Imagination Ahead- Ahoy, me Hearties!

Let your imagination roam as we cross the known (and unknown) seas in search of all kinds of adventure and bounty. The sails at Aeoncademy have picked up a fair wind and we have launched forth on a grand program this Autumn Vacation.

A Doorway into the Imagination at Aeoncademy
A Doorway to the Imagination…
Pirate Glamour at Aeoncademy
Pirate Glamour


When you walk through our doors you can  expect fabulous costumes, props and face paints. Be prepared to read and be inspired by amazing books and a wide array of replica weapons and shields.  You will be introduced to an incredible range of art materials, specialised tools and time proven techniques, all ready to be explored, played with and and harnessed in our imaginative adventures.

On Monday doors and windows crafted from earthly substances in the Art Room provided insight into new and familiar worlds. While the Sage of Snow Treasure Peak sorely tested Valans as they wandered into Legendary China, a place where fledgling heroes who seek to harness their Chi must first have their hearts and motives tested.

Sand Play for setting the scene at Aeoncademy
Sand Play for setting the scene

Tuesday, the inaugural Valan flagship holds steady on its course to pillage and plunder the Spanish under the command of Captain Morgan while a gentle breeze has ruffled the feathers of various specimens being sculpted to life on the Island of Avian Animalia.

Whats more, the view from the crows nest tells of more adventures and explorations that approach on the horizon.

Wednesday and Thursday have seen desolate haunted islands, gorgeous Elfland dioramas, hundreds of art badges and wearable art, exploits in outer space, hula hooping  and  tomorrow is only Friday!

Never too old for dress ups!
Never too old for dress ups!

Lads and lassies, Aeoncademy prepares to weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen so be quick and daring and jump ship now while ye have the chance.

To avoid being marooned this Autumn Vacation give us a call on 6142 3268.

Spark Story at Aeoncademy
Spark Story