MiniSparks Flourish with AudioPod

miniSparks continues to flourish with the introduction of AudioPod.

miniSparks was introduced last term in response to the growing number of Sparks. Creating a separate yet complementary group for our youngest members has meant that these children are able to continue exploring their creativity in visual, dramatic and culinary pursuits but they do so alongside a dedicated carer and amongst a smaller group. Storytelling, creative play, and enquiry continue as the foundations for the miniSparks explorative sessions. Our observations over the last term have indicated positive engagement across the board for our younger participants. As a result we are very excited to continue expanding miniSparks in relation to further growth across the week as it occurs.

This term we have introduced the Audio Pod which has proved a harmonious addition to Aeoncademy overall and the miniSparks in particular. The Audio Pod, a bridge to the realm of characters, stories and adventures, presents fantastic opportunities for developing and engaging  in both creative and dramatic play in addition to being available to those participants who would like to simply chill out after a full day at school.

If you have a suggestion for our AudioPod let us know. We are looking to expand upon our collection of stories and the adventures to be had!

oh the adventures to be had! the stories to tell!