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Vacation Programs – creative classes running throughout the holidays. Full days of fun, educational courses covering a wide range of original and exciting programs including visual art, drama and cooking.

A lunch in the life of a Catalyst/Vala/Spark participant

A Lunch in the life of a Catalyst/Vala/Spark participant is a changeable thing. After a heavy morning of character development, clay modelling and wolf howling, participants recharge over a delicious home cooked lunch of spaghetti bolognese seasoned with vigorous debate.  Robyn is our Caterer and predicts the weather in order to provide a suitable menu. Today she made a warm risotto. As the weather improves we can expect more scrumptious salads and cold fruits.

Robyn cooking up a storm
Robyn Rocks the Kitchen
lunch time is time to debate with your mouth full
Lunch time



the light illuminates these collages
glowing pictures












We have a relaxed lunch break with a decent amount of time to sit down with new friends and compare tastes. We make sure everyone still has time for a run around, games or reading quietly. If it gets hotter than 30° the slip n slide makes an appearance and we can all cool down. Icy frappes also emerge in the hot afternoons.


eaten by the wolves!
An untimely end.
aroooooooo the wolves of Hibernia lurk
The wolves of Hibernia
little washer upperer
Never to young to start washing up…
clay and drama
Mythic Animalia meets the Skeleton Boy.

Summer Vacation Program!


Summer Vibes...

Our Summer Vacation Program for January 2016!

The Open Day has come and gone, and thank you everyone who came along to the fantastic exhibition of children’s art, drama, and interactive crafternoon.  At our open day, as usual, we’ve released our schedule for our Summer Program – January is above, the Christmas elves workshops are below.

Christmas Elves program (1)


From Stencilling to Bird Baths, The Stone Age to the Near Future, we’re getting up to all sorts of fun these holidays. Of note are our Action Art workshops  – leave the constraints of the art room to explore ways of making art with bodies, motion, unconventional materials, and unconventional techniques! Giant Puppets promises enormous effigial puppets – made collaboratively – from paper mache and mixed materials, while All Tied Up will be a Gordian Knot of tie dying, yarn bombing, and webmaking. Mechanical Artist, with toy cars, catapults, pendulums and other wacky apparatus, promises to appeal to the Da Vinci in everyone. Spray, Splash, Splatter! gets everyone involved in exactly what it says on the tin: with dyes and paints, create Pollack-esque artworks showcasing the best of 2D art that brushes can’t paint!

In Vala, we’re having a return to some literary classics with The World of Oliver Twist – join Fagan’s gang of urchins and miscreants and try to outwit the peelers in Victorian London, or join up with the bobbies and become a ‘nose’ into the underworld of the classic Dickensian tale. Elf Towers of Dawn looks like it’s a hit already – with a classic High-Fantasy story that’s been coming together for 20 years – get embroiled in the tantalising tapestry of the old wizard Marshdog and follow the questing peregrines on their voyage of discovery in the fantastical world of the Dawnsaga. Our Science Fiction stories look into a possible near future, with a world pushed to the brink of overpopulation and pollution – and what happens when a ‘ruling elite’ try and quash the disenfranchised and desperate – and prepares us all for the end of the world (as we know it)!

Interested in our Summer Vacation Programs? Get in touch with the office on 6142 3268 to book in today!

A Spring Surprise in Week 2 of our Holidays

After a fantastic first week Aeoncademy has rolled into a blockbuster Week Two.

Rushing away with Gnomania, Creative Catalyst have been creating ceramically, knitting naturally, and sculpting spookily for a fantastic second week.

Gnomanic Painting










After Gnomania, our Catalystas got stuck in to Nesting, a weaving extravaganza as we put together fantastic soft-sculpted nests of yarn, beads, twigs, and other found objects. In Celebratory Candelabra, spires of illumination and decorative candlesticks were made manifest in clay. Scary Sculpture really takes the Hallowe’en Handbasket though, with lanterns, debossed wall-hanging skulls, and ones made of sugar, and a whole bunch of other creepy creations.

Halloween Lanterns




Vala launched into the tense political thriller with Samurai & Ninja coming Under Siege.  From there we took a sail-boat to the Dreaming Tower in Elf-Towers of Dawn, and then across the seas to meet The Micmac Princess in Norse America.  Lastly, we went on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land with the Knights Templar as they became Lords of Outremer.

(K)Night School.
(K)Night School.












In the Sparks we’ve been having a wild time digging in to all the programs on offer. Our own Nests, Lanterns, Gnomes and creepy charcuterie for our homes, the Sparks have been getting involved in everything that’s going on.

We begin Week 1 of the Holiday Program with a Spring in our Step

Week 1 of the Holiday Program is almost over!

Already this week Valans have enjoyed navigating the dangers of the Old Stone Age and contemplating the future of life in Space (which may include robots). Today Valans enjoyed the rigours of life in Roman Britain as they seek to bring Roman rule to the unruly Picts.

In the Art Room, furnishings for the homes and gardens of gnomes, elves, fairies, and trolls have been lovingly crafted from clay and entire worlds have taken shape from a variety of materials during Adventure Island Dioramas! Today the Art Room and Garden have been covered in colour as the children in Creative Catalyst explore how colour changes and contrasts using paints and oil pastels.

The Sparks, our 4-7 year olds, have experienced both dramatic adventures and artistic pursuits each day as they get a taster of the best of both Art and Drama, Aeoncademy style.

This holiday we are pleased to welcome a new caterer, Robyn, who has helped fuel both staff and participants at Aeoncademy over the last few days making Spaghetti Bolognese, Marinated Chicken Wings and Pizza for lunches along with various other snacks to sustain everyone throughout the day.

Robyn Rocks the Kitchen
Robyn Rocks the Kitchen

Don’t forget if you’d like to join in the fun the holidays aren’t over yet. There is one more week to go following this upcoming long weekend. Give us a call at the Aeoncademy Office to book in.

Holiday Program launched at Spring Open Day!

We’ve Launched Our Holiday Program!

Thanks to everyone for a fantastic open day last weekend! It’s always a pleasure catching up with the parents and kids we don’t get to see everyday.Open Day means Families at Play

Our open day is…

a time where we show off the work from our previous holiday program. Have some time to talk to the parents and grown-up participants we don’t get a chance to talk with, either in the holidays or during the term. Give families a chance to play with the art materials, dress ups and tools we use. Are visited by ex-students, teachers and curious bystanders and finally, release our exciting new holiday program – this one for Spring.Aeoncademy Open Day

Together, the students have put together a ceramic village, populated with paper people –  treehouses, temples, mosques, granaries, cloud-trees, museums, a soccer pitch and a market place creating a  wonderfully diverse and harmonious land .

Open Day Treehouse!We held our usual exhibition of children’s ceramic work – Avian Animalia, Cauldrons of Fire and Ice, and Earth Architecture sat alongside our after school class’ paintings, sculptures, masks, and towering totem poles. We also had a special shadow-puppet theatre set up for children (and adults) to experiment with.Heart Soup — Cauldron's of Fire and Ice

Our live action demonstration stepped into the world of the Vikings. The famed explorers and navigators who discovered North America in a bid to colonise more land. We explored the difference between various tribal groups in the ‘new land’.

What we do after-school

We’ve been exploring shadow-puppetry, different ceramic techniques for building vessels and making life like organic wall pieces from our own moulds.  For the next five weeks, Creative Catalyst’s after school program will be moving into intaglio printmaking,  building up layers in acrylic paint for Mixed Media Painting, Stencilled ceramics and the power of exaggeration and pattern in Ceramic Masks.Aeoncademy Open Day

In Vala we have seen the fort of Brocolitia under attack by the Britons, the Crew of Odysseus in hot water with the Laestrygonians, Vikings, Mi’kmaqs, and Mohawks, and the rumours of Hashashin in the marketplace of Tripoli.

Roamin' Romans
Roamin’ Romans






The Sparks have participated in both the Vala and Art programs while enjoying their very own world cooking classes, experimenting with making delicious food from all over the globe. They made all the Anzac biscuits for the Open Day too!

It this art or cooking?















We’ve launched the holiday program at this open day, so check out what we’re running this spring and, if you’ve got any questions or you’d like to book, get in touch on 6142 3268.

Aeoncademy Holiday Program

Birds of a feather… Roamin’ Romans… This is Aeoncademy’s coolest holiday program yet!

We’ve had a wonderful Winter Program so far.  From Avian Animalia to Painting Faces, to Cauldrons of Flame and Frost – Fire and Ice. From the icy Hadrian’s Wall to the Laistrygonian kitchens, to the foreboding Mount Raven, we’ve been having a wonderful time in Creative Catalyst and Vala!

The Sparks haven’t been missing out either, joining in on all the art and drama, as well as building their very own Tipi, telling stories, performing plays, and so much more!

Wish you were here? Still a child? (Sorry Grown-Ups). We’d love to have you along. Get mum or dad to give us a call (on 6142 3268) to lock in your spot today!

Mum, Dad, want to be the coolest grown-up ever? Don’t delay, call today to book into the holiday program!

Work Experience by Mim

I started coming to Aeoncademy when I was seven years old, filling my holidays with creative art projects to take home to the family.

The program ignited the creative spark in me and has fuelled my passion for art which I have pursued throughout school.

When I turned fifteen I spent my holidays volunteering in Creative Catalyst, using it as chance to learn and further my art skills while getting to work with children in a fun environment.

Now almost finished year twelve I work as a casual employee during the vacation programs.These holidays however I have  come to Aeoncademy to undertake work experience and am sampling the different working aspects of the business from office work to catering.

Day 1

Avian Animalia

Avian Animalia
Avian Animalia

The kids in Creative Catalyst channelled their inner bird as they sculpted fowls and songbirds from clay. It can be challenging teaching ceramics to fledglings but very rewarding when you see their beautiful creations at the end of the day.

Rubbish Station
Recycling Station

One of my jobs of the day was to set up a recycling  station. Making sure the signs were clear what rubbish goes in which bin. I had to find examples of different types of rubbish to stick above the bins to make it easier to establish what type of waste something is.

The rest of the day was split between Creative Catalyst and helping Ochre (our chef) out in the kitchen which consisted of making popcorn for fifty children plus staff , which is a lot of popcorn!

All in all what a great day!


Tepee time
Tepee time


Ever wanted to be a knight?

Journey into the heyday of coexistence and cultural contact in the sacred city of Jerusalem and discover the truth about this famous order of holy knights. Share their struggle to establish a place of respect and influence among the Crusader States of Outremer established after the First Crusade while also being forced to deal with a series of tragedies and triumphs that ended in the destruction of European authority in the Holy Land.

Knight's Templar

In the Crusades: Knights Templar set of adventures Vala explores the exchange of scientific and cultural ideas between Europe and Islam that occurred between the various stages of the Crusades and the complex political situation in the Holy Land, as well as teaching skills of logical thinking, strategy, and decision-making.

Knights Templar!
Clash of swords, the ring of steel.


Also, y’know. It’s fun Call today on 6142 3268 to learn more!

How to keep warm in Winter

This winter our program is designed to keep you warm by lighting a creative flame inside! From historic reenactments to building a mini world, stay tuned for our in depth updates of each stand alone workshop…

This Winter keep warm making, doing, being, exploring, experimenting,
This Winter keep warm making, doing, being, exploring, experimenting,