By Popular Demand. Last Day of Andrew!

Back by popular demand for one day only! Andrew Yallop is making a guest appearance in the Vala room for January 24th Return to the Mountain- The Troll Woods.


He has been with Aeoncademy since the olden days, here is the blurb he wrote for our staff profile:

‘Andrew was the inaugural graduate of the M-Group training program as a part of the Vala Dramatic  Adventures Continuum, and has worked extensively in all programs Aeoncademy offers. He holds a Bachelor of Writing with a Major in Storytelling from the University of Canberra and when he grows up, wants to ride dragons.

Andrew began attending Aeoncademy as a student in 2003 and was so entranced, he never left. Andrew started volunteering as a teenage mentor to younger attendees, and as an assistant to the facilitators at Aeoncademy’s Vala Dramatic  Adventures in Spring 2005. Due to Andrew’s success and passion he then gained employment in the program in Spring 2008. Andrew’s role at Aeoncademy has only grown as his development continues’.

Andrew will be best remembered for his zany characters in Vala Club. Also his cheerful and enthusiastic presence in every nook and corner of Aeoncademy.

Do not miss your chance to attack Andrew once last time with boffer weapons, listen to his poetry and write him mournful missives wishing him good luck, good fortune and good coffee in Melbourne!