From the Kitchen and Garden

Cornucopia (our Kitchen and Garden program) started the term looking at breakfast food that most of us would buy at the store but are very simple to make ourselves. On the menu was baked muesli, Greek yoghurt and stewed fruits. Last week we had a great time teaming up with the Sparks and making a large variety of dried fruit and yoghurt leathers, then planting out strawberries in the garden. One day perhaps we will make strawberry leathers from our own fruit.

Mushroom box!

Two weeks ago we had some great fun making breads, and comparing the difference between a traditional sourdough and dried yeast bread. Both turned out beautifully, and so super tasty eaten hot from the oven. The following week we made some soft cheese to go on our breads, and were visited from Penny at Caroola Farm who is going to teach us about the different soils we have in our gardens and how to test them.

Also coming out of the kitchen last week Scrumpers Garden had cooked up some tasty treats for open day. There was a chunky veggie soup, garlic bread and sourdough croutons. Golden Beetroot dip and crackers. The Buckwheat choc chip cookies and yoghurt cake proved very popular along with the Scrumpers Garden preserves for sale on the day.