Legendary China

Legendary China

After the Heavenly Emperors’

The time of the Three Sovereigns, demigods whose abilities helped create mankind and impart essential skills and knowledge, and the Five Emperors, sages possessed of great moral character, is now slipping from living memory and into the mists of legend. Shun, last of the Five Emperors, gave his throne to the legendary Yu the Great, who established the Xia Dynasty, the first in China to be described in the ancient historical chronicles, the Bamboo Annals.

Delve into a dark time in China’s semi-legendary past- devastating earthquakes heralded the era of the last Xia ruler, the tyrant Jie of Xia. Years into his oppressive reign he floats about on an imperial party barge in the midst of a slave-made lake of rice wine while the Nine Provinces go to rack and ruin. Anyone speaking out against him is immediately executed.

Legendary China

The Mandate of Heaven has been withdrawn from his rule, the great Long Dragons no longer bless the land with reliable rains, and if the Nine Tripod Cauldrons are still in Jie’s possession then he has not brought them forth to make the proper sacrifices for many a year.


  1. The Sage of Snow-Treasure Peak
  2. The Dragon Within
  3. The Dragon’s Return
  4. Nine Tripod Cauldrons

This is a Legendary China in dire need of new heroes- do you have what it takes to face the dragon within, reclaim treasures symbolising Heaven on Earth in the name of the People, and to empower the beginnings of a new Dynasty?

The Sage of Snow-Treasure Peak

Ancient Legendary China suffers under the tyrannical rule of King Jie of Xia, who sits in his Tilt Palace drinking and partying while his people suffer and starve. Most stand by and do nothing, but there are some with the courage and will to resist his evil. A group of fledgling heroes, strangers to one another, are called by a recurring dream to seek training and guidance from a legendary sage.

Sage of Snow Treasure Peak

He is their only hope, the teacher and mentor who will help them to end King Jie’s evil and undo the damage he has done. He is The Sage of Snow Treasure Peak.

The Dragon Within

It is a time of great suffering for Ancient and Legendary China. The age of harmony and plenty when the Heavenly Emperors ruled and the great Lung Dragons brought rain and good harvests is long passed. A group of fledgling heroes, students of the legendary Sage of Snow Treasure Peak, have left him to go questing after he revealed their destiny to protect the hopes and future of all China.

The Dragon WIthinNow their first task lies before them: a great cave-mouth yawning like a passage to the underworld, the depths of which they must travel to encounter and face …The Dragon Within.

The Dragon’s Return

The group of heroes have completed their first task, returning the dragons to the Nine Provinces. This should be a time of celebration as the rain-giving elemental creatures return life to the parched farms of China. But the rain comes in a raging torrent, and flooding threaten to destroy the fertile low-lands.

The Dragons Return

Only the long-dead Yu the Great, legendary Tamer of Floods, held the secret to ending the downpour, and so the heroes must venture into haunted Gin Gul Cemetery to find his tomb and ensure that good and not further suffering results from The Dragons’ Return.

Nine Tripod Cauldrons

The group of heroes have brought back the dragons and restored the harmony of the elements, and now the Sage summons them back to learn their greatest task yet. Prince Shang of Tang and his worthiness offer the hope that the gods will bless a new Emperor to replace the tyrant Jie, but preparations are needed if this is to be fulfilled.


The heroes’ is the most dangerous of these tasks: to infiltrate Jie’s terrible Tilt Palace, find the lost treasures of China hidden there, and make the proper sacrifices in Shang’s name into the sacred Nine Tripod Cauldrons.