The New Child Care Subsidy (CCS)

Aeoncademy is dedicated to providing the world’s greatest creative programs to our community so we’re looking forward to the Federal Government’s New Child Care Subsidy (CCS) scheme, which will replace the current Child Care Rebate and Child Care Benefit schemes, from 2 July 2018.

Vala Dramatic Adventures
 The new scheme will provide an increased subsidy  for lower income earners and  disadvantaged children. The CCS will be paid directly to services with changes to the annual cap which will make our After School and Vacation programs  more affordable for some families.

Three things will determine a family’s level of Child Care Subsidy: Combined family income, Activity level of parents and the Type of child care service. The Federal Government’s website provides an online estimator which lets you work out what the CCS will mean for your family.

Early in 2018 further information will be released by the Government and here at Aeoncademy we’ll be ready to help you navigate any changes.