Introducing: The Aeoncademy Store

You’ve come to the program. You’ve seen the sights, now take home a little piece of Aeoncademy.

From T-Shirts to Journals, Calendars to Greeting Cards, Aeoncademy has a host of amazing products produced by our team of talented individuals and students that are just waiting to enliven your wardrobe or home.

T Shirts

Aeoncademy T-Shirts are the perfect way to help support our efforts to take Education through Creativity to the next level – and show your support for the service! Better yet, absolutely nobody judges you for a paint-splattered Aeoncademy T-Shirt – It just adds to the charm!

The Vala coat of arms has existed for time immemorial. Our DMs and veterans all display the sigil proudly, and now you can own it on a shirt! Perfect for adventure, the Vala shirt really shows your passion for storytelling. Available in Red and Blue.

Printed Creations

Take home a view into the wide world of Visual Arts with our Creative Catalyst Calendar – with 12 months of views into the creative process that happens every day in our Creative Catalyst classes – and with important Aeoncademy dates marked out for all of next year – with Holiday Programs, Open Days, and more all listed.

Our classic AeonDawn Magazine is the best way to take home stories from the Vala program – and as well as being published online, you can have it in limited edition print form. Relive the joy of Weird Tales or The Argosy All-Story Weekly with uniquely Aeoncademy stories.

Aeoncademy’s After-School classes have put their heads together into magnificent Animal Panels – and have worked together to create beautiful larger-than-life images that include everything from woodland scenes the the soaring phoenix. Produced into slick take-home cards, our Animal Panels are a beautiful way to say hello to family & friends.

Each day of Vala, our students take on a character. The bones of that character are laid out in a postcard-style format and make for beautiful memories of the stories we tell, but over time some certain attendees may build up a significant collection. Introducing the Vala Card Carrier – the best way to organise your collection of Character Cards. Choose from five different covers celebrating different sets in Vala’s program – with more covers coming soon!


GearVala has, over many years, selected the best of the best by way of the gear that we use. Of special note are our ‘Boffer’ weapons – safe, padded swords and shields, hammers and maces all specifically designed for the fun of the user. Our extensive range covers a wide range of historical and mythological settings, and are available now from the Aeoncademy Store.