programs are  50% child care rebate approved.

See the  Autumn 2018 program here.

Please enrol your child through Hubworks  and then ring the office to book your program.