The Week the Elves saved Santa…

It’s Four Days ‘til Christmas and all through the house,

every creature is stirring (including the mouse!)

Time is a’ticking and the day’s nearly here,

We’ve been tinkering toys for almost a year.

But where, can you spy, that jolly old man

With his white-trim’d red suit – he’s got the plan

It’s Four Days ‘til Christmas and where has he gone?

Santa’s gone missing! This all could go wrong!

But look at this man in red suit and long cap

He’s not all that jolly. He’s not all that fat.

His name here is ‘Krampus’ and he doesn’t seem

To know what Christmas really does mean

That’s what our Christmas Elves discovered at the beginning of the fantastic week that was our Christmas Elves Workshop.


From Ojo De Dios (Traditional Mexican woven baubles — now called ‘God’s Eyes’) to Spice Hangings, Bliss Balls to Shortbread, Shrinking Art to Tiny Nativities, we all had a great time.


IMG_20151224_114613We also ran a special story, the Search for Father Christmas — also known as The Christmas Elf Caper, throughout the week. From Saving Dasher…


To putting Krampus to sleep with a mix of herbs the children learned about in the local area, the Elves had a riot of a time. For their bravery, diligence, and hard work, they were all rewarded in the end…


When they found Father Christmas!

A lunch in the life of a Catalyst/Vala/Spark participant

A Lunch in the life of a Catalyst/Vala/Spark participant is a changeable thing. After a heavy morning of character development, clay modelling and wolf howling, participants recharge over a delicious home cooked lunch of spaghetti bolognese seasoned with vigorous debate.  Robyn is our Caterer and predicts the weather in order to provide a suitable menu. Today she made a warm risotto. As the weather improves we can expect more scrumptious salads and cold fruits.

Robyn cooking up a storm
Robyn Rocks the Kitchen
lunch time is time to debate with your mouth full
Lunch time



the light illuminates these collages
glowing pictures












We have a relaxed lunch break with a decent amount of time to sit down with new friends and compare tastes. We make sure everyone still has time for a run around, games or reading quietly. If it gets hotter than 30° the slip n slide makes an appearance and we can all cool down. Icy frappes also emerge in the hot afternoons.


eaten by the wolves!
An untimely end.
aroooooooo the wolves of Hibernia lurk
The wolves of Hibernia
little washer upperer
Never to young to start washing up…
clay and drama
Mythic Animalia meets the Skeleton Boy.

Everyone should love their MAMA

On the way back from Tasmania to be ready for our Summer program we broke journey  at the new Murray Art Museum Albury- MAMA. Lured in by the promise of eX di Medici’s first solo show in three years, the massive hot pink snails on the lush grass were also irresistible. The snails are on loan from the City of Sydney. They were created by a collective of European artists (the Cracking Art Group) who make public installations of massive sculptural animals all in recycled plastic to highlight the need for environmental  awareness and encourage recycling.

Giant pink snail made of plastic
It’s ok to touch this snail!










The museum is a great space and very keen to attract a broad range of interests. A large interactive installation- The Cubic Structural Evolution Project by Olafur Eliasson is a lot more fun than it sounds!  In the foyer is a 10 metre long table with three tonnes of white lego scattered over a mirror surface.

The cubic structural evolution project by olafur eliasson
Close up of 3 tonnes of lego




white lego structures constantly change shape
The table of constantly evolving structures


Everyone is welcome to sit down and  become an architect of an ever changing city scape. You should check them out when you get the chance. They also make a nice iced coffee.














It’s started! The Summer Program is in full swing.

Our Summer Program has begun!
painting outside
when the sun comes out
Although the weather outside is wet and dreary Aeoncademy participants are safely ensconced inside and participating in some great activities.
On Monday, Mythic Animalia was launched in the Art Room with discussions on the characteristics of Mythical Creatures producing some interesting future candidates (Pikachu??). In the Vala Room Odysseus and his crew were forced to face lost comrades and family members from the underworld as they continued on their journey home. Sparks enjoyed both activities and even managed to find the time to bake a delicious chocolate cake.

Today brings new and exciting activities, as does the rest of the holiday program. Have a look below at the choices on offer over January. There is a lot more fun to come!

Summer Vibes...
Our Summer Holiday Program for January 2016




If you would like to make a booking give us a call on 6142 3268.

Aeoncademy wraps up with a bang for the End of the Year!

We’re coming into the last days of our After School program for 2015 as the end of the year draws nigh, and from everyone at Aeoncademy we want to wish everybody a very happy and safe festive season.

Sparks make Ice Cream to beat the Summer Heat
Sparks make Ice Cream to beat the Summer Heat

We’ve had a lot of fun this last year, taking on new and fantastic projects for Creative Catalyst, and intense and dramatic adventures for our Vala program. We’ve seen a huge number of our Sparks growing up and moving on into our more specialised programs too – and we’re very excited to see them continue to grow and develop their creative spark with Aeoncademy.

This last term we’ve explored themes of ‘Body’ in Creative Catalyst, with Walking SculpturePiccini inspired Eye Drawing, and our infamous Mouth Caves ceramic project. Our classes could not be as great as they are without our amazing students and participants – so from Teffany and Monica, thank you all for joining in throughout the year!

Drawing in Class

In our Vala program a few standout classes have been our exploration of Greek Legend Crew of Ulysses – the Isle of Circe and our perennially popular Halloween Special. These stories are made through how the players – our students – interact with them, and we’ve had some wonderful twists and turns that none of us were expecting,  so we’d like to wish a big thank you to the participants from Andrew and Luke.

As we launch into our holiday programs (which still have spaces! Check out more information here) we would like to remind everyone how our After-School enrolments work between the end of one year and the start of another.

At the start of 2016, we’ll wipe everyone’s repeating bookings clear, so if you’d like to come along to our After School program in term one of 2016, get in touch with the office on 6142 3268 and we’ll process that booking anew.

From all of us, have a wonderful time of rest and relaxation over the end of the year, and we’ll see you either in our Christmas Elves program next week, or next year in our mega production of the Summer Program!

Creative Christmas Gifts From Aeoncademy

Wish your friends and family a Merry Christmas with Christmas Gifts from Aeoncademy!

It’s coming rapidly to the gift-giving season and to help families celebrate, Aeoncademy has a bunch of presents stockpiled for sale!

We’re offering Shirts, leggings, backpacks (great for a library bag) and clothes to get the little ones into the Aeoncademy Spirit before they come along! Order by the 19th and choose Express shipping to get them to you by the big day! The clothes are printed by our fabulous supplier Redbubble – Order Here!


For true Vala fanatics, we have a host of shirts, pants, journals, and more! You can Order Here!

We also have that stalwart favourite of the Vala room, Boffer Weapons!  Bring the battle home with a fabulous assortment of our historically accurate Swords, Shields, Axes, and more! All made of a safe Latex foam with a carbon-fibre core for stability.

Bring the battle home!

Contact the Aeoncademy Office for prices or to purchase!

Lastly, for that special family in your life, give the gift of Aeoncademy. We sell Gift Vouchers that apply for our After School and Holiday classes – for as many or as few lessons as you’d like to gift! This one’s another one to get in touch with the office to get a hold of – so call 6142 3268 to put together some peace of mind for a family near you.

Check out more Here.



BBQ festivities

This weekend we will be providing playful opportunities for all ages at the first ever BBQ Festival  The Big Smoque in Civic Square (outside Canberra Museum and Gallery and the Legislative assembly).

paper mache foundation
The beginnings of a marvellous beast…


Many hands have already helped to shape the form of the paper mache beast which awaits  adornment in vines, flowers and fruit, horns, claws and more. All using  recycled materials this beast is not for Barbecuing!

Our other activity will be the making of the timeless hobby horse/hobby unicorn/ hobby dinosaur- whatever takes your fancy.

someone made this
Get on your Hobby Horse

So Giddy-up and get along.

Summer Vacation Program!


Summer Vibes...

Our Summer Vacation Program for January 2016!

The Open Day has come and gone, and thank you everyone who came along to the fantastic exhibition of children’s art, drama, and interactive crafternoon.  At our open day, as usual, we’ve released our schedule for our Summer Program – January is above, the Christmas elves workshops are below.

Christmas Elves program (1)


From Stencilling to Bird Baths, The Stone Age to the Near Future, we’re getting up to all sorts of fun these holidays. Of note are our Action Art workshops  – leave the constraints of the art room to explore ways of making art with bodies, motion, unconventional materials, and unconventional techniques! Giant Puppets promises enormous effigial puppets – made collaboratively – from paper mache and mixed materials, while All Tied Up will be a Gordian Knot of tie dying, yarn bombing, and webmaking. Mechanical Artist, with toy cars, catapults, pendulums and other wacky apparatus, promises to appeal to the Da Vinci in everyone. Spray, Splash, Splatter! gets everyone involved in exactly what it says on the tin: with dyes and paints, create Pollack-esque artworks showcasing the best of 2D art that brushes can’t paint!

In Vala, we’re having a return to some literary classics with The World of Oliver Twist – join Fagan’s gang of urchins and miscreants and try to outwit the peelers in Victorian London, or join up with the bobbies and become a ‘nose’ into the underworld of the classic Dickensian tale. Elf Towers of Dawn looks like it’s a hit already – with a classic High-Fantasy story that’s been coming together for 20 years – get embroiled in the tantalising tapestry of the old wizard Marshdog and follow the questing peregrines on their voyage of discovery in the fantastical world of the Dawnsaga. Our Science Fiction stories look into a possible near future, with a world pushed to the brink of overpopulation and pollution – and what happens when a ‘ruling elite’ try and quash the disenfranchised and desperate – and prepares us all for the end of the world (as we know it)!

Interested in our Summer Vacation Programs? Get in touch with the office on 6142 3268 to book in today!

Mondays and Tuesdays in the art room

Shelsher’s ceramic figure

Creative Catalyst update…

As we continue with the term’s theme of  ‘The Body’ our Monday class has embarked on its second project  –  ‘The Inked Figure’.We are busy creating mixed media sculptures inspired by artists Amanda Shelsher (Ceramics) and Sabrina Gruss (mixed media Sculptor) ; building armatures of card & foil over which we will work with air dry clay and pencils/ink.
Gruss’ mixed media sculpture

Tuesday’ s second project ’The Mouth Cave’ is inspired by the work of Thomas Barbey (Surrealist Photographer). Students are building ceramic caves full of extraordinary worlds… flowers, wolves, words, waves, make up, monsters and more.

Thanks for a wonderful Open Day!

A big Thank You to all the friends and families of Aeoncademy who came out to our Open Day! While we were here we got to catch up with all manner of participants – from the youngest Sparks to the Teenage Artists still keeping involved.

Teffany got a start on the Barbeque creature for the upcoming AAA BBQ Festival, and some of our children and parents got involved in helping out! We had great fun in our crafternoon, and even released our Summer Program!

Thanks everyone once again for coming along and getting involved in our provision of Education through Creativity.

If you missed out on picking up your childrens’ artwork, don’t fret! We’ve stowed the ceramics on a shelf outside our art room – we’re here from 2 to 6 every day – so feel free to pop in, say g’day, and take home your art! We’ll keep the work there until the next Open Day, so you’ve got a bit of time.

Roller Derby Grand Final!


By day, Teffany Thiedeman is our mild-mannered Ceramical Genius, but by night she becomes…

Aunty Aggro CRDL Teffany Thiedeman
Which is her true face?

Auntie Aggro: Roller-Derby Extraordinaire. Like all good superheroes she keeps her identities secret and separate, and until a child’s drawing of some of her exploits, and a scheduling conflict with our Open Day brought things into the light, we had no idea.

Children's Artwork Roller Derby
The artwork in question… by talented student Liam A.

Their Grand Final is this Saturday, and takes place right after the Aeoncademy Open Day.


The CRDL Grand Finals are a sight to behold, with amazing sportswomanship, high-stakes-skating, and a championship on the line! It’s the Surly Griffins – Aunty Aggro’s Team – going head to head with the Red-Bellied Black Hearts for a showdown smash.

In the words of the Canberra Roller Derby League:

Great Scott! We’re heading back to 2014 for a re-play of the CRDL grand final. Once again the Surly Griffins are facing off against the Red Bellied Black Hearts while the Brindabelters will be taking to the track against the CRDL Black ‘N’ Blue Belles! Last year the Griffs took the fabled Darby Derby Cup, while the Belters narrowly avoided the wooden spoon in a heart-in-your-mouth epic final jam.

Who will win on Saturday? It’s up to you to find out. Gather up your hoverboard, let your Nikes lace themselves and don’t forget your tickets for Block to the Future!  

Ceramic Salon- Reloaded!

Ceramic Salon is back with 5 weeks of drop-in clay classes for adults! Now that the evenings are getting warm, come and make some arty christmas gifts and have a midweek mulled wine. Ceramic artist Isabelle Mackay-Sim will show you techniques to make beautiful handmade objects to give your friends and family.


Creative Classes for Grown- Ups, come play with clay!
Creative Classes for Grown- Ups, come play with clay!



Teffany Thiedeman’s home studio at

67 Schlich St, Yarralumla

email if you need to know more

$30 a drop in session
7-9pm Wednesday nights

starting November 11


Christmas is Coming

There’s an odd break cropping up this year between the end of the school term (the 18th of December) and Christmas Day.

We’re going to run a program over that period of time.


Stay Tuned for more details closer to the date.

Open Day coming soon!


What are you doing on the 14th of November? Aeoncademy is holding its quarterly open day, with crafternoons, clay play, dramatic demonstrations – interactive of course – painting, sausage sizzles, Sparks-made biscuits & so much more.

We’ll be releasing our Summer program for 2016, which will run from the 4th of January to the 29th, showing off details about our Christmas Elves workshop, and giving you all the chance to meet our team.



It’s been another exciting week at Aeoncademy as we build up to Halloween this weekend.


On Mondays Creative Catalyst have continued to explore the creative potential of Shoe Sculpture, starting with from humble boots/stilettos/sneakers/etc and upcycling to create unique works of arts. On Tuesday they’ve been trying their hands at the traditional art of Hamsa design, drawing from both Jewish and Islamic symbolism to create ‘handy’ and beautiful ceramic bowls. On Wednesday and Thursday they’ve been preparing for Mexico’s answer to Halloween, Day of the Dead, by drawing inspiration from Posada’s skull engravings and creating art of calaveras (skeletons!).



The Sparks have had a fun-packed and varied week as always, starting with two days of World Cooking in a row as they made brightly-colored sugar-skulls out of fondant on Monday and then baked skull-shaped butter cookies on Tuesday. On Wednesday they learned a little about Day of the Dead with Creative Catalyst as they made ofriendas, traditional table-offerings made in Mexico. And on Thursday they set Vala buzzing in their starring role as a swarm of mutant bees!


Vala have been getting their teeth sunk into this week’s Halloween theme with a trio of spooky B-Horror Dramatic Adventures. Tuesday saw them exploring the classic Victorian tale of Doctor Jekyll & Mr Hyde and his shapeshifting chemicals. The shapeshifting theme continued on Wednesday as they explored a classic scary movie in their confrontation with The Wolfman! And on Thursday they took their place in a story about genetic modifications and science run amok as they confronted giant killer BEES!

Welcome Back to School!

Thanks everyone for a wonderful school holiday program. We all had a ball as the days grew longer and the spring sprang into full bloom. From Fairy Furniture to the Lords of Outremer, Prehistoric Pots to the Elf-Towers of Dawn, our school holiday break was an absolute ball, and it was great to see so many familiar faces from Yarralumla Primary joining in.


We’re kicking straight back into our after school program, and if you’d like to come along give us a call (between 2 and 6, our office hours) on 6142 3268, and we’ll sort you out.

We’re returning to our usual method (or madness) after school, with Creative Catalyst running Monday to Friday, doing Ceramics on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Mixed Materials on Mondays and Drawing & Painting on Wednesdays. Vala continues on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, and will have a different story theme each week. Lastly, Sparks are getting stuck into their usual rotation of Artistic, Dramatic, and Culinary.  Friday is a mixed ages class with a wide variety of activities. This term we start off with plaster casting zombie hands in preparation for Halloween…


A Spring Surprise in Week 2 of our Holidays

After a fantastic first week Aeoncademy has rolled into a blockbuster Week Two.

Rushing away with Gnomania, Creative Catalyst have been creating ceramically, knitting naturally, and sculpting spookily for a fantastic second week.

Gnomanic Painting










After Gnomania, our Catalystas got stuck in to Nesting, a weaving extravaganza as we put together fantastic soft-sculpted nests of yarn, beads, twigs, and other found objects. In Celebratory Candelabra, spires of illumination and decorative candlesticks were made manifest in clay. Scary Sculpture really takes the Hallowe’en Handbasket though, with lanterns, debossed wall-hanging skulls, and ones made of sugar, and a whole bunch of other creepy creations.

Halloween Lanterns




Vala launched into the tense political thriller with Samurai & Ninja coming Under Siege.  From there we took a sail-boat to the Dreaming Tower in Elf-Towers of Dawn, and then across the seas to meet The Micmac Princess in Norse America.  Lastly, we went on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land with the Knights Templar as they became Lords of Outremer.

(K)Night School.
(K)Night School.












In the Sparks we’ve been having a wild time digging in to all the programs on offer. Our own Nests, Lanterns, Gnomes and creepy charcuterie for our homes, the Sparks have been getting involved in everything that’s going on.

We begin Week 1 of the Holiday Program with a Spring in our Step

Week 1 of the Holiday Program is almost over!

Already this week Valans have enjoyed navigating the dangers of the Old Stone Age and contemplating the future of life in Space (which may include robots). Today Valans enjoyed the rigours of life in Roman Britain as they seek to bring Roman rule to the unruly Picts.

In the Art Room, furnishings for the homes and gardens of gnomes, elves, fairies, and trolls have been lovingly crafted from clay and entire worlds have taken shape from a variety of materials during Adventure Island Dioramas! Today the Art Room and Garden have been covered in colour as the children in Creative Catalyst explore how colour changes and contrasts using paints and oil pastels.

The Sparks, our 4-7 year olds, have experienced both dramatic adventures and artistic pursuits each day as they get a taster of the best of both Art and Drama, Aeoncademy style.

This holiday we are pleased to welcome a new caterer, Robyn, who has helped fuel both staff and participants at Aeoncademy over the last few days making Spaghetti Bolognese, Marinated Chicken Wings and Pizza for lunches along with various other snacks to sustain everyone throughout the day.

Robyn Rocks the Kitchen
Robyn Rocks the Kitchen

Don’t forget if you’d like to join in the fun the holidays aren’t over yet. There is one more week to go following this upcoming long weekend. Give us a call at the Aeoncademy Office to book in.