Coming up in the Dramatic Adventures program

As we wrap up the Spring Holiday Program, we’re looking forward to a jam-packed term ahead in Vala!

On Monday we’ll be joining up with the Roman Legion and marching past Hadrian’s Wall where the rebel Picts roam. I hope our students manage to collect the taxes safely!

On Tuesday we’re bringing our hugely-popular Boffer Weapon Masterclass to after-school. We’ll spend the term exploring a historical warrior culture: the Samurai!

On Wednesday we’ll be back in the Old Stone Age as bad omens and wild animals threaten the Tribe of the Cave Bear.

On Thursday we’ll follow our Greek Heroes into the Lands of the Dead and battle with monsters on their way home to Ithaka.

And then we’ll spend Weeks 5 & 6 training our sword skills to get ready for the 15th Birthday Open Day Vala Tournament, hoping to win some prizes!