Welcome Back to School!

After a great Holiday Program we’re rolling straight back into our after-school program.

Back To School

Our Monday & Tuesday art classes are being run by Monica Castelo, with ceramic & mixed material workshops coming together with Teffany’s classic ceramics class on Thursdays and Isabelle’s Wednesday wonders of Drawing and Painting. This term in Creative Catalyst we’re exploring themes of Spring Stories, sprouting seeds and reborn reflections with a host of exciting projects. From Storybook Construction to Masks and Masques, and with a fantastic batch of different programs planned.

Outdoor Painting

In Vala, our stories center around revelation, understanding, and new beginnings as we get involved in stories from the Age of the Buccaneers and Realms of the Renaissance, and with many, many more stories from all over the globe being put together for a fantastic Vala program this term.

Outdoor Play

Sparks this term are doing exciting projects building on each of our programs, and in World Cooking are getting to make some of the most delicious dishes that we’ve ever seen.  We’re taking a look at the cultural differences between styles of flat cake, from Belarusian Potato Pancakes to Venezuelan Corn-cakes, we’re really excited to explore both the differences in how these foods are prepared and why these foods share common and differing characteristics from different points on the globe.

You can see all the different programs planned over here – and click through to see the details about each of our programs.

Bubble Bubble...]As we get stuck into what’s on this term, here’s a heads up for the Open Day – it’ll happen on the 20th of August. Aeoncademy is a strong believer in the local community, and our Open Days are one of the ways we try and bring a bit more creativity into everyone’s lives. From Art & Craft advice from our supremely experienced facilitators, to chats about the things that impact our community. Put it in your calendar today!

And, as a sneak peek, Teffany is hosting an Open Studio on the same weekend… Stay tuned for more – coming soon.

Thank you for the Winter Program!

Thank you thank you thank you all for a brilliant Holiday Program! We went from excellent to amazing, kept warm in winter (despite the snow) and sunk our hands into some fantastic creative programs. From Wired to Winter Drawing, Aztec Dusk to the Age of the Buccaneers, we’ve managed to move all over the world and throughout space and time, and we’re rolling off from the program straight into our awesome after-school classes.


In Creative Catalyst we’re especially proud of Terrariums, those fantastic living worlds-in-glass. Layering stone and soil over shells and shapes, we saw some participants reverse the paleontological process and bury skeletons, others got involved in sky-writing on the glass, or Rainbow-serpent-esque coils circling the piece.


In Skulls and Bones we got into some seriously cool explorations of form. From exuberant day of the dead skulls to bowls carved from what looked like ribcages.

Skulls & Bones

We explored shapes that were inspired by skeletal remains and those sun-bleached skulls of the desert. We got to get our hands on some serious artistic inspiration for the project, too, in this magnificent  sculptural class.

Bones & Skulls

Meanwhile in Vala, our crowd favourites were The Realm of The Raven, the absolutely amazing conclusion to our many-cycle epic tale Elf-Towers of Dawn. All across the Realm our noble (and ignoble) adventurers have traveled, quested, fought monsters, won over taverns with their wit, toppled political campaigns, carried out wyrd rituals, and so much more. Of special note was our fabulous monster-feature of The Mighty Twin-headed Ettin.

The Realm of the Raven

Also in the realm of exciting stories, the origin of Professor Martin was – for the first time – revealed in the Time Bandit’s zany Night in the British Museum. Evading the gendarmerie and school-children alike, the Time Bandit’s’ story started getting out of hand when creatures and fixtures of the Museum started coming to life. Jade Dragons, Minotaurs, miniature Napoleons, and much much more all clashing with calamity as the Time Bandits struggled to recover the map of all time and space before it was lost to the great evil one, or simply to some calamity or another.Time Bandits - A Night at the Museum

When the weather got blue, what were the Sparks to do? They transformed their room into pirate ships, castles, little houses all in a row, and marketplaces, and more. The opportunity arose to venture out beyond, to the Vala and Catalyst rooms, where they encountered opportunities to become riots, pirates, tribal people from around the world, school children, and creatures of the forest. Not to mention getting to use wire, clay, living plants, watercolours and recycled materials, to make individual projects.

The Fall of the Aztecs

The Fall of the Aztecs

Experience the heyday of the Aztec Empire, the mightiest kingdom in their known world, and feel their pain as their ancient culture comes toppling down and is trodden beneath iron-shod feet. From the first omens of ruin and disaster to the conquest of Tenochtitlan, the Aztec capital that lies beneath modern-day Mexico City, take a stand against the invading Spanish and preserve as much as can be saved so at least something of the Aztec culture can survive!

Fall of the Aztecs


  1. Aztec Omens
  2. Aztec Dusk
  3. Montezuma and Cortes
  4. The Fall of Tenochtitlan

In the ‘Fall of the Aztecs’ set of adventures Vala explores the diverse cultures of Aztec-ruled Central America, the chain of events that led to their conquest by the Spanish, the moments on which history hinged where things could have turned out radically different, and the inevitability that at-times is the nature of history, while also teaching skills of strategy, cooperation, and good judgement.

Aztec Omens

At the height of its power as tribute, slaves, and sacrifices pour into Tenochtitlan like rivers, the Aztec Empire faces mysterious signs of doom: balls of fire streaking through the sky; lakes catching fire, and ghostly voices crying out at night. As whispers and panic begin among the people and rumours spread of strange pale-faced foreigners visiting the Gulf of Mexico and the nearby Mayan Empire,

Aztec Omens

The priests and nobles of Tenochtitlan must appease the angry gods and discover what threat could be so dire as to provoke these Aztec Omens.

Aztec Omens

Omens still bedevil the Aztec Empire as spies and scouts bring reports that the silver-skinned strangers from across the sea have made alliance with the rival state of Tlaxaca. To combat this atmosphere of uncertainty the Emperor sends a group who impressed him during recent ceremonies to solidify the Triple Alliance, the foundation on which the Empire rests.

Aztec Dusk

Venturing through the jungle and facing not only its native dangers but Tlaxacan and Spanish interference, they must be fearsome, cunning, and wise if they are to avert the looming Aztec Dusk.

Montezuma and Cortes

Emperor Montezuma has made alliance with the pale-skinned Conquistadors, hosting them at his palace and giving them gifts so they will end their friendship with the Aztecs’ enemies. But he does not trust them, so when their leader Cortes travels out of the city, the Emperor sends a group to secretly follow him and turn whatever circumstance they discover to the advantage of the Aztec Empire. But disaster strikes the city while they are away, and when they return the group are sucked into the chaos and violence caused by these two men:

But disaster strikes the city while they are away, and when they return the group are sucked into the chaos and violence caused by these two men: Montezuma and Cortes!

The Fall of Tenochtitlan

Disaster abounds in the capital of the Aztec Empire as terrible omens warn that the end of their dominion may have come. The Emperor and the citizens fall sick with a foreign disease, food and even water cease to arrive in the city, the pale-skinned Conquistadors plot with the Tlaxacans, and even their faithful ally Texcoco betrays the Triple-Alliance.


As the Conquistador armies march on the Aztec capital, swollen by their traitorous former subjects, all that is left for our group is to decide how they will spend their lives to stop The Fall of Tenochtitlan.

Realms of the Renaissance: Games of Power

Realms of the Renaissance: Games of Power

Embroil yourself in the wild world of the Italian Mercantile, where Assassinations, Twisted Words, Burglary, Duels, and All-Out War abound in this contest for power throughout the Renaissance-Era City-States. The introduction of new banking systems and the rising speed of communication have combined to form enormous opportunity. 

Realms of the Renaissance


  1. War and Peace in Old Venice
  2. The Genoan General
  3. Florence Falls
  4. Rise of Rome

Great factions move and shift – The Borgias, The Medici, The Grimaldi, The Pope, The Protestants, The Scholars, and The Soldiery all vying for dominance throughout Italy as Cheap credit and the Printing Press combine to shake Old Money influence to the very core during this rapid rediscovery of ideas new and old.

War and Peace in Old Venice

Join a small coalition from a variety of backgrounds and business interests in order to carve out a chunk of Venice from the crowd of other interests. Games of power abound as the city pushes back against your interests, so be prepared to play dirty, to defend your honour, follow the money and find your foes. Accomplish all this to rise as a successful influence in the Mercantile Venetian City-State.

War and Peace in Old Venice

The year is 1515, and the long-established traditions of Venice are being shaken to their floating foundations. Upstart merchants, devious thieves, and doughty mercenaries all come together to carve a chunk out of the greatest merchant empire ever to touch the European world. Keeping their wits and weapons honed they must slice through this cut-throat game of class-act gentlemen and rough-hewn street warriors, while a syndicate of long-established families all try to send them to the poorhouse, to the prison, or to perish forever-more.

The Genoan General

The coalition of La Novo Mercato (New Market) have found themselves in the employ of the formidable Genoan General, and to help him must topple the powers of fair Verona at a time where tension is sweeping throughout Europe; in the lead up to the Italian War of 1521.

La Novo Mercato VictoriousUsing all their wits, the New Market must find a way to discredit, deceive, and even depose the corrupt cardinal of this barracks citadel. On their side stands a disgraced preacher, an army of thieves, and a printer just trying to do the best for their family.

Rallying against them stands this corrupt Cardinal and his forces, the Old-Money of aristocracy, and the populace of Verona, all ready to stamp out any opposition to the status quo.

Florence Falls

Having continued campaigning with Andrea Doria, the Genoan General, for the entirety of the Four Years; War, la Novo Mercato have become a rich and powerful influence indeed, and have learned of a fragility in the power structure of Firenze (Florence). The people are dissatisfied with Medici rule and are already on edge. La Novo Mercato is good at using that.


La Novo Mercato is ready to stand forward and carve out their own significant market – their interests in Venice and Verona, along with Geona and most of the north, are not big enough to carry much clout with the serious names – Medici, Grimaldi, or Borgia – so to expand the group must look to the horizon of Firenze. Florence is ruled by the Medici at this point, and they have made many enemies. One of these enemies is political writer Machiavelli, who has been involved in Florentine politics for some time.

Term 3 Program!

Week Two
Creative Catalyst Story Book Illustration 1 Shadow Puppets 1 Seed Collage (mixed materials) Seed Pod Sculptures 1 (ceramic)
Felting Project
Vala Dramatic Adventures The Genoan General The Genoan General The Genoan General The Genoan General
Sparks Creative Play Story Game Illustration (drawing) Stomp & Shout: The Riots (drama) Venezulean fresh corn cakes w cheese (cooking) seed pod sculptures (ceramic)
Week Three
Creative Catalyst Story Book Illustration 2 Shadow Puppets 2 Seed Collage 2 Seed Pod Sculptures 2 (ceramic)
Felting Project
Vala Dramatic Adventures Aztec Dusk Aztec Dusk Aztec Dusk Aztec Dusk
Sparks Creative play Piranah Bridge (drama) Blini (cooking) Seed Collage (rub and paste) Piranah Bridge (drama)
Week Four
Creative Catalyst Bejewelled Wands 1 Potion bottle 1 Magnified Drawings Genie Bottles 1
Drama Games
Vala Dramatic Adventures Heist on Space Station Sierra Heist on Space Station Sierra Heist on Space Station Sierra Heist on Space Station Sierra
Sparks Creative play Somalian curried corn with bread (cooking) Potion Bottles (polymer stoppers with crystal orb) Electronic Eyes & Robotic Responders (drama) Monica’s Spanish Tortilla (cooking)
Week Five Open Day
Creative Catalyst Bejewelled Wands 2 Potion Bottle 2 Mounting work for Open day and finishing work Genie Bottles 2
Dutch Cake on a string
Vala Dramatic Adventures The Merrie Green Wood The Merrie Green Wood The Merrie Green Wood The Merrie Green Wood
Sparks Creative play Spiralled Bottles & Vases (Ceramic) Walk in the Woods (drama) Hedgehog & more – Slices & Delightses (cooking) Wands of Wonder
Week Six
Creative Catalyst Group Storybook Illustration return Shadow Puppet Return Giant Drawings Masks 1
Cubby ProjectBoxes
Vala Dramatic Adventures The Realm of the Raven The Realm of the Raven The Realm of the Raven The Realm of the Raven
Sparks Creative play The Ettin & The Ravenswatch (drama) Belarus Potato Pancakes (cooking) Salt Dough Animals The Ettin & The Ravenswatch (drama)
Week Seven
Creative Catalyst Group Storybook Illustration return Feather Headdress Exquisite Corpse & Drawing Games Masks 2
Cubby ProjectDesign
Vala Dramatic Adventures The Dragon Within The Dragon Within The Dragon Within The Dragon Within
Sparks Creative play Magnification Drawings Finger Puppets Slimes & Spooky Caverns (drama) Lumpia Shanghai (cooking)
Week Eight
Creative Catalyst Quilted Bag of Holding Feather Headdress Musical Still Life Nesting 1 (ceramics)
Cubby ProjectBuild
Vala Dramatic Adventures From Bolters to Bushrangers From Bolters to Bushrangers From Bolters to Bushrangers From Bolters to Bushrangers
Sparks Creative play Fabric Picture Sunburned Country (drama) Indian Aloo Tikki (cooking) Nesting (ceramics)
Week Nine
Creative Catalyst Quilted Bag of Holding Feather Headdress Fold Draw Cut (mask faces) Nesting 2 (ceramics)
Cubby ProjectBuild
Vala Dramatic Adventures Treasure of Porto Bello Treasure of Porto Bello Treasure of Porto Bello Treasure of Porto Bello
Sparks Creative play Dungeons of the Castiel (drama) Emirati Date Crepes with Carrot Salad (cooking) Shadow Puppets March on Fort Geronimo (Drama)
Week Ten
Creative Catalyst Free Art Play Free Art Play Complete Portfolio Work Free Time With Clay
Cubby ProjectDecorate
Vala Dramatic Adventures Time Bandits: A Night in the British Museum Time Bandits: A Night in the British Museum Time Bandits: A Night in the British Museum Time Bandits: A Night in the British Museum
Sparks Creative play Preserved Fetta (cooking) Drawing Games A Knight in the British Museum (drama) Golden Syrup Dumplings (cooking)


Technical Difficulties!

Over the School Holidays our website went down. Unfortunately, the website collapse took with it our email and direct messaging services — so if you tried to get in touch electronically between the 8th and the 15th of July, it’s a good idea to send your email again.

The website is now up and running again! So is email!

The website going down was not a malicious attack and all personal information is still, as ever, secure. We’re really sorry that we couldn’t blast this out earlier — unfortunately with the website down we had a choice of Instagram or Facebook, and we decided on using Facebook to keep our families informed. Our Facebook feed is a great way to keep up to date with what Aeoncademy’s up to, check out images of our projects and participants, and to leave us a ‘like’ or review.

We’re back into the After School Program — stay tuned for an update on what we’re running & when. If you’re interested, get in touch on 6142 3268 or Contact Us through the link.

Thanks everyone for a fantastic holiday program! Article coming soon.

Creative Catalyst – Winter Program

Soup Kitchen Ceramics- Monday 4th July.

Soup Kitchen Ceramics

A ceramics workshop especially for winter. Explore hand-building techniques like coiling, slab building & mould work. Produce some functional ware & glaze it raw with stencils and brush work.

Winter Drawing – Tuesday 5th July.

Winter Drawing

Enjoy the winter light as we go on an outside walk to collect branches, feathers, pinecones & more. Set up your own still life and have a go with charcoal, pastels, pencils, graphite & other more unusual drawing materials…

Hibernating Animalia- Wednesday 6th July.

Hibernating Animalia

From bears to long-necked turtles, many creatures hide during the coldest part of the year. Bring them to life in this ceramic modelling class. You will learn techniques that will help you make sculptural forms of various critters in their hiding places.

Staff of Power!- Thursday 7th July.

Staff of Power

Following in the tradition of famous magic users (Harry Potter, Hermione, Gandalf, Merlin, The White Witch etc) be the owner of an individual Staff of Power! We will go for a walk in the forest and find the right stick to start your staff. Back in the art workshop, you will design and then construct (from mixed materials) an original staff topper. Think dragon eyes, vine wrapped crystals, feathery owls, jewel encrusted toads. Take your staff home for your next fancy dress party!

Spanish Tiles- Friday 8th July.

Spanish Tiles

This workshop will be an opportunity to both create your own original ceramic tiles and/or glaze pre-fired terracotta tiles with intricate designs. Tiles have an ancient and widespread history which we will investigate before starting our designs.

Bones and Skulls- Monday 11th July.

Skulls & Bones

Bleached and bare, this is a sculpture workshop using clay. Be inspired by the curves and negative spaces of bones and produce an artwork in response. It might be the rib-like hull of a boat, a Viking chalice or something very abstract. All work will be fired in the kiln.

Miniature Magic- Tuesday 12th July.

Miniature Magic

From The Borrowers to Alice in Wonderland we have always been fascinated with smaller scale models of real life objects. Choose from a huge range of materials (eg: acorn caps, pebbles corks, air drying clay, wire, feathers…) to construct details of your tiny world, like cooking pots, furniture, pets, vehicles etc. This workshop combines well with Terrariums.

Wired- Wednesday 13th July.


A wire & metal sculpture workshop. Warm up with continuous line drawing and then try your hand at bending, twisting and shaping wire into form. A great way to create action figures like athletes, dancers and leaping horses suspended in motion.

Little Shrines- Thursday 14th July.

Little Shrines

Shrines are found in many of the world’s religions- Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Shinto as well as secular settings like War Memorials, places of natural beauty and even Pooh Corner on the Clyde!

Investigate different motifs, shapes and symbols and produce a little shrine of your own. Dedicate it to your own pet, favorite place or loved one.

Terrariums-Friday 15th July

Build a world in a glass! Design and construct a miniature garden scene using large glass goblets, earth, pebbles, found objects and plants. Make miniature people, animals or objects to live in your tiny world. This workshop combines well with Miniature Magic.


Warming up Winter at Aeoncademy

Our winter program is really heating up. Don’t delay — call today.

The Winter Program

The super Soup Kitchen Ceramics, a Creative Catalyst workshop is designed around hand-building bowls and spoons from clay — this super practical workshop will send participants home (after the open day) with usable ceramic crockery!


Meanwhile, The Genoan General promises to throw Vala participants into a world of intrigue and plot in and around Genoa, Padua and to Fair Verona where we lay our scene. Ancient grudges break to new mutiny in this complex historical political thriller.

Our Sparks are all getting excited about Miniature Magic‘s Art interaction, and especially for A Night at The British Museum’s Dramatic Make Believe, which promises to be a little spooky, a little kooky, and a lot of fun.

Teffany — our intrepid director and leader of the Catalyst crew — is returning from Barcelona to take some of her favourite workshops — and to introduce Spanish Tiles to our collection.  Spanish Tiles is all about complex, hand—painted and decorated tiles with intricate patterns inspired by Majolica and other glaze traditions. See what else she’s been up to here and here.

Mosaic in the moonlight
Mosaic in the moonlight

But there are so many classes — From Winter Drawing to Terrariums, from Legendary China to the First of the Bushrangers, and with everything in between. We’re super excited to run these holidays.

Now it would take another whole post each to do our workshops any justice in description — so give the office a call on 6142 3268 and we’ll talk you through them!


Water fountains and civic features

After two weeks in Barcelona, there are some civic features here I really appreciate. For instance, you don’t need to lug a water bottle around while tracking through the streets or exploring the many parks because there are water bubblers everywhere!

A bird at the bubbler
A bird at the bubbler

Not only do they dispense water but some of them are  old and incredibly beautiful, others more contemporary or with a bit of a DIY aesthetic. In this densely populated city of 1.6 million people, tourist season peak time can  swell numbers to 8 million! A massive increase of people with all their demands for rooms, food and rubbish disposal.

Lovely fountain
Lovely fountain
well used DIY fountain
well used DIY fountain
Modenista Fountain
Modernista Fountain
Community Garden
Community Garden
Fountain inspired 'Personage' by Joan Miro
Fountain inspired ‘Personage’ by Joan Miro
Organic waste

Everywhere you walk there are recycling hoppers to sort out your waste. This city is very well maintained with round the clock cleaning by electric cars on all the main tourist routes.

Recycling hoppers are widely available
Recycling hoppers are widely available
Electric cleaning cars
Electric cleaning cars

People here value plants and greenery.  Tiny balconies are full of pot plants, there are squares and avenues planted with lovely shade giving trees and community gardens pop up on roof-tops and in communal courtyard spaces. Large parks have been carefully planned: providing lawn space, scented avenues and lots of shade.











One of the best things about this city is the bicycle sharing system called Bicing (rhymes with icing). For about $50 a year, residents can join up which gives them access to a bike from any of the  6000 available at 420 stations around the city. You can ride the bike for free up to 30 minutes and then there is a small charge for up to 2 extra hours after that. You want to get the bike back to a station before 4 hours though or it get expensive. This shouldn’t be a problem because there seem to be bike stations all over the place, just like the bubblers and recycling centres.

Full bike station ready to go
Full bike station ready to go


Popular bike station with only a couple of bikes left
Popular bike station with only a couple of bikes left

Thank you for a wonderful Open Day!

While the cats are away… we had an Open Day.

IMG_20160528_100824524 IMG_20160528_100851581 IMG_20160528_120243100 IMG_20160528_131301030 IMG_20160528_131316019

A massive thank you to all the families who came to see us, who booked in for the program, who got involved in our sweet crafternoon, and joined our dramatic adventure! It was wonderful to have you come by.

We also got to release our Winter program!

The Winter Program

We’re all super keen to be putting on this fantastic program these coming holidays. If you’d like to find out more, get in touch with the office here, or give us a call – 6142 3268.

Following a fantastic Open Day, we have been left with a few treasures yet to make their way home. Canopic vessels, birds of all designs, doors to other worlds and musical chimes from the Summer holiday program are all currently being displayed in a cupboard just outside the Art Room door.

If you were unable to come by on the open day but would like to pick up any work you can visit us during our after-school care hours (Monday to Friday from 2-6pm). If you do pop by don’t forget to ask us about the fantastic Winter program that will be running between the 4th and 15th of July.

There will plenty of opportunity to create new ceramic masterpieces in the upcoming program as well as explore how mixed materials can be shaped into powerful staves, test the flexibility and function of wire and metal while creating sculptures, investigate object placement and the forms of living sculptures as terrariums take shape not to mention participate in a dramatic adventure or two.

Bushrangers, Dragons, warriors, adventurers, smugglers, fey folk, and pesky Time Bandits will all have their time to shine in the hall. There are choices to be made, decisions to ponder, doors to open, and close, defeat, victory, and stories; to be told, and rewritten. What legend, fable or tale will be sung of your adventures and who will write it?

Teffany is currently conducting some research into a whole bunch of fabulous Spanish artists – including Gaudi and Hieronymus Bosch while in Barcelona and she is very excited to be able to return and share her reflections. Check out some of her pictures and explorations here.

Gaudi~ An artist of nature

This week has been a monumental one (no pun intended). Mathew and I are in Barcelona and I have finally seen, moved amongst and touched the work of Antoni Gaudi, an artist whose work I have admired since childhood.

Art as a part of Life
Art as a part of Life

Essentially Gaudi embodies the idea of art being an integral part of life. In his eccentric and organic architectural structures he reverentially calls upon the forms found in nature as a paeon to his God.  He is famous for his saying  ‘originality is returning to the origin’ an idea which is born out in his extensive use of natural forms like honeycomb, tree trunk columns, spirals and fractal like branching structures.

Gaudi's Gorgeous Structures...
Branching structures at Casa Milá

We started with a dusk visit to Casa Mila which is better known as La Pedrera (The Quarry), an originally  disparaging nickname for an apartment building constructed in the modernist period in Catalonia, Barcelona at the beginning of the 19th Century. Originally constructed as an apartment for a wealthy patron it anticipated the changes of the new millennia by incorporating innovative structures like an underground car park, a lift,  a light flooded central shared courtyard and open plan floors to allow the inhabitants to design their own spaces.

It is always a weird sensation to actually experience the environment you have anticipated by looking at postcards, art books or online videos.

 La Pedrera itself stands uniquely in a street surrounded by historical and stately buildings. The famous doors that look so delicate in pictures are massive iron gates inspired by the patterned wings of a butterfly. The inside ground floor of the courtyard space is flooded in colour from algal greens to floral pinks and blues. Decoratively exuberant it celebrates natural patterns from the minutiae of curlicues of balustrades and door handles to the massive bones of the entire construction . The structure rises from the floor in a giant spiral like the interior of a sea shell or snail. Massive tree like pillars support the building stretching up to the roof space which contains large catenary arches, commonly found in Gothic architecture, a style Gaudi was extremely fond of. Walking through the roof area is like walking through the body of a whale, the arches forming ribs and tunnels. Apparently this was where all the washing was hung to dry!

From this roof space the very top of La Pedrera is accessible through narrow spiral staircases leading to more fantastical sculptural shapes rearing into the sky like Easter Island statues. Like so many historical places in Barcelona, the building is given a contemporary interpretation for public use everyday. Here a light projection show transforms the 100 year old rooftop into an incredible canvas of colour and movement with images of plants and animals in a celebration of nature Gaudi surely would have appreciated.

Then Park Guell…

The Hall @ Aeoncademy

There is a space at Aeon that transforms each day. A place that at times can traverse space and time. An area that divided or united provides students of Aeoncademy with opportunities; there’s places to explore, people to meet and skills to master.

Let me introduce you to the hall; the crossroads of Aeoncademy.

Meal time with a little washing up (#life skills)

Sharing meal-times is a fantastic way to foster community. Sitting down, surrounded by peers and friends, helps our students learn from each other and develop their sense of self as part of a greater whole. Talking about their day, with each other and with the Aeoncademy team, helps them unwind after tough days at school. It’s also an opportunity to eat some fantastic food, and learn about washing up in WashPod – which is really just a fancy name for children taking responsibility for their impact on the space.

Dramatic adventures


Vala uses the hall & stage as a blank slate – tabula rasa – on which it lays foundation stones of creative, interactive storytelling. The hall has become everything from Mayan Ziggurats, to the Australian Desert, to the cabin of a Spaceship in orbit. It’s a space that our participants interact with to both change themselves and the space – and they do so with gusto every day.

Cooking up a storm (Sparks world cooking)


Anna and Esther take the helm of our Sparks Cooking extravaganzas at the canteen end of the hall. Taking raw ingredients and creativity, flour and foodstuffs fly together into amazing multicultural creations, teaching children about food, where food comes from, different cultures’ approach to food, as well as about cooking, cleaning, and taking responsibility. It’s invaluable to have access to a space that directly connects to a functional kitchen for this program.

Dramatic Interaction 

When they’ve finished cooking and eating, and everything that goes with it, Sparks are often found interacting with our Vala program in the context of the hall. The numerous entrances and exits, the raised platform of the stage, and the divisibility of the hall provides us with some awesome opportunities for super cool play.

Entrance to the outside World

And don’t forget the doorway! Passing in through the vibrancy of our Hall Life gives parents a direct passage to our nerve centre – the office – and guides our parent body through to the nexus point between all our fantastic programs, but more to the point – our hall guides children out into the vitality of nature where they experience creative play on so many levels.


Warm your cockles at the Aeoncademy Open Day

We’re launching our Winter Program on Saturday, the 28th of May at our quarterly Open Day!

Open Day

Come for the Crafternoon, for the exhibition of Children’s Art, for the Interactive Dramatic Adventure, for the handmade food (made by the Sparks!) for the first look at our Winter Holiday Program, or for the massive 20% Discount on bookings made for it on the day.

Our Autumn Open Day from last year

Aeoncademy is a strong believer in the local community, and our Open Days are one of the ways we try and bring a bit more creativity into everyone’s lives. From Art & Craft advice from our supremely qualified facilitators, to chats about the things that impact our community.

Attendee at the Open Day

Not only is the Open Day great for our community to interact with us, it also gives us a chance to check in with our families, to get to know each of you a bit better, and to help inform our philosophical approach to education through creativity!

Open Day Art

We also love seeing you – too often our only chance to have a word is in the wild and hectic moments during drop-off or pick-up. The Open Day gives us a chance to sit down, have a cup of tea, and really get to know you.

Open Day Drama

For our Adolescent Artists, there’s space available for you to come and Make Art here at Aeoncademy. We’re also very keen to see you! Do come by.

Vala After School Term 2 2016

Monday to Thursday every week Vala is running its unique Dramatic Adventure, Storytelling, and Character Play workshops. Launching with Skulduggery and Politics in Realms of the Renaissance, and rocketing on to the Aztec Empire with the Fall of the Aztecs, Vala at Aeoncademy has set the scene for a dramatic introduction to the term.

Term 2 2016 A.S. Program

Vala is going to go on to explore a whole heap of different stories, from our Original Science Fiction story Fly Me To The Moon to the stories of Ancient (and Legendary) China in The Sage of Snow-treasure Peak.


We’re also very excited to have the Sparks getting involved through both direct interactions – like we saw with The Darts of the Totonac – and their own special dramatic adventures called Drama Pod to tell their own stories and collaborate in their own way, as we’ll see with Buccaneer Brats.


We’re also really looking forward to having some older students coming in and continuing in their Aeon journey, including our latest recipient of Veteran Certification, Hugo! We’re looking forward to working with Hugo more and more as he gets ready for the big time of Working in Aeoncademy.

Look forward to seeing you here!


Isabelle Mackay-Sim has been making  strides into her artistic career and we were all very happy to attend the opening of Divergence  at Form Studio and Gallery on Friday 6th May.

Isabelle Mackay-Sim has the longest tenure of any student at Aeoncademy and now facilitates the Wednesday drawing and painting class.

After  graduating the ANU’s School of Art, Isabelle has been busy establishing her emerging art practice.

Divergence includes her latest body of work and develps on themes explored in her last show. All the works in the show are made of clay and very diverse! Go have a look

The show runs until 23rd May http://www.formstudioandgallery.com.au


The six artists in Divergence, although all working in ceramics, use the medium in very diverse and unusual ways. What brings the work together in this exhibition is the artists’ use of divergent thinking to create engaging and unique sculptural works.

Elaine Bradley, Verney Burness, Richilde Flavell, Isabelle Mackay-Sim, Fran Romano and Lia Tajcnar invite you to this exhibition.

Works informed by biology and flora, Mackay-Sim’s work celebrate atypical relationships, and offer an example of coexistence that crosses gender boundaries. Burness replicates destruction and renewal in her dialogue with natural forces, while Tajcnar tackles metaphysical questions about the nature of perception and knowledge. Romano extends her exploration of the universal importance of ritual and remembrance and Flavell’s work is informed by our culture’s glorification of the busy through faceted installation.

Welcome Back to School!

The first week of the school term has involved lots of creative play and introductions to the experience of both Vala and Creative Catalyst for the children. Specifically during the week this has involved creating a cave where relics and artworks glow, giving plasticine and clay a go, learning how to wield a sword, enjoying the netball courts adjacent to the garden for active games, dress ups, face paint, drawing, jumping, running, skipping, and reading!


Meanwhile behind the scenes the program facilitators have been putting their energy into constructing the programming for this term. It gives us great pleasure to share with you the fun we have planned.   

Week Two
Creative Catalyst Tree of Life Family Tree Badging Mother Miniatures – Pencil Mother’s Day Pendants
Mother’s Day Crafty Play
Vala Dramatic Adventures War & Peace in Old Venice War & Peace in Old Venice War & Peace in Old Venice War & Peace in Old Venice
Sparks Creative play Mother’s Day Ornaments The Masquerade Popcorn: Flavour Investigation Egyptian Burial Mask Pictures
Week Three
Creative Catalyst Leaf Drawing Acorn Sculpture & Autumnal Adventures Autumn Watercolours Egyptian Pots
Mushroom Kit Dioramas
Vala Dramatic Adventures Aztec Omens Aztec Omens Aztec Omens Aztec Omens
Sparks Creative play Darts of the Totonac Aztec Hot Chocolate Chunky Beasties Sacrifice to Huitchlapotchli
Week Four
Creative Catalyst Leaf Drawing Cont. Autumnal Adventures cont. Still Life: Pumpkin Perspectives: Pencil & Paint Egyptian Pots
Mushroom Kit Dioramas
Vala Dramatic Adventures Fly Me To The Moon Fly Me To The Moon Fly Me To The Moon Fly Me To The Moon
Sparks Creative play Savoury Twists Watercolour Leaf Rubbings Ambush or A Hoity Toity Party Samosa
Week Five
Creative Catalyst Leaf Buildings Diorama Autumnal Adventures Finale. Still Life: Pumpkin Perspectives Cont. Open Day – WIP Display
Mushroom Kit Dioramas + Open Day Preparation
Vala Dramatic Adventures The Gallows & The Greenwood The Gallows & The Greenwood The Gallows & The Greenwood The Gallows & The Greenwood
Sparks Creative play Tree of Life Group Drawing Forest Spirits & The Little Folk of Yorkshire Red and Green Pesto Patterned Candle Holders
Week Six
Creative Catalyst Dream Catchers Ceramic Soup Bowls Aboriginal Mermaids & Monsters: Rarrk Painting Candelabra
Dramatic Adventure: Wild Camp Bush Adventure
Vala Dramatic Adventures The Keepers Isle The Keepers Isle The Keepers Isle The Keepers Isle
Sparks Creative play Gicanic (Toady Mess) Pizza Faces Fantasy Meets Reality Collage Gicanic (Toady Mess)
Week Seven
Creative Catalyst Dream Catchers Cont. Ceramic Soup Cont. Aboriginal Mermaids & Monsters Cont. Candelabra Cont.
Rain Sticks, Rattles & More Percussion!
Vala Dramatic Adventures Sage of Snow Treasure Peak Sage of Snow Treasure Peak Sage of Snow Treasure Peak Sage of Snow Treasure Peak
Sparks Creative play Clay Tree Of Life Leaves Ceramic Bowls Sherpas of Snow Treasure Peak Cheescake Bites
Week Eight
Creative Catalyst
Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday Service Closed
Cyclops Staff Fractal Drawings: Make a Paper Snow Flake, Draw & Spray around it and continue to draw. Tumblers & Cups
Rain Sticks, Rattles & More Percussion! Cont.
Vala Dramatic Adventures Escape Into The Bush Escape Into The Bush Escape Into The Bush
Sparks Creative play Outback Animals & Dreaming Tales Muffins! Coiled Rainbow Serpent Cups
Week Nine
Creative Catalyst Free Art Play Cyclops Staff Cont. Fractal Drawing Cont. Tumblers & Cups
Majolica Tiles
Vala Dramatic Adventures Brethren of the Coast Brethren of the Coast Brethren of the Coast Brethren of the Coast
Sparks Creative play Buccanneer Brats Sweet Scrolls & Snails Snowflakes Buccanneer Brats
Week Ten
Creative Catalyst Free Art Play Free Art Play Complete Portfolio Work Free Time With Clay
Free Choice!
Vala Dramatic Adventures TIME BANDITS: King Arthur TIME BANDITS: King Arthur TIME BANDITS: King Arthur TIME BANDITS: King Arthur
Sparks Creative play Biscuit Hands Badging Sparks Bear Arms: The March on the armies of Camelot Bliss Balls – Sweet & Savoury

Here ye! Here ye! This be the program for Term 2. Come ye dedicated, come ye curious; Aeoncademy has something for all!


From our massive three week Autumnal Adventures sculpture workshop to our focused Autumnal Watercolour class, we’re exploring the artistic potential of a whole range of different materials in that theme. To step outside the attention on Autumn, our Creative Catalyst classes are also launching into Soup Kitchen ceramics, Rarrk Paintings, and Majolica Tiles this term.


Rarrk painting — an Indigenous Australian style of painting traditionally using grasses, ochre and bark as its medium — is a style that involves delicate hatching of parallel lines and often includes ‘internal’ views of the subject — frequently animals. We’ll be exploring it with Aboriginal stories of Monsters and Mermaids in our Wednesday Drawing and Painting class.


Our Dramatic Adventures span some new territory this time round, with a focus on more recent events and stories — though we’ll take a deep dive into some ancient Chinese legends in Legendary China: The Sage of Snow-Treasure Peak.From there we’ll leap to the 15th, 16th, and 17th centuries with a flurry of stories from the Renaissance, The Age of Exploration (with Buccaneers) and the Dying Days of the Aztec Empire. We’ll also hop around folksy Yorkshire in the Middle Ages with Robin Hood (and his Merrie Men), and out to our shining satellite in Fly Me To The Moon.


Our Sparks — a number of whom are graduating into our senior programs this term — will be along for the ride every step of the way with explorations of the Carnivale di Venezia, Collaborative Drawing, The Tribes of the Totonac, Aztec style Hot Chocolate, Ceramic Leaves, and much much more.

We’re all super excited to watch this term roll out. Get in touch to get involved today!

Autumn of Youth: Creativity for Teenagers and Young Adults

Holiday Program


Who got involved in our massive Autumn Program. Our blockbuster program has had us moving from strength to strength with our classic blend of Visual Art, Dramatic Adventure, and Creative Play. We’ve told stories of Ancient Chinese warrior-monks, and of Far Future Smugglers, made art as small as button-badges, and as large as the wall of our Art room, and amongst all that our Sparks have learned massive swathes of new ways to interact with creativity!

As a result of the awesome attendance and engagement this program, Aeoncademy has been able to offer some of our fantastic senior students bigger and better opportunities to develop their skills in artistic and creative practice, as well as some excellent work experience offered to  people who have come up through our ranks of students to join the team.

Aeoncademy has always maintained a serious commitment to extension learning for young people as they come up through the ranks of Aeoncademy, with Vala’s Veteran’s & Training Programme, and Creative Catalyst’s Teenage Art Club, both designed to help train children as they grow into young adults, helping encourage larger and more complex artworks and storytelling techniques.

Coming up through the ranks

Work Experience!

Every child is born an artist, the trouble is staying an artist as you grow up. — Pablo Picasso

Aeoncademy provides increased mentoring and tuition to students as they start to grow up — as the pressures of adolescence start to encourage children to abandon creative play and practice, Aeoncademy steps in to provide a proven guiding network of peers and role models to help them keep their creative spark, well into their teenage years and onwards through to adulthood.

For those students who are dedicated, passionate, and serious about Nurturing the Creative Spark, as they grow older there even open up employment opportunities, helping start these young adults on a path of successful, enjoyable, and fulfilling creative careers.

Today, for example, of all our staff on the floor, eight in eleven have graduated from Aeoncademy, another was a member of our Work Experience program, and one was a founder of the organisation, leaving us with 90 percent of our staff being brought up through the service! We’re super keen to see where we go to next.

Imagination Ahead- Ahoy, me Hearties!

Let your imagination roam as we cross the known (and unknown) seas in search of all kinds of adventure and bounty. The sails at Aeoncademy have picked up a fair wind and we have launched forth on a grand program this Autumn Vacation.

A Doorway into the Imagination at Aeoncademy
A Doorway to the Imagination…
Pirate Glamour at Aeoncademy
Pirate Glamour


When you walk through our doors you can  expect fabulous costumes, props and face paints. Be prepared to read and be inspired by amazing books and a wide array of replica weapons and shields.  You will be introduced to an incredible range of art materials, specialised tools and time proven techniques, all ready to be explored, played with and and harnessed in our imaginative adventures.

On Monday doors and windows crafted from earthly substances in the Art Room provided insight into new and familiar worlds. While the Sage of Snow Treasure Peak sorely tested Valans as they wandered into Legendary China, a place where fledgling heroes who seek to harness their Chi must first have their hearts and motives tested.

Sand Play for setting the scene at Aeoncademy
Sand Play for setting the scene

Tuesday, the inaugural Valan flagship holds steady on its course to pillage and plunder the Spanish under the command of Captain Morgan while a gentle breeze has ruffled the feathers of various specimens being sculpted to life on the Island of Avian Animalia.

Whats more, the view from the crows nest tells of more adventures and explorations that approach on the horizon.

Wednesday and Thursday have seen desolate haunted islands, gorgeous Elfland dioramas, hundreds of art badges and wearable art, exploits in outer space, hula hooping  and  tomorrow is only Friday!

Never too old for dress ups!
Never too old for dress ups!

Lads and lassies, Aeoncademy prepares to weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen so be quick and daring and jump ship now while ye have the chance.

To avoid being marooned this Autumn Vacation give us a call on 6142 3268.

Spark Story at Aeoncademy
Spark Story

Autumn Days of Play are here

Autumn Days of Play are here
A Glorious Autumn tree

Autumn days of play are well and truly here, Yarralumla is always lovely this time of year with its well established oak and plane trees dropping their crunchy, brown leaves all over the ground. Acorns lie plentifully waiting to be gathered and turned into art objects or currency for a game but hopefully not weapons! We intend to make the most of this season of delights.


Autumn Days of Play are here, a magical ceramic door leads inside a tree
Magic Door

Many of our Creative Catalyst visual arts workshops like Autumn Weaving with wool and fibre and Leaf Collage + Acorn Sculpture are intended to take advantage of these days. A walk into the forested edges of Yarralumla Primary School will be part of many days activities, gathering materials for the craft and art projects.


Autumn Days of Play are here, a sleepy ceramic head
Autumn Dreaming
Autumn Days of Play are here, a stencil of an Autumn Tree
Stencil of an Autumn Tree

Ochre our Catering Coordinator is deciding the menu for the two weeks of holiday programs. From pastas and salads, to baked biscuits and hot chocolates we will always have fresh and healthy options which respond to the weather conditions  of the day!

Autumn vacation program



ValaClub will also be venturing outside to recreate scenes for Merrie Men (and women) of the Greenwood. Look out for classic leaf pile ambushes, pit traps and worse! Many of the dramatic live action scenes will take place in an outdoor setting, enjoying the opportunity to observe the change of seasons.




We are looking forward to the Autumn holidays and catching up with many of you then. Call our office if you havent made a booking yet,  61423268

Autumn Days of Play are here, pebbles and Spirals
Pebbles and Spiral






Eggstremely Eggcited for Easter

Egg Abundance
Egg Abundance

Nobody panic! Easter only one day away and then less than two weeks until the Autumn Vacation!

Aeoncademy will be closed over Easter- no Friday class on  the 25th or Monday the 28th March. We hope you all have a relaxing break and eat lots of chocolate.

We have enjoyed our egg hunts, egg decorating and bun making activities this week mmmmmm warm Hot Cross Buns!

Aussie Easter
The Easter Bilby

Andrew Yallop has taken himself on holidays for three weeks and we are hoping he will return before the Vacation Program leaps into action on the 11th March. Don’t worry if you missed the Open Day and have fired ceramic work to pick up, we are holding it outside the art room until you get a chance. You can pop in any time after 3pm Monday-Friday until 6, just come and say hi at our office so we know you are here.

Icing an Easter Bun
Icing the Bun


If you are between the ages of 4 and 16 and wish to get into an awesome art project, or get involved with some live action problem solving and characterisation or experience the Sparks introduction to both art and drama, check out our Autumn program at the end of this post. From Wearable Art to The Fall of the Aztecs, we have you covered for some amazing activities

The Team!
What happens when Andrew goes on Holiday!





Art for Everyone
Clay Creatures