Coming up in the Early Years program


As we wrap up the Spring Holiday Program, we’re looking forward to a jam-packed term ahead in Sparks!

Like always, we’ll be drawing inspiration and activities from what’s going on in the rest of the centre with Catalyst and Vala to explore a breathtaking range of exciting activities

Drawing inspiration from Vala, we’ll be getting into character as animals, playing ball games, getting spooked up for Halloween, having our own go at some Spark-safe “boffering”, playing dress-up.

Drawing inspiration from Catalyst, we’ll be exploring paper mache, making pinch pots, decorating Halloween lanterns, working on Egyptian drawings, assembling animal collages, and creating our own mummy!

And we’ll have some unique activities of our own, too: playing with spinning tops and ribbon toys, baking carrot cake muffins, having a great time on Music Monday, and even constructing a MEGA CUBBY!