Week before Christmas

homemade herbal vinegar
Herbs from the garden bottled in cider vinegar

Woah- it’s the last week before Christmas! How did that happen? Bizarre the exact thing happened last year too…

We are in the thick of the Christmas Elf Workshops, making beautiful hand crafted gifts like beeswax wrappers, herbal vinegars and paper tree decorations. As the week continues we will be making bath salts, weavings, shortbread and more. Everyone had better keep their eyes open though- the dark elves (lead by Loki the terrible) are hidden in our midst determined to ruin Christmas for everyone and we must keep an eye out for their terrible pranks.

kids hiding under a rainbow mossie net
Rainbow Christmas elves

The weather is suddenly really hot so we will have lots of icy cold drinks, an air-conditioned chill cave, and water play happening during break times. The good old slip and slide will make its regular summer appearance over January giving everyone a chance to cool down.

If the handmade gifts are not enough to go around there is always the Aeoncademy store, open until 6pm Friday December 22nd. We have all your boffering requirements covered with a wide range of replica swords and shields for some great exercise and stress relief. There are also T-shirts and gift vouchers to give someone for one of our summer holiday program workshops in Sparks, Vala or Creative Catalyst.  Email or phone through any bookings and we will pick them up when doors re-open on Monday 8th of January.

boy decorates with a spear
Use your spear to put up the decorations

We hope you have an excellent end of year and a safe and relaxing holiday.  See you next year!

a rainbow leads you to the pot of gold at Aeoncademy!
A rainbow over Aeoncademy!