A Cure for Freyja

Freyja is a part of the Aeoncademy Family. Her and her family, Lizzie, Bryn and Inge, have come to countless Open Days, and even helped us with our exciting Halloween events in the past.

Freyja has a rare and aggressive cancer, and has needed to travel far from home to undergo some challenging and expensive treatment. She’s only five years old, and while her sisters, Bryn and Inge, and mum, Lizzie, are doing their absolute best, they need our help.

As you all know, we held a raffle this Open Day to raise some funds for Freyja, and we want to say thank you so much to all the families whose hearts went out to support Freyja as a part of our raffle. The number of people who chipped in was incredible, and we raised $250 which will be going to Lizzie to support Freyja and her siblings.

Congratulations Linda, Mr. Gray, and C35 for your wins!

Linda, you’ve won first prize, two spots in our fabulous Holiday Program over the coming year!

Mr. Gray, you’ve won Second Prize: an exclusive Fetish Designs Chicken Teapot

And C35 – You’ve won 3rd Prize – An amazing Boffer Double Headed Viking Axe.

We’ve got the prizes here at Aeoncademy this week, so bring in your raffle stub to collect your prize.

If you want to put a little more in to help them out, you can find all the details and ways to contribute at A Cure for Freyja