Positive News following a meeting with the Education Directorate

Aeoncademy directors have just met very positively and constructively with the ACT Education Directorate Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and here is a report of the major understandings achieved, extracted from the actual minutes of the meeting:

The good news is we have been assured there will be no tender process to distract us from continuing our services to you.

It has now been made clear by the CFO that the tender process being pursued by the YPS Board is being superseded by a review process within a new framework still being developed by the Education Directorate. That new framework will support continuity of, and partnership in, quality outside school hour education and care. Furthermore, any consideration around financial incentives from outside school hour providers will be completely removed from the process.

We were informed that all outside school hour education and care providers in the ACT will go through this review process once it has been thoroughly developed.

Aeoncademy has been informed by the CFO, that, while the review process is being developed,  we will be re-issued a licence/lease for the period up to 31 December 2019. All outside school hour education and care providers in the ACT whose licences/leases have expired, or will expire before the end of 2019 will also be offered this extension of service.

In partnership with the Directorate, Aeoncademy will address all aspects of the review process as it is developed so we can be reviewed successfully and continue to provide quality outside school hour (OSH) education and care, meeting all requirements of the community, beyond 2019.

 Aeoncademy directors emphasised with the CFO the vital significance of continuity in the provision of quality OSH education and care spanning preschool to grade 6. We believe that the new framework being developed by the Education Directorate will support this essential requirement.

 End report.

Thank You to all of you who supported Aeoncademy through this trying time of confusion and uncertainty. We should also acknowledge the patience displayed by Rohan Evans, Principal of Yarralumla Primary School, as we tried to work through these developments. We look forward to resuming our positive partnership with the school management in quality education and care at YPS.

Aeoncademy Directors:

 Teffany Thiedeman 

Monica Castelo

Mathew Long