How much does this all cost anyway?

The cost, or fee schedule for Aeoncademy is as follows.

Sparks hanging out in the Tipi

Holiday Program Cost

Holiday Programs start at $160, at our Open Day. The price rises after there to between $165 and $200. That’s before the 50% Child Care Rebate, and Child Care Benefit does also apply.

After School Cost

After School classes are a little more complicated, so bear with us.

If you book in for a whole term, the classes base cost is $27.80 across the term. That even counts if it’s not every week, it just needs to be a regular pattern that we can punch in. We call it a ‘block booking’ if it’s every week of the term, or a ‘regular booking’ if it repeats regularly but not every week.

If you’re just after a casual class, the cost is $33.00 for the class. It just costs us a bit more to change things around for one week out of the many.

These classes run from 4pm to 5:30pm every day.

We also offer a ‘bridging’ session between school and our classes. It starts at 3pm and rolls straight into the class at 4pm. It costs $14.70 per session if it’s in a ‘block booking’ or ‘regular booking’, and $15 per session if it’s casual.

But wait, there’s more – we’ve got a ‘Mini-Bridging’ session that runs from 2:30pm until 4pm, picking up children from Yarralumla’s Montessori and Pre-school classes. It costs $23 per session if it’s in a ‘block’ or ‘regular’ booking, and $25 for a casual session.

In response to demand, we’re also offering a session after 5:30pm for children to stay on if their parents can’t get to Aeoncademy before the classes end. The cost for this session $10.

Lastly, discounts apply after school as well.

Effective from September 23rd, 2017 (so starting Term 4), a price increase is coming into effect After School, where:


Block Bookings – $29.20/class

Casual Class – $35/class


Block Bookings – $15.50/class

Casual Bridging – $17/class

Mini Bridging Block Booking – $23/class

Casual Mini Bridging – $27/class.