Homeless Aeoncademy in 2019?

Where will we be in 2019?  Well that’s up to you!

standing together

Dear Community,

Some of you may be aware that our facilities license at Yarralumla Primary School(YPS) is up for renewal at the end of this year. While we had hoped to smoothly transition into a new license it has become clear that the Principal wishes to offer our position up for tender.

It is with great sadness that we announce that this is the last straw for Aeoncademy at YPS. The announcement that we will be forced to go through a tender process is a clear expression that the school management does not support us, despite our efforts for 15 years to develop a partnership in the education and care of children. It is also incredibly disturbing and disruptive to the immediate running of our tiny service; we neither have the resources nor the time to compete with large franchise child care providers. We need a school that supports us in our efforts to provide quality care. Our families need continuity, our workers need some job security.

Aeoncademy is unique, we are a single, small centre run by family and friends. For 15 years, thousands of children across Canberra have grown up in our service, sometimes working their first jobs with us. Our staff all work directly with children providing quality care in a sea of average to poor childcare options. Our life long dream of becoming a not-for-profit is about to be realised in July. These are the projects we need to focus on, not a looming tender process for our right to exist.

This facilities tender process risks repeating the mistakes recently seen in NSW where dollars have trumped quality and large, base level, multi-service, operators have ousted smaller, individual childcare providers. The tender process is not being enforced upon schools by the ACT Education Directorate. YPS management has chosen this option.

If you have a child at YPS, in addition to filling out the after school care survey by June 29th, please contact your school’s Principal ( rohan.evans@ed.act.edu.au ) and tell him NOT to tender out his school’s child care service facilities license and to automatically renew Aeoncademy’s license. He has discretionary powers that can be used to support our program which has a proven track record of excellence. His duty is to listen to the opinions of families attending YPS.

If you love Aeoncademy for our vacation programs, our work experience and mentoring opportunities, our community engagement and our excellent workers who all rely on us for employment please also write directly to the current ACT Minister for Education and Early Childhood Development Yvette Berry MLA ( Berry@act.gov.au) to express your support of the automatic renewal of Aeoncademy’s license and rejection of any tender process.  It would be helpful to Cc that email to the YPS Principal.

Thank you for your ongoing support!

The Aeoncademy Team.