Coming up in the Kitchen-Garden program

As we wrap up the Spring Holiday Program, we’re looking forward to a jam-packed term ahead in Cornucopia!

We’ll be heading out into the fresh air and getting our hands dirty in the garden. Spring is sprung and so there’s plenty to do: watering, mulching, harvesting crops from autumn, planting new crops that’ll be ready by the end of term and others that won’t be ready until autumn.

We’ll also be getting into the kitchen and making some delicious stuff.

In Week 3 we’ll be learning to knead dough, pick herbs from the garden, and make delicious classic pizzas!

In Week 4 we’ll be learning about seasonality by making a beautiful fruit salad out of fresh, seasonal produce. We’ll also be shaking up milk into cream!

In Week 6 we’ll be helping prepare for the 15th Birthday Open Day by making, stuffing, and rolling traditional Greek dolmades!