Excursions to Hearth

It’s that time of year again: spring is sprung and the sun is back out, students are gearing up for Term 4 and the end of the year, and our Artistic Director Teffany Thiedeman is putting the final touches on her upcoming exhibition, Integument.

children inside the art studio Hearth

Integument explores stories and myths of humans becoming animals and animals becoming humans and the ways that our skins both contain and define us through ceramic figures rich with the textural marks of fur, feather and scales.

As has become an Aeon Academy custom, Creative Catalyst students will have the opportunity to go on excursion to Teffany’s home gallery, Hearth, during the week the exhibition runs (12th – 15th November).

mosaiced sign of Hearth

They will get the chance to have a look at the work and get to see the kiln, the workshop, the garden and beehives, the chooks and bunnies and Bandit the ancient dog. They will also have the opportunity to help finish a community art project,  or maybe just soak it all up and have some bunny therapy.

exploring the back garden

Hearth is a living, growing space that incorporates plants, an edible garden, beehives, chickens and rabbits and a clay wood fired pizza oven. It presents an unprecedented opportunity for Aeon Academy students to experience a working studio and experience art outside an institution, and allows them them to share in Teffany’s inspirations.