Two children hold a chicken

Hearth, a new Exhibition

This Friday Teffany is having an opening night for her exhibition, Hearth.

mosaiced sign of Hearth - Exhibition space & more
Welcome to Hearth

If your children attend Creative catalyst art classes you may have heard something about this event as the art classes have been going on daily inspiration tours to look at the work in progress and check out the changing site. And pat bunnies.

In many ways Aeoncademy was born out of Teffany’s art practice, she has been regularly exhibiting for two decades and believes her art feeds the classes and the classes feed her art!

We think this is a great opportunity to have a look at the latest art work that Teffany has been producing following her trips to Mexico and Spain. You will see a clear influence of the colourful tile work, mosaic and use of outside space.

Teffany is also using her home garden and studio as gallery. By opening up these usually private spaces to the public she is breaking down barriers between art and and the viewer. Don’t fall in the pond!

Hearth invite

Over the weekend you can also check out  Fetish Designs, her vibrant design range of teapots, cups and more- just in time for Christmas.

a pink flamingo candlestick with it's pretties behind it - Check it out at the exhibition
Fetish design candlesticks

The opening night is Friday the 25th November, at 67 Schlich St in Yarralumla. You can park over the road under the Gum trees.

This is a chance for adults to join in the fun! If you wish to support Hearth further consider taking out a  Hearth membership  which will grant you delicious wood fired pizza on the Opening Night, classes at Ceramic Salon and more… See the Program for details, or talk to Andrew.

A special (free) event for children will happen the next Saturday 26th, Clay Play in the Garden with sessions between 11-2pm. Please Contact Aeoncademy to book in.

This is a weather dependent event. Watch the space Hearth for last minute information on what’s happening.