Horrible Preserves

Step into our Catalyst Apothecary full of the rarest, most bizarre and downright spooky ingredients and specimens one could ever imagine or require for their unique concoctions, blends and brews! To be ready just in time for our up coming ‘Halloaeon’ event at Aeoncademy.

Creative Catalyst - Horrible PreservesOur Horrible Preserves will tap into our collective fascination with all things eerie. Using polymer clay, paint and other mixed materials we will create a collection of weird objects – think eye of newt, toe of frog and tongue of dog or trolls ears, wolf fangs and dragon claws  – to carefully preserve in our own jar of ‘pickling’ complete with hand drawn label. 

NOT ONLY are Creative Catalyst mixing their weird and wonderful preserves, but the Sparks are getting involved with their own version of this awesome project, complete with hand-lettered labels, freshly disembodied appendages, and a special mystery goo.