Summer Fun

Happy New Year!

A Very Happy New Year to everyone from us at Aeoncademy!

Summer Fun

We’ve wasted no time swinging back into our awesome January Program with our phantasmagorical Dreamscape Dioramas in Creative Catalyst.

Our Catalystas dug deep to put together these dreamlike creations with pixie villages, candy mountains, and more all making a showing.

Meanwhile,  sweltering rebellion of The Battle of Vinegar Hill in Vala saw the dramatic adventurers stuck deciding whether or not one of their friends were – in fact – traitors.

Fantastic FabricOn Wednesday Creative Catalyst launched into some Fantastic Fabric – and got to work painting, printing, playing, patching and more.

While in Vala our amazing Yu-Tu Mu-Tati discovered that things were not as they seemed as they came together as a team of Superheroes in the reality show The Magnificent Why’s Ones!

Fossils in ClayOn Thursday Creative Catalyst got stuck into some Ceramic palaeontology with Fossilisation. Our more senior students got stuck into their interpretation of the project, while the Sparks started out sketching their ideas and launched into some Clay Play, with a fabulous collection of fossilised ammonites, starfish, and more.

Meanwhile, Vala launched itself into some next-century chaos with The Warp Experiment – a heist that ended with a weird cross-space/time jump into the Impossible City.

Action Art

Creative Catalyst’s Friday Fun is all centered around Action Art – which we’ve kicked off with some Pollack-inspired Splatter Painting. We’re getting into some awesome methods of action-focused expression as we look at how pastels interact with paper and paint, and how different weights and mixes of paper provide different mediums for paints, charcoals, sketches, and more. All while the Sparks get stuck in to some Big Picture drawing, some splatter painting of their own, and get all ready for a fabulous dramatic interaction with Vala’s story.

Merrie Men of the Greenwood

Vala’s story – by the way – is the ferocious finale to the fabulous Merrie Folk of the Green Wood, as the King in the Green Wood – Robyn Hood – is finally taken by old age in the summer. The Merrie folk are going to need to find a new King for the forest spirits to keep them safe.

Check out all that’s planned for January over this link.