Intro Week

Well, what a holiday program it’s been!

The springtime weather has been lovely (for the most part), the food from the kitchen has been delicious and nutritious, and the programs have been electric! We’ve been samurai and Vikings, dwarves and Romans; made spring prints and fairytale dioramas and ceramics masks from around the world; and build castles from cardboard and played with go-carts in our lovely garden space.

But there’s no time to rest for our busy Educators, because it’s time for Term 4!

The first week of term is always a bit special, and not just from hearing all about school holiday adventures and watching school friends reunite.

It’s special because we take a bit of a break from our normal program, and mix things up.

During the first week we break down the barriers between programs, giving all the kids a taste of everything that Aeon Academy has to offer.

We call these the Introductory Sessions and they happen week 1 of every term.

We watch Visual Arts kids learn about the Kitchen-Garden, Early Years and Creative Play kids enjoy a little Dramatic Adventure, Dramatic Adventures kids getting their hands messy playing with clay. It’s energetic, chaotic and messy  in the very best way, and a wonderful way to start off the term right.

And meanwhile, behind the scenes, we schedule things to give all our Educators time off the floor in our back office space.

There, they meet with the program directors to plan the term ahead, do training and professional development, prepare materials and supplies so we’re fully ready, and put in the work to keep the programs we deliver running at the very highest level of quality.

There’s less than a week to go ‘til Term 4, and we couldn’t be more excited!

We hope you’ll join us!